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    Chapter 6 – Their Beginning

    Author’s Note –

    Special thanks to all my UK fans & friends.

    Truly hope you all will enjoy this visit to this fabulous country in the next few chapters as we take a look at the younger – college age Bette and Tina.  Some of the details in the chapters are from research on my ancestral country – England, my actual experiences in the UK and my deep love for all things British!  For me, the UK will always be about romance, love and honor!


                                                            ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Previously from Doctor of Hope Chapter 4 –

    “Tina, don’t worry.” Shane’s made an arm gesture to reassure her friend. “I’m not going to judge you or say anything to anyone else. What you tell here today me never leaves this office. I won’t even discuss it with Carmen if you don’t want me to.”

    “That means so much. Thank you.” Tina whispered, her throat still tight. “Bette’s um . . . . She’s . . . . Still inside of me Shane. In my heart. Even all these years later. I still love her like no other. I can never love anyone like I love Bette. Ever.”

    Tina’s thoughts traveling back in time . . . .

    Flashes of long ago memories crashing upon her like a wave on the beach.

    She cast her eyes downward for a moment to catch her breath.

    Time was like a movie reel playing in her mind – showing the moments of that fateful day.

    The day they had first met – the actions, the smells, the feelings . . . .

    To that time.

    To Heathrow Airport.

    To London in January of 2002.

    To the University of London campus itself.

    To Hampton Hall.

    To the day she met the tall British brunette for the very first time.

    To the day her life had changed forever.

    To the love she still held in her heart for the stunning Brit.

    Tina sat back in her chair and took a deep cleansing breath. She sat up straight for a moment to gather her strength. Her courage to finally tell her tale to someone she cared deeply about.

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      • Hi Cathy,

        Thanks so much for following along & being patient for this chapter to post. I wanted to make it be the best I could.

        We’ll see their relationship start to evolve in the next chapter & then beyond.

        Stay tuned for much more!

      • Hi SG,

        Hope you are doing okay in England.

        So glad you enjoyed their initial meeting & the instant attraction that they have for each other.

        It will be a long tale – I know you’ll like that!

        Take care & remain safe.

    1. Wonderful chapter Collins. Already we can feel the attraction and connection between these two young women. You planted the seed nicely for a romance to develop and so very clever to have them room together. Nicely done.

      I enjoyed all the little details about England and London that you gave us. It adds another dimension to the story. Paints that picture in our minds very well.

      Thought Shane was very patient and compassionate as a true friend to Tina in eth beginning of the chapter. Tina obviously has a lot to tell and Shane will soak it all up and offer her continued support. Wonder what her role will be in NYC when present day Tina and Shane meet Bette. ???

      You present Bette as a caring person who anyone would want to get to know and be around. She’s so polite and a soft alpha – taking care of Tina and coming to her rescue 2x!!! Good ole Bette – always the charmer! I imagine Tina will have a great time with this beautiful woman as they explore getting to know each other and of course develop feelings for each other. Wonder how long that will take???

      Tina seems very mature for her age and will be a great fit for Bette. You have done a marvelous job of setting the stage for them and dropped some hints on their personalities. Nice.

      This chapter’s favorite line –

      “I’ve been known to be a handful.” Bette whispered in her ear as she leaned towards the blonde.
      Tina is certainly going to find out just what a handful the future Dr Porter can be.

      Thanks so much for the update. Want to see the slow burn I know that’s coming for them.

      Great job as always. Waiting for more.

      • Hey K,

        Glad you enjoyed this long awaited update.

        It seems that the planets have aligned & all things will work in Tibette’s favor for their to develop their relationship & romance. We’ll explore that part of their connection in the next few chapters.

        They are both smitten with each other & that attraction will grow quickly.

        I’ve mentioned before that I’ve done quite a bit of research for this novel & I’ll use it to compliment teh story as I move forward with it in each chapter.

        Glad this version of Shane is showing through in the story. I have always thought that Shane was underdeveloped in OG & used fr only 1 reason – a player. She has a great character & is so much more that just that. Unfortunately that’s all she’s being used for in GQ too. How terrible.

        This version of Bette will be slightly different than her American version. Her patience will be greater & her compassion as a medical doctor will take her to numerous places around the world as she takes on illnesses & strives for medical cures & treatments.

        Tina’s a spitfire & will challenge Bette in many ways.

        In my mind, they are equally matched & of course soulmates. And yes, Bette will always be a ‘handful’ no matter what her nationality is!! I really liked that line too!!!

        Thanks so much for following along.

        Until next time.

          • You KNOW that Tina will challenge Bette – but can the Brit handle it???

            Much more to come in their relationship – they are just getting started.

            Tina’s a strong woman – Bette has meet her match.

    2. Thank you for the next part of this story!

      Very interesting the first meeting. Tina seems aka lucky girl – find great apartment and Bette in one time :)

      Waiting for the next part of their journey!

      • Hi Z,

        Hopefully this chapter brought a smile to your face & a little joy into your Tibette heart.

        Yes, Tina is one lucky lady. Bette will treat her right & take care of her in all ways.

        Next up – everyday lives & how they develop their relationship & what that really looks like.

        Stay healthy & be safe.

        Until the next time.

    3. Exciting beginning to this Bette and Tina story. I am looking forward to how they grow and mature together to build their relationship. You are setting the foundation for a great relationship.

      Tina seems so sweet and kind. How wouldn’t want to get to know her?

      Your Bette here seems like a really nice person too – tender and caring. Such a protector, especially around Tina. I’m sure you have planned a few situations where Bette will have to continue to defend Tina and their feelings for one another will start to show themselves.

      I loved how you described both of them as they sized each other up. Both of them starting to feel the effects of their attraction to each other. It’s going to be a good ride.

      Thanks for continuing to post amid the mess of GQ. Appreciate your efforts.

      Please post again soon. Love it!

      • Hi Leigh,

        Thanks for taking the time to comment.

        Yes, this Bette will have some of the characteristics of the Bette Porter we all know – but not all. I wanted her to be a bit different – not so self absorbed. Besides, she’s a doctor & researcher – that requires a bit of a change in personality. Glad to know that view point is coming through.

        Their attraction to each other is immediate & will run very deep – their first love as well as their forever love.

        Agree that GQ is a hot mess, but maybe we’ll get some answers in Episode 9 & 10. Tina’s back & will no doubt force some answers. I hate it, but can’t stay away as I love Tibette so much!!!

        The next chapter is half done. Hope to post soon.

        Take care

    4. Collins,

      I am so into this story. Love, love reading about Bette & Tina’s first meeting, and how they both clearly felt something special upon meeting each other. I really like your writing style, and how you include their thoughts. Just adds to the great storytelling. And I enjoyed the details about London – really added to my enjoyment of the chapter. I so look forward to the coming chapters.

      My favorite lines, Tina and Ashley –
      “They were very close, not only sisters, but great friends as well. Confidants and cheerleaders for each other.”

      • Hey Westy,

        Thanks for commenting & so happy you like this story. The spark for them has been lit & will be like that eternal flame & burn within them forever.

        Thanks for the kudos on my writing style. I’ve done a ton of reading over the years & zeroed in on what I thought was an effective & informative style of writing. When reading, I always want to know the character’s thoughts & feelings – it enriches the story. So that’s what I’ve decided to do as well.

        There’ll be lots more details about England, London & the country as we move thru the chapters.

        I put in that sister part for you. In honor of your sister & what she means to you. Keep her memory alive.

        Take care & be well.

      • Hi Izzie,

        I love London too. It’s a wonderful city – so alive & steeped in history. You’ll read lots more about it in the following chapters.

        When I studied in England in college, I went up to London most weekends to explore the richness of the city. If I could afford to, I would live there myself.

        Yes, of course we had to have love at first sight!!! That’s a given in a Tibette story!

        Thanks for reaching out & take care.

        Until the next post.

      • Hey Sunshine,

        Hope you are doing well.

        Young love that will last a life time – that’s what they in for. But the road won’t be easy – lots of obstacles along the way – more drama to come!!

        London is one of my favorite cities! If I could afford it, I would move there – lots of history, beauty, legends & culture.
        Hope you do get to visit in January!!! See me pictures!!!

        Be well my friend. ♥

    5. There’s so much to like about your writing, this story. First, the embedded images are perfect visuals setting the mood of the characters and location. Only been to London once so far and it was on a Disney tour to London & Paris w/ my twin Sister. We had the BEST Guides who made the tour the most fab life-experience ever!!!!

      Second, the very descriptive setting of the scene and scenery are A+!!!!

      Gosh are you good at describing the thoughts and inner dialog as these two encounter each other for the 1st time. They missed NOTHING starting with the “well-worn soles on Bette’s boots, and slowly up her body to the top of her head!! I mean they noticed whether ear rings were worn and whether the hips and waist were slim.

      Just love how “fate has intervened” setting these two strangers in the play of their lives! Gonna be fun watching them figure out why there is such an electric charge when ever they touch.

      • Hey D,

        Great to hear from you. And YES – ‘Fate has intervened’ for these two marvelous women.

        The journey will be long & filled with hills & valleys, but well worth the ride.

        Glad this group of pictures helped tell the story & further the tone I was aiming for.

        When you met the love of your life, you do tend to notice everything. Happy you enjoyed those details!!!

        Stay tuned for more to come.

      • Hi OneStorm,

        Thanks so much for checking this chapter out. I’m hoping you’re liking the story so far.

        You’ll learn much more about them in the next few chapters & how their lives mess together – building that life long bond.

        Much more to come.

        Should have the next chapter out sometime next week.

        Thanks for following along on this journey!!

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