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    Chapter 8

    That evening, Tina arrives at Bette’s house and lets herself in the front door. She walks through to the kitchen and puts her belongings down on the bench, glancing around the quiet house. She then makes her way upstairs and leans in Bette’s open doorway, casting her eyes over the empty room. She returns to the kitchen and furrows her brow in confusion, before looking to the patio doors.

    She makes her way outside and stops still and frowns as she sees Bette swimming confidently down the length of the pool.

    Tina moves to one end of the pool and crouches down as Bette approaches. She reaches out and touches her arm as Bette reaches for the end, and Bette stops suddenly and looks up at her. Tina stands upright and places a hand on her hip as she holds her gaze, and Bette looks at her curiously as she removes her cap and goggles, examining Tina for a moment before speaking.

    (Bette) Why do you look so angry?

    (Tina frowns) Bette, how is this resting?

    Bette looks back at her.

    (Tina) You’re recovering from a head injury . This is probably the single worst activity you could possibly partake in right now. What if something happened and no one was here with you?

    Tina gestures around at the water.

    (Tina) This is just so dangerous

    Bette furrows her brow as she glances around the pool.

    (Bette) I guess I wasn’t really thinking

    Tina shakes her head as she looks down at her again. They look at each other silently for a moment, Bette quietly enjoying Tina’s demeanour and deciding to push her luck.

    (Bette) Well now that you’re here can I finish my swim?

    Tina narrows her eyes and places her hand back on her hip.

    (Tina) Get out of the pool

    They hold each other’s gaze for a moment, Tina studying her and noticing the glint in Bette’s eyes. She points towards her.

    (Tina) If you dare make some flirtatious comment right now you will regret it

    Bette raises her eyebrows and fails to suppress her smile. As Tina gives her another look of warning Bette raises both hands and makes her way over to the steps.

    Tina turns and walks back into the house without saying anything further and Bette dries herself off and then makes her way inside also, looking around and seeing no sign of Tina downstairs. She heads upstairs and showers and dresses, arriving back downstairs a short while later.

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    1. They both still need to address the elephant in the room. They are both in relationships. The pull between them is still so strong. They can’t just pretend that they aren’t involved with others. PPS

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