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    Chapter 7

    I walk towards Bette’s gallery, we’ve been in New York for a month now and it’s been a long week for us all as Noah started school on Monday he was loving it, we had all started to get into a good routine and today I decided I would visit Bette to see if she could finish early as it was Friday and Noah would want us to spend the evening together.

    I walk into the gallery and smile, she’s installing a new and upcoming artist into a group show and I know she’s been very busy with it. I look around for a moment. I’m taking in a piece when I hear a voice I’ve not heard in many yeas and had hoped I would never hear again.

    “Wow, Tina Kennard, never thought I’d see the day,”

    I turn. There he is, Logan Johnstone, the man who had ruined my life. I feel my throat tighten as I look at him. I step back putting distance between us. I don’t want him near me.


    “No one calls me that anymore, I’m L.J.” he is smartly dressed, he has done well for himself. He looks smug. I find that I cannot speak. “What brings you to New York?” He asks, like I’m going to tell him about my day.

    “No,” I manage.

    “No,” he frowns,

    I step back again putting more distance between us as I hear heels on the wooden floor and I know it’s Bette approaching us. I cannot take my eyes of Logan. I’m shaking, my hands forming fists, my fight or flight is kicking in.

    “Ti,” It’s Bette’s calming voice

    “Why is he here?” I manage,

    “L.J is an agent for an artist that’s in the show.” Bette says slowly. I look at her.

    “He is a monster,” I say softly.

    “That’s just not true,” Logan says smiling smugly. He knows what he did.


    “I what Tina,”

    “you know each other?” I hear Bette say.

    “You raped me,” I stammer as I say it.

    “Get out of my gallery,”

    “What? You believe this loser, she’s nothing,” Logan says. Words he had thrown at me five years ago when I’m tried to convince people. “No one believed you then Tina no one believes you now,”

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    1. So glad to see another chapter. I hope Bette mops the floor with Logan. After being exposed as a rapist I hope there is no way he is allowed to even see a picture of Noah. Please don’t make us wait too long to see the ass kicking he gets from Bette and her lawyers. Post soon.

    2. Great chapter!

      Like OneStorm1, i can’t wait till Bette’s legal team mops Logan’s ass to the floor. He will get what he deserves, the bastard!

      Maybe instead of waiting till they are together one year, let Tina start the adoption as soon as possible. It’s obvious Bette loves Noah and Noah loves Bette.

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