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    Chapter 60 – I’m Hungry

    Tina’s House

    The waning gibbous moon still shone brightly in the night sky reflecting off the faint wispy tails of evening cirrus clouds that created a rainbow of color just below the celestial body. There was a slight breeze in the air that made the ambient temperature just right.

    Amidst the soft hum of the bubbling water and the occasional crackling of the fire pit, soft giggles echoed from the hot tub in Tina’s backyard.

    Both women relaxed, sitting across from one another in the warm water, enjoying the pulsating jets. As the foam gathered on the water’s surface, Tina swept her foot up Bette’s leg. The quirked eyebrow and goofy half smirk made Tina break out in a cheesy smile of her own.

    “I’m sorry, sometimes it has a mind of its own,” the blonde said, referring to the rogue foot that rested atop Bette’s thigh underwater.

    Bette took a sip of the glass of pinot grigio Tina had poured for her earlier, then set it on the brick wall next to the tub. Reaching down below the water, her hands found the wandering foot and gently squeezed it. Tina extended her leg and rested her head back against the wall of the hot tub with closed eyes.

    “Mmmm. That feels good.” The sensation of Bette’s watery foot massage and the pressure of the jets against her skin heightened the eroticism of the moment for the blonde.

    “This was a good idea.” Bette noted.

    “Mmhmm. You should massage my feet every night.” Tina responded, her eyes still closed.

    The brunette playfully pulled on Tina’s big toe eliciting a quick yelp. Chuckling deviously, Bette clarified her point.

    “I meant it was a good idea coming over here to get in this hot tub.” She reached for Tina’s other foot and began rubbing that one too.

    “I’m glad you decided to accept my invitation for a sleepover.” She said with a teasing smile.

    “God, I’m sorry about my sister. She can be a real pain in the – ”

    “Bette,” Tina interrupted. She set down her own wine glass and glided over to where Bette was propped up. “You don’t have to apologize for Kit.” She whispered, straddling the band manager’s lap. Her buoyancy prevented her from resting her entire weight on Bette.

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    1. Oh oh, why didn’t Tina tell Bette about Aaron his demand and is now calling Joyce.

      Be carefull Tina, this could mean that this will be your shortest relationship ever.

      It was a very steamy chapter.

      Thank you and enjoy your weekend Mell!!!

    2. Steaming hot! Wow… That moment in the hot tub should help Bette to get over the disappointment that Tina has to leave for a week ;-)

      Just too bad that Tina didn’t take the chance to talk to Bette in her post orgasmic mood. The record deal situation has potiential to blow up in her face.

      Sooo… which concert was it? Van Morrison?

      • I’m sure that everyone is agreeable and generally in a good mood post-orgasm. Tina was well within her right to discuss things with Bette at that point.

        And Ding Ding Ding! We have a winner, folks! As usual, you are spot on with your guesses to my quizzes; first wrong answer notwithstanding.

    3. “Will you be my first girlfriend?” She asked in between kisses.
      The question made Bette giddy. “Only if I can be your last.” She answered.

      … and that just made me melt ! Now call me an oldfashioned romantic (… and I’m proud to be !) but never I could resist to such words…
      Those two’s alchemy is always so powerful and unique, something you quite achieved in your delightful story, and not only on the physical way (marvelously hot scenes anyway !) but deeper – I just love it.
      As deep as music, this magical art that’s able to make me feel emotions like nothing else…

      Finally, I’ll make you laugh with this confession : as I wrote in my first comment (ch.58), I recently discovered your story and hastened to read it as fast as I could, just because it immediately became a “fix”, BUT after my second comment (ch59), I had to dawdle just to savour this last posted chapter, knowing I’ll have to wait for the nexts ! I pretty thing it’s a torture, dear author, a sweet and delectable one but a torture all the same !
      I wish you a beautiful Sunday, dear talented author, and I’m beginning to wait, right now :-)

      • T_B, you are very kind and I am humbled by your compliments.

        Now that you’re all caught up, you will be waiting a week between posts just like everyone else. Hope that isn’t too daunting of a task for you. I know how impatient one can be when they are eager to read more of a story they enjoy.


        – MeLL

        • Dear author, I certainly didn’t dare to ask for private posts and I will surprise you : I’m a very, very patient woman. I learned the hard way to be.
          Now I can give you a proof of my loyalty since I discovered your old posts (especially loving your ‘Quirks’) and decided to NOT read next chapters of this story. Believe me, I was tempted but I truly prefer to read your new version of them,
          I’ll wait with pleasure !
          Warmest regards from Geneva, Switzerland – A.

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