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    Chapter 61 – Tell Me No

    The Grill on the Alley – Beverly Hills

    Stuffing the valet ticket into her purse, Tina walked into the bistro and immediately searched the bustling restaurant for her blonde lunch date. The black and white tiled floors were traipsed by wait staff, suited junior agents fitted with Bluetooth earpieces, hot shot producers and the occasional big name actor. It was the quintessential Hollywood power lunch location.

    Tina spotted Joyce at one of the coveted green booths in the middle of the floor. The high-powered attorney was in her usual garb; designer suit with a collared blouse underneath.

    Preoccupied with her iPhone, Joyce did not notice Tina dodging the mahogany chairs and busy servers as she made her way towards the table. She slid into the booth which effectively got the attorney’s attention.

    “Hey there, sunshine.” Joyce said, her toothy grin flashing at her new tablemate.

    “Hi, Joyce.” Tina returned the smile as they shook hands across the table.


    “Um, no thanks. Gotta get back to the office later.”

    “Me too.” Joyce admitted. “Jim? Can you bring me another Side Car Martini please? And tell Art not to be stingy with the Courvoisier this round.” She hollered at the waiter.

    “Yes, Ms. Wischnia.”

    “Working lunch, huh?” Tina asked with a shake of her head noticing the nearly emptied martini glass sitting in front of Joyce.

    “Everyday.” Joyce replied. “So, how the hell is that clueless boyfriend of yours, blondie? Still screwing over Alphaville talent with his poorly written contractual language?” The lawyer smirked as she inquired.

    Tina licked her lips and smiled.

    “Actually, I don’t have a boyfriend, Joyce.”

    “Really?” Joyce said as she finished the remainder of her cocktail. “Well that should give every man in the music industry a hard-on knowing you’re back on the market.”

    “I didn’t say I was back on the market, Joyce.”

    “Oh dear lord, don’t tell me you married that lug? Why wasn’t I invited?”

    “Jesus, no, I didn’t marry him. In fact, I turned down his proposal.”

    “Atta girl. You’re way too smart for that dolt.”

    Tina picked up the menu to scan her lunch options.

    “Well, don’t keep me in suspense sweetheart, who’s the new stud in your life if you’re not on the market?”

    With a blushing smile, Tina set down her menu and directed her attention back to Joyce.

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    1. Dear talented author, above all thank you so much for these new chapters ! I’ll do my best to savour them, knowing we’ll have to wait loooong days after that ;-)

      I’m sorry your weekend wasn’t as good as expected… At least you had this concert : there’s nothing like cultivate our predilection for arts to warm the heart…

      Now about our dear Tina, even if I fully empathize with her complex problem about this deal, I cannot help but to feel worried : hypersensitive persons like Bette (and me, by the way, that explains why I always felt especially linked to her character) can so easily jump to the worst conclusions…

      • Thanks T_B. Appreciate your encouragement. Unfortunately our flight was delayed and we missed all but three songs at the concert. We still had a good time though.

        And yes, Bette is pretty high strong and jumps to conclusions easily. But that’s why we love her. =)

    2. Thanks for the return of the “Spaghetti Girl” ;-)
      Joyce is hilarious, I love the nicknames she has for Tina. Baby Spice….too good!

      Why is making Tina her life so complicated? But it’s a good dramaturgical element for your story that definitely works very, very well without big drama :-)

      Sorry, that the Rams didn’t make it. Anything I can do to cheer you up? :-)

      • I thought the nicknames would be a nice touch. Joyce is quite a character. Fun to play around with.

        Yes, the Rams blew it as I was anticipating. Not a huge team fan though so it wasn’t devastating. My devastation came when my favorite baseball team lost to Boston back in October.

        I doubt anything but a 2019 World Series championship for the LA Dodgers can cheer me up from that loss…and the World Series loss the year before as well. Always a bridesmaid never a bride, I guess.

          • Husband? Current? Just curious, btw, and that’s certainly not a judgment, if so. I’ve met quite a few straight women on this site.

            I think Van Morrison is a pseudo-poet and part-time storyteller. I enjoy his art.

            • Yeah current husband ! I know it may seem strange but they’re a lot more straight women who read Lword fics than many think, I know a few on the other site too.
              I don’t even know why (and not interested to know) I like to read those stories but yeah it is what it is ;-)
              As for Van Morrison, I think it’s maybe his voice that I dislike. English is not my mother tongue so this explains that, Maybe one day he’ll sing in French and who knows I might rediscover the artist (ha !)

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