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    Chapter 62 – Utter and Total Desperation


    Bette parked her Cadillac in the small side lot before making her way to the quaint little building that looked like it belonged on the streets of Solvang with its Danish-style paneling. There were two other cars in the lot, a supped-up bright yellow Mitsubishi and a shiny, green Astin Martin.

    With her documents in hand, Bette approached the opened side door as she was instructed to by one of the employees she spoke with by phone. The booking agent should already be there, as she was told by the young guy over the phone, he usually “rolls in around 2:30.” It was now after 3:00 and Little Porter was coming to finalize the performance deal that had Kit and the Stouts playing a show at the venue next Tuesday.

    Dressed in a business casual getup, she lingered for a moment in the doorway, looking around for any sign of life. When she found none, Bette tapped lightly on the doorframe.

    “Yeah, come on back!”

    Bette stepped in and immediately heard voices coming from an office down the short hallway. One of the voices was female and was vaguely familiar.

    When she approached the doorway of the office, she was greeted by a young hipster-looking guy, who couldn’t have been older than she was. He wore rectangular black-rimmed glasses and had meticulously messy, sandy brown hair complete with product in it to give it the I-don’t-care-what-my-hair-looks-like-but-that’s-why-it’s-cool kind of style.

    “Hi, you must be Bette?” he greeted, offering his hand.

    “Yes, Bette Porter.” She shook it. “Are you Zack Spear?”

    “The one and only.” He laughed.

    It was then that Bette noticed the woman standing behind Zack.

    “We meet again, Bette.” The woman said with a sly grin on her face.

    “Jodi, hello.” Bette said unable to hide the surprise in her voice. “What are you doing here?”

    “I’m representing the new resident band that plays Monday night shows here for the next four weeks or so. Just going over some logistics with Zack here.” She replied.

    “Logistics? More like demands.” Zack said with a laugh.

    Bette forced a chuckle.

    “Oh, shut it. You love being bossed around Zack, just admit it.” Jodi teased the young booking agent.

    Zack smiled tightly. Bette switched her gaze between them as they continued to stand in awkward silence in the office. She got the feeling that there was some slight tension between the two.

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    1. I second all the dislikes of Jody. Good thing that you portray her anything but sympathic.

      Bette showed lots of professionalism by keeping her emotions in check and confront Jody quite calm but to the point. Nevertheless I guess that Jody’s comment on Tina and the contract was enough to sow the seeds of doubt in Bette.

      Thanks for the chapter!

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