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    Chapter 65 – I’m Falling For You Too

    Bette’s House – Bette’s POV

    “For what it’s worth,” She began, her voice cracking, “I think I’m falling for you.”

    And with that, she walked out of my house. I closed my eyes, willing the tears not to fall. But I failed. I hurried towards the door and reached for the knob. It was in my hand, all it took was one twist and this could all be over with.

    But I couldn’t bring myself to open it. Instead, I rested my forehead against the door and stroked the painted wood with my other hand.

    I flipped the porch light switch and all the other lights still powered on in my living room before doing the same in the kitchen.

    When I reached the hallway, I looked out the big front window from the security of the darkness that filled my house in time to see Tina’s BMW start up and zoom away from my front curb.

    As my tears slipped down my face, my body involuntarily responded to the emotional impact that watching my girlfriend drive away had on me. I punched the hallway wall as hard as I could with my right fist.

    “Fuck!” I cried. My hand was no match for the drywall and I only succeeded in further hurting myself, only this time, physically. It didn’t bleed, nor was it broken, but if it had done either, I wouldn’t have cared.

    I entered my room, exhausted from the night’s revelation.  

    Stripping my clothes off in an impatient huff, I fell on top of the bed I had last shared with Tina. I didn’t bother to get under the covers. I was hot with emotion, so the warmth was unnecessary.

    Tina’s parting words played over and over in my head. Can it be true? Isn’t it too early for either one of us to fall in love? We just started seeing each other on Saturday; just confirmed being together last night. This is crazy, right?

    But why was I feeling so torn up about her going behind my back? Because it was wrong, Porter, that’s why. How can I trust her if this is how it starts?

    I mean, I realize that it wasn’t her fault she hadn’t told me about what she did for a living before Friday. I took that lump, and started making up for being an ass, but this time…this time she intentionally kept this information from me. She intentionally wanted me not to find out about it.

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    1. Aah MeLL,

      Do i really have to wait for one week?

      Bette is overthinking indeed, but i can understand why she is that way given past experiences.

      A little time off and think about all that happened can be good. Their relationship is still in the first stage and yes they moved real fast.

      It is important to know each other first and talk about their past and thoughts.

      But please, don’t drag this out between them, my sensitive heart can not endure a long wait before they talk it out.

      Thank you so much for the updates!!!

    2. Hi MeLL:

      Wonderful story, I understand first the disappointment, and then the realization in Bette; I think she will end understanding Tina and the need for more talk and a little less of…, well you know, I’m not saying it is wrong, on the contrary; but the conversation and the knowledge of each other is a little like missing.
      I understand Tina, she is very new on this; I mean not only lesbian but to be really in love.
      Sorry that you left the story in this point (it is not because of the LA Ram lost, right?) but I will wait till the weekend.
      Thanks for the update.


    3. Overthinking can be such a curse, too often ! So painful, like a self-imposed torture…
      And yet, I’m confident that Bette will find her sun after the rain – her sunshine, in fact (… hello T !) – simply because, even if everything happened so fast between our dearest two, this kind of emotional bond, this mutual evidence that something’s magic is happening, is quite miraculous and must be saved !

      I just adore those chapters of yours where we can enjoy Bette or Tina’s POV – or even both. Those are such a powerful journey through one’s mind and heart, when mind and heart too often object to each other for sense and sensitivity (as for my dear Dashwood sisters – yes, I’m a Janeite indeed !) will always fight tooth and nail against each other…

      What a long, long week we will all have indeed, poor fanfiction addicts we obviously are !
      If I was lucky enough to know you from a long time, I’d try my best puppy eyes to beg for an extra… but how could I dare, being such a newbie in your faithful readers’ world ? ;-)
      I wish you a beautiful and happy week, dear talented author !

    4. Great chapters.. Bette’s in love and it seems for the first time.. over thinking is not good.. space may make the heart grow fonder.. Joyce I think will help feeling some of of though shes having.. poor Tina but some is her own fault.. but I know it will all work out.

    5. Overthinking is soooooo not good! It is definitely going to be a long week for us readers. Wonder how long the break for Bette and Tina will be? Lol…my guess a couple of days in Falling for you time!!!!

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