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    Chapter 6 – Day 5 at the Beach

    The sun had not risen when Tina had awakened. She was on her back with Bette’s arm across her waist. Tina needed to go to pee. So, she eased herself out of the bed and quickly went to the bathroom.  She passed the coat and shoes and other clothes spread over the floor.  She smiled. Although not an academy award performance, she was pleased with Bette’s response to her role play performance.  She would need to think about other scenarios which might be enjoyable for the both of them.  They needed to be simple, easy to stage and restricted to the confines of their bedroom.

    Tina put on her robe and decided to pick up the clothes and move the chair back to its normal position.  She then decided to get her computer out and do some research on available homes in the area.  She was looking for availability for homes that met their needs and the price ranges of those homes. She wanted to be prepared when they met with the real estate agent next week.

    At 6:00 am, Tina went to do her morning grooming routine. Bette had remained asleep until Tina emerged and was dressing in shorts and shirt appropriate for their beach softball game.  The competitive spirit of group was evident. However, since each household had a member on both teams, that spirit was limited to the games only.  Tina found another swim suit which she wore under her clothes in case they went swimming after the game. She wanted to be prepared.

    Bette rolled over and suddenly awoke when she found that Tina was no longer in the bed. It was almost 7:00 am.

    Bette:  T? Why are you up and dressed?

    Tina:  We have a lot of food prep today and I want to get started. Did you sleep okay?

    Bette:  Yes sweetie, I slept great. But I’m missing my wakeup kiss.

    Tina:  I’ll give you your wakeup kiss, but I’m headed downstairs to get started. You take your time about getting up.

    Tina went over to the bed where Bette sat up and reached for Tina to get her morning kiss. Tina had to take a deep breath when Bette’s breasts were fully exposed. In years gone by Bette’s body had always been pleasing to look at.  However, in recent days, Tina would have a sexual response every time she at Bette’s breasts for more than an instant, and this was something Bette was taking full advantage of.  Tina leaned over and kissed Bette.

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