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    Chapter 6

    Chapter 6

    Having arrived back at Alice’s, Tina walks down the hallway from the front door to find Alice and Shane relaxing on the couch having a beer.

    (Tina) Hey

    They both look up at her.

    (Alice) Hey, how was your night?

    (Tina) It was good Al. Dinner was nice

    They both keep looking at her and Tina sighs.

    (Tina) I’m tired though. If it’s all the same to you both I might skip the debrief and head straight to bed

    She moves towards the bedroom and Shane smiles at her.

    (Shane) Goodnight

    Tina continues past the back of the couch, touching Shane’s shoulder affectionately on the way past.

    Shane and Alice glance at each other once they hear the bedroom door close. Alice shakes her head and has a sip of beer.

    (Alice) I’ll tell you right now, this is not going to end well

    (Shane) Bette knows where the line is Al

    (Alice) Does she? Have you seen the way she looks at Tina? Because she looks pretty fucking smitten from where I’m sitting, and that is not going to help her judgement

    (Shane) We’ve both said our bit. She knows where we stand and I think we need to take a step back now

    Alice shakes her head again and has another sip of her beer. Shane looks over at her.

    (Shane) Haven’t we been waiting ten years for these two to finally talk to one another and realise they’ve never moved on from each other? As far as I’m concerned this is a fucking Godsend what’s happening now

    (Alice) That’s a romantic notion Shane but there’s one small problem

    Alice points towards the bedroom.

    (Alice) That ain’t Tina

    Shane sighs and looks down at her beer.

    (Shane) Al, let’s just let this play out. Who knows what will happen. Those two spending time together in any way is a step in the right direction as far as I’m concerned

    Alice frowns at her as she considers this.

    (Shane) Anyway, I’m going to go. I’m going to drop past Bette’s on the way home. She will most definitely need a debrief

    Alice glances at the time on her cell.

    (Alice) It’s late

    (Shane smiles) She’ll be up

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    1. No…. Bette does not need a debrief Alice…. Bette needs to be left with her own thoughts this night. Maybe tomorrow after a night to absorb what is happening. Personally, I see a disaster ahead…. a repeat of whatever happened in the past that broke them up when Tina finally has knowledge of what that was. Maybe they can handle it differently than what they did…. but it is going to be some hurt feelings for Tina and a rerun of Bette to see Tina hurt again. It will be how they respond to this hurt which will either make them or break them….

      Thanks for the chapter…

    2. I am enjoying this fic, I think it is a good idea for Bette and Tina to spend time together. While it is an adjustment for young Tina to know that they have gone their separate ways, she also understands that she is still in love with Bette and wants to be with her. I feel like whenever other Tina gets back she will process things a bit differently. I mean we don’t know who did what or what happened for them to be at each other’s throats but it always takes two to build and tear down a relationship. Alice is sweet trying to keep them in line, but Tina is not stupid she knows they have fallen on hard times but the fact that she went to a time in her life where she and Bette were happiest means to me she subconsciously wants to fix whatever went wrong in the first place. I know Alice thinks she is doing the right thing for her friend but she needs to stop back but be there if she is needed. As long as Bette is honest is a friend to her, and doesn’t get sexually involved with young Tina things should be good for them when other Tina gets back to herself. She will see how careful Better was in trying to help her through this situation.

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