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    Chapter 7

    Chapter 7

    They leave Pollenca the following morning and drive on to Cala d’Or. They again opt for lavish accommodation for their final days together, with another apartment-style room with a lovely view.

    They have so far avoided all mention of what the end of their trip will mean in terms of any future contact or relationship once they return home. This has weighed heavily on Bette as their remaining days together have dwindled, and she is determined to bring up the topic before they leave Cala d’Or and return to Palma, and home.

    After settling into their accommodation they have an early dinner in the town with plans to make the most of their Jet Ski hire the following day.

    After breakfast at a nearby cafe the next morning, they walk to the hire shop by the beach and are given a quick lesson there before taking off from the shore together.

    Tina is good to her word and takes things cautiously, travelling at a sensible speed along the shoreline.

    (Bette) You can go a bit faster if you like

    Tina smiles over her shoulder.

    (Tina) Ever the backseat driver. Would you like a turn?

    (Bette smiles) Sure

    They swap positions and Bette proves herself to be much more daring as she manuevres across the water.

    They slow down as she brings the vehicle around to return the way they came.

    (Tina) Baby I love the enthusiasm, but you need to slow down

    Bette smiles over her shoulder at her.

    (Bette) Wow, I’m too audacious for you?

    (Tina smiles) I know, I’m struggling with the role reversal too

    (Bette) One more time? Then I’ll slow down?

    (Tina sighs) OK, but be careful. There are people at home who would miss me you know

    Bette smiles as she repositions the Jet Ski before taking off once more.

    They travel along a short distance before Bette tries to manuevre too suddenly to the left. The Jet Ski suddenly lurches and tips and they are both thrown clear into the water.

    They both catch their breath and tread water, with the Jet Ski idling nearby.

    (Tina) Fuck

    Bette looks over to her.

    (Bette) Sorry, are you ok?

    (Tina smiles) Yes I’m fine, though I think I’ve hurt my ankle. I hit the water at a bad angle

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