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    Chapter 7

    The next morning, Tina wakes and spends some time getting ready and then makes her way downstairs. She prepares breakfast and coffee and then glances towards the stairs, having heard no sound so far from Bette. She makes her way upstairs and knocks lightly on Bette’s bedroom door, hearing a mumbled response from inside. She opens the door, leaning against the frame and smiling as she watches Bette lift her head slightly and open one eye.

    (Bette) Hi

    Tina’s smile widens at the image.

    (Tina) Hi

    Bette lays back down and brings her hand to her face, rubbing her eyes.

    (Bette) Have I slept in?

    (Tina smiles) Yes, a lot for you. I wanted to make sure you were OK before I leave for the day

    Bette smiles as she looks over at her.

    (Bette) I’m fine, sorry to worry you. I’m just catching up on some missed sleep I guess. I didn’t get much over the weekend

    (Tina) The others kept you up?

    (Bette sighs) No, not really. I think I just sleep better knowing you’re in the house

    Tina smiles at her and then gestures back towards the hallway.

    (Tina) Well I’ll let you get some more sleep

    Bette smiles and shakes her head.

    (Bette) That’s OK, I’m up now

    (Tina smiles) OK, well in that case, I brought you up a coffee and something to eat

    Tina steps back into the hallway and reappears with a tray, and Bette smiles at her as Tina moves towards the bed. Bette leans over and turns on the bedside light and then makes room for Tina as she places the tray down next to her. Bette props herself up on her elbow as she looks over the tray, and Tina kneels on the floor beside the bed and hands Bette a coffee.

    (Bette) Mmmm, thank you

    (Tina smiles) No problem

    (Bette) You really don’t have to do this though, I’m not really sick Tee

    (Tina smiles) It’s fine, and you are really, as much as you try to fight it

    They look at each other affectionately.

    (Bette) Well do you have a minute? Sit and share this with me, unless you need to rush off

    (Tina smiles) I have a minute

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    1. Such a good story but still i am not any wiser about what happened 15 years ago between them and what caused Bette behavior towards Tina till the accident.

      And why is it that Bette doesn’t want to admit or talk about that both her and Tina are in another relationship with other woman?

      Think i need to practice a little bit more patience.

    2. I’m a little confused. I’m not sure why Bette blames Tina outwardly in the current time for their “non-relationship”. Why the hostility toward Tina? And why the reluctance to admit that they are both in relationships currently which need to be addressed in some form or fashion. Bette’s girlfriend doesn’t even know she’s been in an accident and certainly will be surprised when she finds out Bette’s ex is staying in the guest room without her knowledge. And what has Tina told her fiancé’? I would expect that Tina would not withhold information from her fiancé’ on this matter. After all, she has committed to marrying her and living their lives together.

      I think that Alice should have told Bette exactly what Bette is saying to defend herself…. maybe that would give Bette a hint as to what Bette’s actions and thoughts have been. If it is some kind of façade to allow her and Tina to get on with their lives without each other, then it will become apparent. At least it would be more information.

      There is a multitude of layers here and Bette has so little information. I keep getting the feeling that when or if Bette does recover her memory, she is going to feel like a fool or an idiot. And that will not be good for anyone.

      Thanks for the chapter…

    3. Oh i love Alice here! I love how she defends and advocates for Tina. And nice one reminding Bette of a little reality check, that they’re both in relationships. Hihihi! I’m so following all your stories, K! PPS! :)

    4. I think Bette wants Tina to be happy at all costs so by acting as if he hates her, she is pushing her to be with someone else who is “worthy” of her love. Bette does not have very much evidence that she is in a relationship in her home none of her things are there so I think this person is just there so she does not feel lonely while watching Tina move on with this new person. A person who seems to be living a separate life from Tina in and out of town, Tina didn’t seem to upset that she would be staying with Bette for the foreseeable future, while her fiancé is none the wiser about the situation.

    5. It’s so sweet that Tina accepts that this Bette is different to the one she normally meets. I love the breakfast scene.
      Bette’s thoughts on her dismissive behaviour to Tina seems very plausible. She could be thinking that she’s distructive (well, we know since the elevator talks) and that she’s no good for Tina. Therefore she does everything to keep Tina at a distance. Be awful to Tina so she will move on with somebody else.
      Lovely conversation with Alice. She is a true friend.
      Can’t wait for the next chapter! Thanks for sharing your story with us.

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