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    Chapter 64 – I Think I’m Falling For You

    Bette’s House – Tina’s POV

    I pulled up to my girlfriend’s house and parked in front. My nerves were getting the best of me on the way over, so I stopped at the nearest florist and picked up a small bouquet of light orange roses complimented by peach calla lilies. I thought flowers might make a good gift for a girlfriend. After all, I was still new at this whole dating-a-woman thing.

    As I made my way up Bette’s driveway, I heard the Stouts playing. I smiled because I knew how popular they were going to be once they finally did get the record deal and distribution they deserved.

    The sun had nearly set when I opened the back gate to see my gorgeous girlfriend taking photos of the band as they practiced.

     She hadn’t noticed me yet, so I stealthily set the vase on her patio table and crept over to where she was standing.

    Kit and Angus were smirking as they sang together. It was the same song they sang when Bette prowled her way through the Planet to get to me and we shared our first naughty dance. This time, it was I who was on the prowl for my lady love.

    Bette held her camera a few inches in front of her face and I could see the band in the screen window over her shoulder.

    I wrapped my arms around her thin waist and felt her slightly jump, before she realized it was me and settled back into my chest. I took advantage of my smaller position behind her and nestled my face in her hair, trying to inhale as much of her as I possibly could.

    Feeling her twist her neck to look back at me, I stood on my tippy toes and rested my chin on her shoulder and grinned like an idiot at her. She was so perfect. I couldn’t believe I had snagged such a sexy woman to be my first girlfriend. She was simply amazing.

    “Hey you.” I whispered earning a dazzling smile from her. I want to see that smile every day for the rest of my life, I thought to myself.

    Turning around in my arms, she greeted me with a kiss that was so soft, I barely felt it. It evolved with a bit more pressure as she ran her fingers through the side of my hair and down my cheek.

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    1. Hm, i’m confuse about what Bette thinkig. It’s her decision to keep privat and professional realationship separetly? For her work with band she hired Joyce and all offer going through her. In previous chapter she did want to listen Jodie offer even and tell her to get offer to Joyce. But when Tina did how Bette wanted – first gave bussines offer to Joyce – Bette upset and get angered. Sorry Bette but your mind really strange.

    2. I can understand why Bette is hurt.

      Their relationship is based on trust, while Tina told her the truth now, she still went behind Bette’s back to Joyce instead to talk with Bette about it first. Bette gave Tina a chance to come clear after Jodi told her about it.

    3. Well, I understand both of them : Tina, for being afraid of Bette’s reaction, and Bette for feeling hurt and confused…
      We can do so much stupid things when love, fear or any deep emotions combined get the best of us – and our poor Bette has obviously so many old emotional scars…

    4. Best intensions, fear of losing the one you love. I can understand both but seeing Bette’s reaction now…. hmmm.
      Truth and trust are important but how would’ve Bette reacted to Tina’s confession a day earlier? I guess she would have accused Tina that she played her and was only interested in securing the contract.
      Bette only reflected on the pressure she put on Tina after her talk with Alice – a day later. After Alice told her that Tina probably wouldn’t offer a record deal so she wouldn’t jeopardize any chance with Bette.

      I’d like to hug Tina and tell her to hang in, her woman will come around. And then give Bette a slap on the back of her head and tell her not to push Tina away again.

      Good thing that there’s one more chapter to read!

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