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    Chapter 63 – You Are So Whupped

    Alphaville Records

    “I don’t know guys. I’m not really feeling them.” Tina said as she listened to the God-awful guitar solo on a demo CD.

    “That’s what we thought. They weren’t much better live either.” Esai said. “Maybe tonight’s show will be more promising.”

    “Maybe.” Tina said. “I’m gonna get back to these reports though, guys.”

    “No problem.” Said Oscar. “We just thought you’d want to take a listen. You know, in case you were wondering why we came up empty-handed last night.”

    “Don’t worry guys, I trust your judgment. When you guys invite your first band to the studio for a private session interview, and they end up trashing the place, then my trust in your judgment will require a little more scrutiny.” Tina joked.

    “Alright boss. Catch ya later.” Esai said as he and Oscar walked out of Tina’s office.

    “Bye guys!”

    She inhaled a deep breath before re-focusing her energy on her budget reports for the last quarter. It was already after 4 o’clock and she was hoping to slip out of the office by 5:30 at the latest so she could head over to Bette’s.

    Just as she was about to review her budget items, Dana popped her head around her office door.

    “Hey, T!” she said.

    “Hi. What’s up, Dane?”

    “Nothing much. Haven’t seen you today. I wanted to know how it went with Bette.”

    Blowing a deep breath that puffed out her cheeks she ran her hand through her blonde hair.

    “It went well with Bette last night.”

    Dana chuckled knowing exactly what Tina was referring to.

    “How well was it?”

    “Dana, I’m so fucked.” Tina said bluntly.

    “I bet you are.” Dana said with a creepy smile, still thinking the subject was sexually related.

    “No, not like that, Dane. Definitely not a good kinda fucked.”

    “I’m not following you, T.”

    “I did something incredibly stupid.”

    “You’re supposed to breathe through your mouth.”

    Tina quirked an eyebrow, yet again.

    “What? You know you’re the second person who has said that to me today and I don’t even know what that means.”

    Dana shrugged her shoulders. “You will.”

    Blowing out another breath, Tina pointed to the chair on the other side of her desk. “Sit.”

    Dana did as she was told.

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    1. The air is getting thinner for Tina. Dana is right. First the declaration of love then the confession of what she withheld from Bette.

      Great story, great plot. I remember retelling the story to my girlfriend (who didn’t know english) when you posted it the first time. Back then I was as exited about every new chapter as I am now :-)

      Thanks for sharing with us again, MeLL.

    2. Well, even trying my best to savour your five new chapters, read and read them again just for the pleasure, it’s only Tuesday morning in my tiny country – besides, in the small hours !
      So what will I do without my fix now ? *pout*
      I know, I know, I must have a life (don’t play my Alice here) and yet,,, ok, I confess I’m quite whipped too – even whupped ! Good riddance, pride and wisdom ! ;-)

      Many thanks again for your story !!

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