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    Chapter 7 – Beach Party and Welcoming

    At 6 am Bette began to awaken. She was on Tina’s shoulder and facing her lovely breast. She smiled and thought, I could get use to this.  What a lovely sight.

    Tina was resting on the top of Bette’s head with her arm over Bette’s shoulder. She had not moved all night. Bette began to play with Tina’s breasts to wake her and allow her to get up and start to prepare for the day. Tina moaned and then awakened.

    Tina:  Oh sweetie, I’m sorry, I fell asleep. Do you want some more attention?

    Bette:  No dear, I’m very happy with the attention I received last night. It’s time to get up and get moving.  It’s almost 6 am and its morning.

    Tina:  Oh my god, last night was wonderful!  You wore me out. That little trip down memory lane. That was really nice Bette. I so enjoyed that.

    Bette:  yes, that was nice and we were in perfect position just to enjoy our after-glow.  You are so wonderful to me. I love you so much.

    Tina:  I was the one who flaked out. I cannot believe I did that.

    Bette:  Our last orgasm was together and was phenomenal and we flaked out at the same time.  That was my plan. You seemed to have slept well, you didn’t move all night.

    Tina:  Really….wow, great plan. And yes, I slept really well.  And I feel so good this morning. I really would just like to cuddle for a while.

    Bette:  We can’t do that this morning.  Maybe at nap time. Tina, I’m sorry. I want to cuddle too but there is just no time. Come join me in the shower?

    Tina:  Okay.

    Tina was smiling as she watched her naked lover stroll to the bathroom and turn on the shower. She quickly got up and made up the bed and then quickly joined Bette in the shower. Bette gave her a good morning kiss and started to wash Tina’s hair.

    Bette:  Oh, you did not ejaculate last night so yesterday morning must have been really something special.

    Tina:  Oh really, well that’s good, I guess.

    Bette:  I wasn’t prepared last night, so I was glad. I really didn’t relish changing the sheets at midnight. I should have been prepared. But you seem to enjoy yourself nonetheless.

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