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    Chapter 8 – SPARKS


    Author’s Note – Hi folks. This chapter is full of details and little points of interest about our favorite women. They are growing closer and thinking on those pecky feelings they’re having for one another.

    Let’s see how they work out.

    I’ve been able to dedicate some more time to writing, so I have a few chapters completed and will be able to post more frequently. Thanks for your patience.

    Thanks too to all who sent well wishes for my wife. It’s still been a bit of a struggle & she’s not fully recovered yet. Further complications have delayed her recovery process. But doing much better now & every day she’s improving and making progress.

    Please enjoy this chapter.

    Thanks as always & stay healthy!

    Previously from Doctor of Hope Chapter 7 . . .

    “Ah, now it makes sense.” Tina shook her head in understanding. “I would agree with you. Your research sounds much more interesting than boring office politics.”

    “Yes, it does.” Bette finally grinned as she considered Tina’s remark. “These children and the people in this ward have just sparked this desire in me to do everything that I can to find solutions to their suffering and put an end to their struggles. I think I can really help and that’s what I want to dedicate my life’s work to do it.”

    “That’s remarkable Bette and I admire you so much for wanting to commit your career to this.” Tina smiled fondly at her new friend.

    “I want to improve their lives if I can and help change their situations.” Bette’s voice finally had hope back in it. “Give them a fighting chance at conquering their disease and eventually lead long lives.”

    “I believe you will.” Tina nodded, knowing full well that whatever this Bette Porter decided to do, she would. She had learned that much about the fordable brunette in the short time she had known her.

    “You honestly think I can?” Bette raised her brow in question. Looking for affirmation from the blonde.

    “Yes, absolutely.”  Tina reached out and touched a curl of Bette’s hair and looked deep into the brunette’s dark, expressive eyes. In the short time they had known each other, Tina had discovered that Bette was a very strong-willed person. “I have a good idea that you can do whatever you set your mind to.”

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    1. Hi Collins,

      So glad you have posted a new chapter! And that your wife is improving and makes progress!

      About the chapter, you already know my thoughts about it. You are free to post it, i am a bit lazy after a long day of work.

    2. Collins –

      I really liked how you showed us their bond – how it developed, grew, strengthened. Their joint commitment to family, friends I imagine will be critical to their future selves. This is the foundation they will need for the future and their relationship.

      I liked how you wove in Bette’s medical experiences and how she sees herself helping her future patients, – either directly or indirectly. She is going to be an awesome businesswoman as well as a terrific doctor.

      And that Sara – I would have decked her myself if I was Tina. Arrogant woman indeed. Making a play for both Bette and then Tina. I’m not much for body builders either. The muscles always look too extreme for me too.

      Ugh. Guess I’m more like Tina too – who wouldn’t want to be loved up by the tall, dark, lovely Bette Porter!

      And speaking about being loved up – Bette certainly delivered for Tina! That scene was hot. Like Bette, I could see it unfold in my mind’s eye too! Great job Collins! You right the best love scenes. Your writing keeps getting better and better. Thank you.

      My favorite line this chapter were –
      “Then wait no more.” Bette murmured – good god Collins – Whew!!! That’s one happy Tina you gave us.

      I am wondering what Ashley will say to Tina and will Tina tell Bette what happened.

      Can’t wait for the next chapter.

      Glad too that your wife is continuing to improve. Recovering from surgery is always a challenge. Continued good luck with her progress.

      Post soon if you can.

      • Hey Kira,

        Thanks for all the kind words – I can tell they are heart felt. \

        So glad you liked the chapter & yes, they are developing a deep bond that will last a lifetime – even though will be a few hiccups along the way. Although they do have different points of view on some subjects, their base beliefs are the same – family, friends, productive/creative careers.

        Bette’s dedication to medicine & how it can change patient’s circumstances will come into play in later chapters again. Her father is unknowingly forcing Bette to be the expert businesswoman that will propel her and her version of the corporation into the future. She will grow the company into a medical juggernaut that will transform medical treatments worldwide. And of course, she’ll help Ashley down the road.

        The Sara character – she just kept popping up in my head as I worked on writing the chapter. I felt I had to do something with her to agitate Tibette. It just evolved from there – I thought it came across pretty well & she plainly sees what Tina & Bette are just starting to – their attraction to each other.

        The daydream came about in a redraft of the chapter. – I thought it fit in with the flow & demonstrates Bette’s lingering hesitation to allow herself to express her feelings to Tina. She’ll explore them in the next chapter.

        So, in the next chapter, Ashley will call Tina to task about her feelings & what she’s going to do about them.

        Lots more to discover & tell about these two women.

        Thanks for reading & taking the time to share your thoughts.

    3. Comment Requested to be posted by Bibi28 on this chapter –

      The end of the scene with Tina talking about Bette being the Doctor of Hope make sense and it very well written, it explains the title of your story. I love that part!!!

      What also stood out was their loyalty to their family and friends and their dedication to them. The reason why they split up and haven’t seen or spoken to each other for so long. Of course there is a reason behind that too, because what is the reason why they no longer saw or spoke to each other? But I know, I will have to be patient

      Bette’s fantasy was well written. It explains why Bette run away so fast like that.

      The chapter was a smooth flow! And the pictures were okay!!!

      And Sara, what an arrogant asshole, the way she spoke, ugh, I would have smacked her, nobody talks about Bette like that, so much without respect, for her Bette is a piece of meat and then starting coming up at Tina.

      Please let me smack her upside her head!

    4. Collins,
      TU for keeping it real even as you create masterpieces for our imaginations, by sharing a bit of the real-life journey of your wife’s continuing (in a zig-zag fashion) recovery of your Beloved. Keep going . . . .2gether . . .

      There’s much to savor in this chapter, but I WILL be brief . . . . Maybe (HeHeHe).

      On pages 15&16:
      “Right”. Bette nodded. I just want to give these patients some level of hope beyond what medicine can do for them”. Hmmmmm isn’t that what u’re doing for your wife??? What any of us wants as we partake of “medicines”?

      “HOPE”. Tina echoed, understanding the deeper meaning of the brunette’s P U R P O S E.” I love how quickly Tina insight was able to sum up what was the “why”!!!

      “Tina knew in her heart that this road into research and medicine was Bette’s TRUE. PATH in life.
      Her DESTINY – her life’s work.”

      Oh I love YOUR revelation Collins of sticking together HOPE – PURPOSE – DESTINY.

      YUP!! Love it

      • Hey D,

        You are too funny. Trying to be short on comments – YOU – NEVER!!! I Love it – thanks.

        I’ll be honest & tell you that I didn’t make the initial connection between my own personal family situation & this description of Bette & how she sees her career. Offering care & hope. So, thank you for that.

        And Tina has such maturity for her young age – she sees right thru Bette in most situations. She witnesses Bette’s dedication firsthand at the hospital where she volunteers. She’ll continue to support Bette in her medical career & then seek her out all those years later to help save Ashley.

        I have to say there were lots of great lines in this chapter. Ones that I think capture Tibette’s feelings, desires, wants. They were fun to write & I think appropriate in telling this story.

        To be continued below – he,he,he yourself!!!!

    5. Enjoyed to the fullest Kira’s thoughts, Especially the one. “Then wait no more” . . . It started with:

      Alone at last.

      “Bette’s hands circle around . . And she brought Tina to her . . . Bette’s hands slipped under . . . Pulling their bodies even closer . . . Tina REACTED by grasping hold . . . Her fingers SKIDDED under the brunette’s tank straps and DUG”

      “Tell me you want this as much as I do.” Bette gazed up into the warm hazel eyes . . .

      “YES I DO”. Came the HUSHED answer . . . Her eyes DARKENING with LUST.”

      “I’ve been WAITING for YOU” . . . . “Then wait NO MORE”. Bette murmured as she pressed her face into Tina’s mid-section, INHALING a multitude of AROMAS – her body lotion, her perfume , her shampoo, her seat and HER
      UNmistakable SCENT.

      “TAKE me.” Tina begged . . . Bette needed no other permission

      • So happy you enjoyed their love making. They both so wanted it but are still afraid in their real life to ask for it just yet.

        Like JB asked us last year – Be Patient! They are on the right path to being together. Bette just needs to trust & she’ll get help from some people on that.

        See ya next chapter!!!

        Thanks for your thoughts & comments.

    6. Hey Collins,
      I LOVED this chapter! SPARKS – perfect title for this chapter. This is truly an epic story, and I’m loving it. Great use of the pictures to go along with your excellent writing.

      I loved Bette & Tina’s getting to know each other conversations, etc. I can relate to Tina’s jock phase, lol. And how they would sleep on opposite ends of the settee, I can just picture them. You can see their connection growing.

      The DAYDREAM – hot hot hot. I agree with Kira – you write great love scenes.

      I was entertained by Tina’s interaction with Sara. Sara saw it – “I saw the looks you two were giving each other earlier. Pretty hot. You two were undressing each other with your eyes, so don’t deny it.” And Tina – “Tina shot back with some satisfaction that indeed, the body builder would never know Bette in that intimate way. “I have no intention of giving her any reason to look elsewhere.” Made me laugh. Just great writing.

      My favorite part – “You’ll give them that something they need to hold onto. That something to keep fighting with.” “Hope. Bette. Hope”

      I cannot wait for Chapter 9 – SISTERS. For sure it will be a favorite of mine.

      As always, all the best to your wife and you. Thanks for this great chapter.

        • You are too kind.

          I always think back to the great novels I read in my younger years – the great classics. They focused on details & painting the full picture for their readers. I want to do the same. Glas you are enjoying it.

      • Hi Westy,

        Thank you for the praise.

        I’ve adjusted some of the presentation parts to how the chapters are posted & look. Hopefully, the changes will simply the chapters & make them easier to read & follow the action.

        So, their sleeping on the couch together – I used it as a method to show how they are laying down the foundation for their relationship. Bette’s unconsciously is allowing Tina to get close both physically & emotionally. She’s opening up to Tina about her herstory, childhood trauma. That’s huge for Bette at this point in her life & she just needs a little more push to trust Tina totally.

        At this point in the story, Bette hasn’t been with anyone sexually since Tina arrived in England. She doesn’t have the desire to & is content at the moment to get to know Tina much better. But daydreams & fantasies – fair game – for each as we’ll see in the next chapter!!!

        Glad you enjoyed the scene with Tina and Sara. It was amusing to write & it gave Tina a chance to fight for Bette and what she hopes will lead to a relationship with her.

        I DO hope you like the next chapter. It will explain a lot more about Tina & explore her connection to Ashley & how that will play out in the present when Ashley becomes ill.

        Thanks for the well wishes for my wife. She’s doing much better. Thank God.

        Be on the lookout – will post soon.

    7. Hey Collins,

      I was so glad to see an update and Ifinally found the time to read it. Great update !

      I had to laugh at the photo of Bette in her leather jacket, trying to look tough but with an angel face, hilarious ! so, I have a question about that : did you find the photo first and write the scene or vice versa because if the photo came second then hat ‘s off !

      Anyway, I can’t wait to see what’s next and I wish your wife a quick recovery.

      • Hi Izzie,

        Thanks for reaching out I can image it’s not easy to read updates in the middle of work weeks. Thanks for finding the time to comment.

        As I’ve mentioned before, I have several folders full of pictures of JB & LH that I search through for just that right picture for the chapter to enhance the story.

        In this case with the JB photo in her youth with the leather jacket – I think it’s from an early advertisement job she had – because she did some model jobs before Flashdance. So, I had the outline done for that scene which included Helena & Bette hanging out. Then it evolved into something more in my mind & I wanted to expand upon it. And I had to create some type of delinquent behavior for Bette to counter what had just been explained by Tina about her youth. And as I wrote it out & made adjustments, I got the idea to have Bette be this disobedient teenager – challenging everything – her father – her life – her loneliness in missing her mother.

        So, I had the idea in my mind what a picture could look like & then I came upon this fantastic picture of JB! Could say they went hand in hand & then I expanded upon the description once I had selected that particular photo.
        And that wasn’t the first picture I had chosen. It was a different one of JB looking a few years older & then I decided on the picture I posted instead. I thought it was more appropriate & showed our BP in a more telling way.

        I will say that in many ways, the pictures I select dictate what I write or in my descriptions, but not always. Sometimes the pictures are just meant to represent a certain mood, action or emotion. But always, a lot of fun in searching for the exact one to use!

        Next chapter is under final editing & should be available soon.

        Thanks for your support!!

    8. Home Run Collins!

      This chapter was super. It was definitely worth the wait. You were so right – it was chock full of little details, and I loved them all. Especially like when you add in what’s going on inside their heads and hearts. Great insight.

      I agree with the others too that the photos were just great this time around too. The pics of Tina and Bette in ‘their youths’ was just a laugh! I remember watching that movie Laurel was in “The Incredibly True Adventure of Two Girls in Love”. That was a fantastic movie – such a coming-of-age film for lesbians. Laurel was so good in it. Who wouldn’t fall in love with her??? And the way you wove that into this story – wow, that was great. You are very talented.

      Yes, and please answer Izzie’s question about the photo of Bette in that leather jacket! Wherever did you find that? It’s priceless and so BP too!

      Many of your other fans have mentioned so many choice scenes in their reviews and comments. But I just wanted to add one more thing –

      It is so like Bette to get all worked up about Tina, to the extent that she can’t think normally. Yet she’s too hesitant to confess her true feelings. She holds that shield up around her heart and almost challenges people to try to break through and most aren’t able to. But Tina, she isn’t going to give up. She knows she’s meet someone very special in Bette. She’s determined like no other person Bette has experienced before and will get under that thick barrier and tear those walls down. You have really captured them to the core. I’m looking forward to how you will make that transpire.

      Great job Collins – can’t wait for the next chapter.

      Best wishes to your wife and her continued improvement.

      • Hey Leigh,

        It IS baseball time! Glad to know I’ve got some good stats to start the season!!

        I loved that movie too!! LH was super in it. My wife & I went to see it when it was first released back in 1995. I thought LH was so sweet, sensitive. She’s a great actress & very believable as all get out in her role.

        Sooooooo happy she took the role of TK & made her an iconic character & such a wonderful half of Tibette. She & JB do such a rock-solid job as Tibette – it’s like they don’t even act – they just are so natural with each other. Love LH & of course JB too!!!

        Thanks so much.

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