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    Chapter 69 – You Need to Keep Her Around

    The W Hotel, Downtown San Diego – Friday Night

    Tina sat soaking in the bubbles of the large tub in her hotel bathroom, reflecting on her stressful week.

    After receiving the text from Bette the morning she woke up hungover in her girlfriend’s bed, she told herself that she needed to hold off on responding right away in order to give Bette the space she required. Later that morning was her meeting with Third Wheel Crush, Tim, and Tonya. It wasn’t a fun meeting.

    Tina put her foot down on the cocaine use and supplemented her position with a pamphlet for a well-known in-patient rehab facility in Malibu. If the members of the group were not going to get a handle on their recreational activities, the lifestyle clause of their contract would be enforced without question by the label.

    The blonde executive was floored when Tonya suggested that perhaps a stint in rehab would be good for ticket sales to the upcoming North American tour the band was about to kick off the following month. Dana was then called into the meeting to tell her girlfriend what a stupid idea that was. And since Dana ran PR for the label, it was a pretty safe bet that she was the expert in this area.

    Once Tina was satisfied that each member was fair-warned about minding their extra-curricular activities she provided a full report to Aaron. She was taken by surprise when Aaron asked her whether or not she knew about Kit’s upcoming show at Spaceland. He wanted to make sure that all of her A&R reps were at the gig while Tina was in Austin to show their level of commitment to the singer.

    When Tina objected, stating that they were putting the cart before the horse since she hadn’t even signed her yet, Aaron was dismissive. He said that he knew how persuasive Tina could be with hungry talent, and that he had every confidence in her to solidify the deal Saturday in San Diego.

    Though she didn’t tell Aaron that she was sure that Kit would reject the offer, she wanted to wait until she had a definitive answer from Joyce on Monday. Tina was reluctant to tell her boss that she was seeing Kit’s manager, for fear that he would require her to take advantage of that fact.

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    1. Thanks for the number, MeLL. ;-p Tina knows how to have fun on her own!

      What a relief that T + B are at least texting again. The reunion is getting closer.
      Cute how the band raves about Tina and show their support for the new couple.

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