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    Chapter 7 – Getting to Know Each Other

    Author’s Note – Hi folks.

    I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted an update – but real life happened & it’s been a traumatic two plus months. My wife was in the hospital for over three weeks. All Non Covid related thankfully. She had a complicated operation that brought further complications and medical challenges. She was recovering at home until a week ago when she had to be readmitted to the hospital for another week. Thankfully, she’s back home now & truly on the path to a full recovery over the next few months.

    A special thanks to the readers & my pals that have reached out to me in the past few weeks. I deeply appreciate your concerns & well wishes.

    I had wanted a few chapters completed too before I started posting again and then this medical issue arose. So please enjoy this chapter & I will post as quickly as possible moving forward.

    So, in DOH, our fav couple is getting to know each other & finding that instant attraction is very real and can last a lifetime. Let’s see how they match up with each other.

    Please enjoy this update.

    Thanks as always for reading and let me know what you think.

    Stay warm!!

                                                                     ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Previously from Doctor of Hope Chapter 6 –

     “So, I guess no sciences classes for you this semester Ms. Kennard.” It was more of a statement than a question from Bette.

    “Uh, that would be a big YES.” Tina giggled.

    “I see.” The brunette grinned again. “Well, I’ll try not to throw too much medical jargon your way this semester when we study together. It seems I’ve been blessed since birth with an excellent memory.  It serves me well in my studies. But I still have long hours hitting the books and labs.”

    “Oh, I have no doubt about that.” Tina stole a look at the tall brunette. “There’s just one thing though.”

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    1. Yeees, so glad to read another chapter !

      So, Robert Porter is the twin brother Melvin never had …

      Looks like Bette found in Tina the emotional support she doesn’t have in her family. Bette will sure need all the help she can get to confront her dad about her future and I have a feeling Tina won’t be welcome in the role of the helping “friend”.

      As I alreay said the photos are a big bonus !

      Can’t wait to read more.

      All the best to your wife, I hope the recovery goes well.

      • Hi Izzie,

        Thanks so much for reaching out & the kind words for my wife’s recovery.

        I had to laugh at your reference to Melvin!!! So funny. Bette just can’t seem to catch a break from his shadow in any story!!!

        And you are absolutely right about Tina being a strength for Bette – ole man Porter will not like her one little bit!!

        So glad you liked the pictures. I’ve had to dig deep for some early pixs of JB & LH in their careers to be somewhat constant with their age in this part of the story.

        I’ll have a few more chapters ready soon.

        Thanks again & take care yourself.

      • Hey Cathy,

        Thanks for the wishes for my wife. She’s improving fast – thankfully.

        I didn’t forget about this story & have the next two chapters underway as well. Lots more story & love to come.

        Thanks for reading as always.

        Be safe & stay healthy.

    2. Thank you for the chapter! I’m glad to read new chapter from you and i’m wish your wife and you well.

      Yeah, i like how you develop Tibette’s friendship in this chapter and of course waiting for the next.

      • Hi Z,

        Good to hear from you – hope all is well with you.

        Appreciate the good wishes for my wife – she’s improving very quickly.

        I thought it was important to establish a good background & solid relationship for them before they get romantically involved with each other. This will become important later in the story.

        I have two other chapters almost done – so should post in the near future.

        Take care & keep the Tibette faith.

      • Hi SG,

        Hope you are doing well & taking care of yourself.

        It has been a harrowing situation with my wife & her health, but she’s on the mend now & doing much better. Thanks for the best wishes.

        I’m setting the framework for their future & their relationship – both now & how it will be addressed in the years to come.

        So much more to come & lots of love too!!!

        Be safe & continue to take care of yourself.

        All my best.

    3. heloo…: sincere wishes of health and peace to you, your wife and the whole family..I am in another country, where another tragedy struck. I will be very happy when I can, I will read it. Grateful

      • Hi Hannab,

        Thanks so much for reaching out & leaving a comment and your good wishes for my family/wife. She’s improving very quickly & I’m grateful for that.

        Sorry to hear that you have experienced some trauma too. I hope the situation has improved for you. My well wishes being sent your way!!!

        I hope you will like this update & many more to come your way.

        Take care & stay safe.

        Prayers coming your way too!!

    4. Collins,

      So great to see you back on the site! You have been missed!

      Wow – you and your wife have been through some really rough times. I hope all is much improved now and I wish your wife all the best in her recovery.

      Terrific update on this story – lots of details and you were right about Tina and Bette getting to know each other better. Seems they are finding their way towards each other, and that instant attraction is growing stronger with each passing day. It’s difficult to tell who has fallen for the other harder – Bette or Tina. I agree with Izzie in that Bette appears to have found her emotional support with Tina. And Tina seems so strong and confident in her manner towards Bette.

      You have given us a lovely presentation on both ladies. I found all the background information interesting as they build their relationship step by step.

      Bette’s dedication to medicine and her deep desire to help people in dire medical need sets up perfectly for Bette’s career path. It was a great explanation as to why Bette got involved with medicine and how it impacted her direction with research. Tina is so lucky to have met Bette and I am so looking forward to how this will tie in later with Tina’s quest to convince Bette to help her with Ashley.

      Loved the descriptions of the sights in London and as always, the pictures were so good and appropriate for the chapter. Liked how you mix the photos with some pictures of Laurel and Jennifer from other parts of their careers. Please keep them coming.

      Looking forward to the next chapters to come and how their relationship continues to grow.

      Take care and best wishes for your wife.


      • Hey K,

        Thanks so much for your great comment. Very kind of you.

        It’s been an unexpected two months – but things are getting better every day – we’re hopeful she’ll make a complete recovery.

        You’ll find as the story continues to unfold, you will find that Bette & Tina will rely on each other frequently throughout their relationship – seeking strength from each other when they need it most. So, the foundation for that friendship is important to establish & nourish.

        They are both falling for the other equally. Both seeking love, respect, passion & eventually finding their soulmate.

        As I said in the notes – it was a lot of fun to research the history of London & taking steps down memory lane with my own recollections of my time spent there in the city. Glad that this came through in the writing.

        You are right about the medicine connection & Bette’s dedication to her field of study & eventual career. You will witness how Bette uses this career path to save countless lives & propel her corporation to make numerous medical advances.

        The pictures will continue – I have fun seeking them out – just wish I had a better editing tool to use on them.

        Thanka again & will post soon!

      • Hi Majicspider,

        Thanks for the well wishes.

        I actually had most of this update written before my wife had surgery, but just couldn’t find the time or temperament to edit the chapter. But now that my wife is doing better & her therapy is on track, I’ve got some time to dabble in writing.

        I enjoy writing & creating these versions of my take on Tibette & their relationship in different situations.

        I hope you are enjoying this story & how their relationship is being laid out. More romance & drama to come.

        Best regards!

      • Hey my friend,

        Thanks so much for checking in.

        Yes, things are looking up at home & spirits are high with success!!

        Looking forward to what you think of this update. Let me know when you get a chance.

        Enjoy your time off & take care.

        • Hey Collins,

          Happy to hear things are looking up at home and that the sprits are high with success!

          A few days of from work, i love it but before you know it’s almost over. The weather is bad, rain, big storms that thank god didn’t destroy anything at my house.

          This was a great update, i missed this story! And before i forget, the pictures are beautiful! If there are no restrictions anymore in July, my wife and i can visit all those places again. London is such a beautiful city ❤️

          Several people have already indicated it, but it is so nice to read the background of Bette this time. She is an amazing beautiful woman with her heart in the right place, she is deeply involved in everything she does, her passion and dedication to help and try to develop a cure or vaccine for the different kinds of diseases and make it her life’s work. and try to combine that with what her father expects and demands of her. She already trusts Tina enough to share this with her, including about her brother Jeremy. I look forward to reading more about how their relationship developed and what the hell happened that they had no contact at all for 15 years.

          Take care of yourself and your wife!

          • Hi my friend,

            Good to hear you had some time off from work, just sorry that the weather didn’t cooperate.

            Happy that you’ll be able to travel internationally this summer. I would love to visit England again too.

            Yes, Bette has decided on a very noble ambition for her career & how she will spend her life’s work. That dedication though will lead to a decision that will alter her life a few years in the future.

            Thanks for the well wishes for my wife. Greatly appreciate it.

            Take care yourself & be safe.

      • Hey D,

        Hope all is well with you.

        Yes, I have been a busy caregiver & it has been a long two months while she recovered & has worked through a multitude of issues. But all is on the right path now.

        Hope you enjoyed the update!!!

        Be safe yourself

    5. I hope that your wife is on her way to a full recovery and that you are on your back to a normal routine in your life..

      Well, now I glean from the story where Bette’s children come from…. that makes sense.

      I am surprised that a graduate med student and a undergraduate marketing and/or buisness student would think they could possibly have classes together. I am also surprised that they would have classes in the same building. In most universities of any size which are large enough to have a School of Medicine have building dedicated to the various schools of study. And for the most part in upper class years and in graduate school, you associates academically and primarily socially to those in your field of study. And you rarely find upper class students or graduate students in dorms. At least not in America. Of course Tina is an exchange student and is only there for 6 months. It makes sense that she would be in a dorm while in England. But it seems that Bette has luck out and found dorm housing that would be similar to a flat or an apartment space which would make her life easier and more conducive to privacy and study. Lucky Bette.

      These two are moving along in the getting to know you stage… anxious to see exactly how their relationship develops and what exactly broke them up. With the preliminary time limit placed on these two of 6 months, its hard for to imagine what could have possibly happened which made them cut off all communications for the fifteen years subsequent and yet be such a meaningful part of each other’s life. But I am sure you will explain in the up coming chapters. Thank you for the chapter…..

      • Hi Martha,

        Thanks for your well wishes & I am soooo looking forward to life to be more normal soon!

        You are right in that there is still much more to learn in this story.

        Their romance will come on strong & last for the duration of Tina’s stay in England & maybe beyond!!!
        Soulmates have a way of keeping connected!!!

        Thanks for checking out the chapter & as always, I appreciate your thoughts.

        Best regards.

    6. Another great chapter, Collins! I love this story. I loved seeing Bette & Tina’s relationship grow, and what a great scene where Bette took Tina to the hospital and then opened up to her about her family and her own goals, just great writing.

      and their attraction – “that physical spark happening yet again as their fingers grazed each other” – a great line

      Some of my favorite parts where them taking photos of each other – they have so fallen for each other…

      Enjoyed the background historical details about the different sites, and the George Washington story. As others have commented, too, I love your use of the photos throughout the chapter.

      A highlight for me was the paragraph about Tina and Ashley, The “competitive in sports” line brought back memories for me. My sister and I played tennis, and I could beat everyone, but not her!

      Glad to have you back! Sending all good wishes to you and your wife.

      • Hi Westy,

        Hope all is well in your neck of the country. Thanks for the well wishes.

        Happy you liked the chapter. It was a labor of love for sure.

        The relationship of Tina & Ashley is how I imagined a sisters’ relationship would be. They support each other in every way & for life. They will do anything for each other. And Tina will do just that for Ashley which means she will challenge Bette for Ashley’s life. Sparks will fly!!

        Be back soon with another update.

        Take care.

    7. Welcome back – you have been missed. Wish you and your wife all the best and hope for her speedy recovery.

      Great chapter Collins. Excellently written as always and delivered.

      Love the connection you are building between Bette and Tina. Anxious to see this develop further. They are so sweet with each other.

      Liked the background info too. I always love to read about different countries in the stories.

      Looking forward to how this relationship plays out and how they got to where they are today.

      • Hey Leigh,

        Thanks for checking out this new update. Laying out the groundwork is an important step in how their relationship evolves. Soulmates as always.

        I’ll continue some of the background info on England as more chapters are posted.

        Be safe.

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