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    The Tibette Collection – Full Circle – Final Chapter

    Author’s Note –

    Here is the last part of this short story. I decided to just write 2 chapters instead of 3 so this chapter is pretty long. After what has transpired on GQ this season, I just can’t write any more GQ related stories. My Forever Means Forever novel was based on the GQ storyline & I need a break from that kind of Tibette drama.

    I applaud Largo, BK & Allyemerson on their recent stores – all well done ladies!!! I look forward to any stories that want to explore what transpired after Tina asked her fateful question – ‘Can I come in’!!!!

    Also a great shout out to our other talented writers over the last 2 years that have taken up the ‘pen’ and tried to right the wrongs of GQ – Bat2012, Super K, Billy, Lauren 25, Elizabeth, browneyedgirl, Seahurst & CHX. If I have left any other writer out, I do apologize.

    So I hope you enjoy this chapter.

    Please keep the Tibette faith.

    As always, thanks for reading.

                                                            ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Previously from Part 1 of the story –

    She knew the hand writing instantly.

    It’s distinctive artistic flow.

    Her name neatly written on the front of the envelope.


    She slid open the envelope with care, not wanting to tear the paper.

    She slipped the card out.

    There the writing again so elegant so fluid.

    The note was only a few words long . . .  

    It all started with this

    Bette’s fingers were shaking as she gingerly placed the note back on the desk and hesitantly reached for the velvet box.

    She cradled the box in her long fingers. Stroking the velvet smoothness of the square.

    She had a guess of what was inside, but no. No – it couldn’t be that.

    That would be crazy. Just plain crazy.

    Slowly Bette pulled the lid up and immediately gasped.

    “Oh my god!”

    Bette covered her mouth with the palm of her left hand. A shout of wonder catch in her throat. She couldn’t take her eyes off the content of the green jewelry box.

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    1. Collins,

      Wow, such a powerful chapter. You did an excellent job in trying to tie up all the loose ends for them and start them on the path to forgiveness and their forever love.

      Bette was so mesmerized with Tina making her grand entrance – knew it would be her on that step – all the love she has for Tina came rushing back. The last chapter you described for us just how much Bette has come to realize to what extent she still loves Tina and would do anything to right the wrongs of why they failed if she could just get the chance. And now she has and won’t let this opportunity slip away.

      Tina too has eaten some humble pie and probably will eat some more when they really start to sort through all their issues and make a new path together to forgive each other. Thrilled that she admitted to Bette that she was never in love with Carrie. That was a major step for her and I’m sure for Bette as well. It gave Bette even more hope for them as a couple again.

      The earring scene was spot on and so reminiscent of their first kiss scene. I really liked the parallel. If only we had gotten that in GQ!

      Your description of Carrie and all her annoying/disastrous traits were excellent too. I know i feel the same way about her and all her selfishness. It’s clear as day she really doesn’t love Tina no matter how many times she says she does. It’s all about Carrie for Carrie. Think she wanted Tina as her trophy wife and Tina is so much more than that.

      It’s clear from that your Tina knows she has much to atone for and will have to work hard to reassure Bette as they move forward that she is there to stay this time. As in any relationship/marriage, two people contribute to its failure or success. That applies here as well. Even though Tina was the one to walk away and seek the divorce, Bette has her faults too and must do better in her actions and behaviors. And you have given us hope that they will do just that.

      Your tenderness for this couple as you tell their story is so rewarding and emotional. It tugs at my heartstrings – they belong together in every way.

      Now I hope they can finally resolve all their hurts and obstacles to be together forever.

      Best line this time is your last one because it resonates as to who they are and what we as fans want for them –
      ‘After all ,,, Destiny was waiting…’

      Thank you Collins for this wonderful story and how much love you put into it.
      I wish there was more to come. So I will look forward to your next post!

      • Thanks you so much for this comment & all your praise. Truly appreciate it as I see it’s heartfelt.

        I’m sure everyone who read the first chapter of this short story knew that the person on the steps was Tina!! After all, who else could it have been for Bette? True love & all considered!!!

        You are right in thinking that they both have issues to address deal with separately & as a couple. They have both realized over the course of the last few months that they can only ever be truly happy with each other.

        I tried to blend their past with their present & still come to an acceptable conclusion where they can reconcile in a realistic manner.

        If you have watched GQ this season, I think anyone would have similar feelings & views on Carrie & her mess of a life & her absorb behaviors. Truly a royal mess. I was determined to have Tina end that abysmal relationship on her own terms. Yes, she’s has a lot to ask forgiveness for, but they’ll work that all out over the next few weeks. Them realizing & admitting they want to be together is the key for their success.

        Thanks again for your kind words & appreciation.

        Although this story is over & complete, I will definitely be posting more updates to DOH in the future. Still have the final chapter of FMF too!!

        Take care

        • You’re right – we all HOPED it was Tina and knowing your writing, I had no doubts it was. Who else could it have been anyway/!!! Loved it.

          I think if GQ does get another season, Tibette really needs to address all their issues – going back to their problems when OG first began and laying it all on the line – no more hiding their feelings or hurts from the other. I would love to see that done by JB and LH, they would be masterful at it.

          I look forward to updates on the DOH story – I really like that one. Maybe it’s because the story tells us their beginning.

          I also liked your FMF story – it was very powerful and the tenderness they were able to reignite for each other was awesome. Maybe you could revisit that story from time to time too???

          • Hey K,

            I am working on the DOH update, probably another week away or so.

            FMF – yes, just 1 more chapter. Will Tina make a big decision or not?????

            I may revisit it, but I have a few other ideas on a slow burner that I want to write.

            Maybe in six months or so.

      • Hey SG,

        Hope you are doing okay in the UK. Terrible news this weekend about a PM being murdered. Messy business.

        Thanks for your encouragement as always, it means a lot that you’re in my corner.

        No worries, I will be writing more stories. Just not more GQ related ones. I have had my fill with all the mess of GQ, divorce & heartbreak. You know I still have DOH on my slate to update & that story still has a lot to tell.

        Take care of yourself & take one day at a time my friend.

    2. Happy to see the final chapter to this story. I’m so glad remembered!

      I thought your explanations for Tian’s reasons for leaving, the divorce were good. They both have work to do on their relationship .You were right that neither is to totally blame – they share it equally.

      You have done another great job of trying to make sense of the GQ debacle. I sure do wish you or any of the Lesfan writers was on the GQ writing team to help them write some believable story lines and scenes instead of the lousy ones we’ve received the past two seasons.

      I loved the flashbacks on the proposals was interesting as we never got to witness in any OG flashback their commitment ceremony and were cheated out of a wedding episode before the OG ended. Bette’s ever the romantic and Tina’s gonna say yes ever time. Loved those two scenes.

      I know that if GQ can’t or won’t give us a Tibette endgame, we can come to Lesfan to have writers like you give us what we want.

      There was so much in this chapter and you tried to cover everything to make a path for this couple to try again to get back on the right track to their forever love. I see them now as the mature couple who despite their problems, failures and missteps still love each other enough to give it another try and make it last for the rest of their lives this time around.

      Bette’s apprehension is understandable, but she so badly wants to believe that Tian is being truthful with her about staying this time and working out their issues. Glad that you had Tina end the engagement – it was so bizarre anyway.

      Collins, sorry that this is the end of this story. I loved it and was rooting for them to reunite the whole story.

      Thank you for your efforts in this tender story of love everlasting and unbreakable.

      I look forward to more posts from you in the future.

      Let’s hope Jennifer and Laurel can get Tibette back together in GQ.

      • Hey Leigh,

        Yes, I didn’t forget & I wanted to give this story a hopeful sending. I’ve mentioned before that Tina’s motivations & reasons for leaving this time as well as in the past are multi layers. So many bad experiences, lack of communicating fully with Bette & having doubts about herself eventually lead to her withdrawal from her relationship with Bette.

        Like many of the other writers that have attempted to right the wrongs of GQ, this has been a challenge of imagination & weaving together a plausible resolution to what still has not been presented in GQ.

        I will still be writing, lots more ideas in my head & I still have DOH going. Might do a few more short stories too.

        I will definitely keep hoping for JB & LuH to deliver a reunited Tibette to us if GQ gets another season.

        Thanks for all your support for my writing. I truly appreciate your interest.

        Take care

        • So happy to know that you are still planning on writing more stories. I love all your details & emotions with these two women. You get inside their heads and hearts!

          Hoping in a weird way that GQ does get renewed and we can finally get Bette and Tina back together as they should be.

      • Hey Lady,

        Thanks for checking out this chapter. Yes, we have talked a good deal about the update – thanks so much for that. You are the best!!!

        I look forward to your thoughts on my next postings.

        Take care my friend & be safe.

    3. Collins,

      This may be one of the best chapters I’ve ever read. Brilliant, emotional storytelling. Loved it.

      I think I was holding my breath as Tina climbed the stairs. Gripping writing. The flashback when Bette asked Tina to be her life partner, just beautiful. I can picture them dancing like that, and yes, Bette’s words that Tina is her soulmate and forever love and Tina pledging herself to Bette for the rest of her life just made me cry. And the earring – if that isn’t coming full circle I don’t know what is.

      One of the best things you hit on is that it’s both Bette & Tina who need work to do. Tina may have left, and yes that crushed Bette, but I feel they are both responsible for their issues .I also really liked Tina talking about her feelings after they had Angie.

      I loved how at the end they had to kiss and say they loved each other, in each other’s arms. My favorite lines –
      “They would be together at last. After all … Destiny was waiting . . .”

      What I wouldn’t give to see this play out in season 3 of GenQ.

      • Hi Westy,

        Wow – best chapter!!!! I’m honored.

        Glad that the entrance scene with Tina had such an impact on you. I reworked that scene several times – adding & subtracting until I got it to read the right way & I tried to convey the feelings Bette was experiencing.

        Full Circle is absolutely right. As if there could have been any other solution. Like I wrote – their destiny was waiting for them.

        Totally agree with you that they both have issues to resolve – separately & jointly. They can’t keep shutting each other out & not communicating properly.

        I will admit that the dance was inspired by Largo from her epilogue of ALT. Over the years, I’ve read a lot of stories with songs included in them & I was never really impressed, but when I read Largo’s & how she weaved the dance & song into the writing, it stuck a positive cord in me as I really liked the way in which she presented it. So Celine Dion worked her way into this update!!

        I too wish GQ will reunite them in a happy & meaningful manner. Keep the Tibette faith!!!

        Thanks so much for your comment – it means so much!!

      • Hi yourself lady!

        Hope all is well on your side of the Tibette universe.

        No worries = catch up when you can. That’s the beauty of this site – the stories are always there waiting patiently for the fans!!

        Take care!!!

    4. So, i read all.

      First – about things i understand and support – i understand Bette not liked Carrie and Tina who forbid Carrie to contact with Angie. It’s right decision.

      But i don’t get why Tina talk why she left Bette in s3 TLW – “I look back on when we had Angie and I now know that I was struggling with postpartum depression after giving birth. My emotions were all over the place. Hormonal or not. I was afraid to trust you again and couldn’t deal with my own doubts or fears. I was mad that you didn’t have a job and I was scared at times of losing you again. But I wouldn’t admit that to you.” instead of why she left in last time. But maybe she would talk about that later, because that conversation wouldn’t be easy.

      So? thank you again and waiting for the other stories from you!

      • Hi Z,

        Thanks for reading & I’m glad you like the update.

        Agree about Tina’s decision about Carrie & Angie. From what we witnessed this season with Carrie & Angie – it was very clear that Carrie was using Angie as a pawn in her revenge game with Bette – she purposely sided with Angie against Bette in the therapy session, with the damn cuff links, & the DNA test & donor storyline. She pushed too far & I felt I had to dial that way back & put an end to it.

        I have always thought that Tina’s sudden obsession with men after Angie was born wasn’t because she didn’t love Bette anymore – but went much deeper – she didn’t love herself, was depressed, worried about finances & felt pressured to be the bread winner when she should have been concentrating on being a stay at home mom. She hooked up with Henry because it felt safe & she had no stress for a while.

        Agree that their conversations that they will need to have to rebuild their relationship won’t be easy & will take time. That will come later & at their own pace. I just wanted to get them back on the road to reconciliation & both realizing that they have to rebuild together – forgive the other & work on their issues to resolve once & for all time.

        Thanks for your support all these months with all my stories. Yes, there will be more to come!!

    5. Bravo, Collins! I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to get round to reading this but I enjoyed it so much…..

      First, no one has ever written such a magnificent entrance scene for Tina! Wonderful, detailed, mesmerising. The effect she has on Bette is very well told.

      Second – I’m picking up that you’re not a fan of Carrie??? haha, you really didn’t hold back with her, did you? Everything you charge her with would stand up in court, though. The evidence is all there on screen. Thank you for giving us chapter and verse on the charge sheet.

      Third, I love how gentle Tina is with Bette. I know she’d have to be, to stand a chance of being accepted back, but it’s the right approach and you do it very well here. You don’t rush it, which is very tempting. The hurt GQ has made Tina deal Bette is so difficult to manage back towards a trusting bond, but if it’s to have any chance at all, it’s going to have to be very, very gradual, and I can see the roots of it here.

      I totally understand why you can’t write GenQ stories any more, btw. But thank you for finishing this one so sweetly and with such hope for their future. Keep the faith indeed!

      Take care, my friend, and well done on a great ending

      • Hey My Friend –

        Thank you so much for taking the time to read this ending to the story & I am pleased that you enjoyed it so much.

        In many of the Fan Fic stories I have read over the years, Tina has been been short changed, diminished or portrayed as a lesser character than Bette. I have never seen her in that regard & have always viewed her as Bette’s equal in every sense. I vowed to myself to always attempt to portray that view in my writing concerning Ms Tina Porter Kennard!!!

        LuH is such a compelling/complex woman & she brings that strength to her presentation as Tina. Love her so much. She’s JB’s equal in every sense & they have created this marvelous couple that transcends time & circumstances. We have been blessed by them to witness this magical union.

        I may have gone a bit overboard with that first scene – but I loved it & both Tina & Bette deserved it for some of what they have suffered in GQ!!

        Was I a bit over the top about Carrie??? Ha, ha!! Carrie was all of what I wrote and so much more – I actually tempered by words about her – if you can believe that!!! I still have a difficult time separating ROD & Carrie.

        You know from writing your own stories about GQ & their divorce/reunion/reality that it’s not an easy story to tell & one in which there are always hurt feelings & much to forgive on both sides. But here in this story, Tina needs to prove herself in a gradual manner, provide Bette the chance to adapt & once again gain trust in Tina.
        You know that no relationship – even in fiction – is an easy road to travel. There will be stumbles along the way, but the end goal is always reunification & igniting that forever love.

        I have that one last chapter to write for FMF that was based on GQ & then I am done – DONE. Another fan/reader has asked me to write another story about GQ centered on the cliffhanger of season 2 when Tina ends up on Bette’s doorstep. But I just can’t, my heart isn’t in it in this manner. GQ has left such a foul taste in my mouth, I don’t wish to travel down that path again. I’ll just enjoy reading other writer’s versions of what could happen.

        I will definitely keep the Tibette faith.

        Appreciate your praise & wish you all the best.

        Maybe we’ll get an update on The Real Tibette for the holiday season??? Hope, hope, hope!!!!! We miss the NYC family!!!!

        Take care & thanks again.

        • Hello! Totally agree with you about LuH. It drives me nuts that we don’t get to see what her and JB are capable of, and every time I read that MLR’s background in theatre means she’s no good at tv I want to scream bc what could be more theatrical than a two-hander scene between B&T where they get to actually TALK???

          But anyway…. Not going to rant about GQ any more. Well done on taking the slow route to trust and rebuilding. And I’ll look fwd to your last chapter on FMF. I have a half-written Real Tibette NYC story – hope to maybe finish it next week or something.

          Take care & all my very best

          • *Waves* to you friend!!!

            All it takes is just the mention of MLR & I see Deep Red & Want to smash something!!! She’s just terrible & should have stuck to summer stock in the depths of another planet!!!

            Good to hear that our Tibette heart will be fed with an update from you very soon!!! Looking forward to it – can’t wait!!!

            Working on that last chapter of FMF – hard to believe it’s been almost 2 years since I started that tale. And what a 2 year stretch that has proven to be. Good lord.

            Just finishing the editing on the next chapter of DOH too – so it will be ready to post this coming week.

            Take care yourself & remain healthy.

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