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    Chapter 8 – On the Campaign Trail


    “Well, you’ll have to fill me in on that later.” Tina reaches out and lightly touches Bette’s hand. “But this will allow both of us to work on our friendship.”


    “Bette, don’t you think we can be friends?”

    “You want honesty, well here it is.” Bette sits up straighter and looks at Tina with burning intensity in her deep set eyes. “I don’t just want to be friends with you Tina. I want more.”

    “I know you do.” Tina accepts Bette’s statement. “I know you didn’t want the divorce, but agreed to it because I wanted it. Well now…”

    “Well now what?”

    “Well now we have to like each other first before we can start to heal.”

    “I like you plenty.”

    “Glad to see you still have your sense of humor, Porter.” Tina squeezes Bette’s hand. “But we have a lot to work through. I’m not naïve to think it’ll all fall back into place easily.”

    “No it won’t.” Bette admits. “I’m still very hurt Tina. You can’t imagine what I have been through the past two years.”

    “I know my own journey hasn’t been easy.” Tina looks down. “I can only ask your forgiveness and try to prove to you that I have changed for the better.”

    “You’re right, it won’t be easy.” Despite it all, Bette has hope in her soul for reconciliation with Tina.

    “One step at a time Bette.” Tina tries to get across to Bette her commitment to a future relationship with Bette. “One step at a time.”

    The Next Day  

    It’s was a very busy day on the Porter Campaign Trail. Bette had a breakfast business meeting with an association for the treatment of teen addiction in LA. The premise of the meeting was for Bette to explain her plan for prevention and subsequent treatment and to solicit their support. It went well and the association was impressed with Bette’s proposals. By the end of the breakfast, she had their endorsement.

    Pierce and Dani kept Bette active the remainder of the morning with a recap meeting, a long list of items to approve and phones calls to return. They reviewed the latest poll results and Bette was still behind Milner in support, but continuing to gain much needed ground. Dani suggested they step up social media exposure and run a few more ads on popular sites. They had the funds available so Bette gave her the green light to proceed.

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    1. Hey Collins,

      Fantastic chapter!!!

      You made me a very happy Tibette fan today!

      I really love the friendship between Shane and Bette and how Bette gave her advice, not to make the same mistakes as she did.

      I wish and hope Bette takes the advice from Shane in hands, especially this one:

      “I just can’t walk up to her and tell her that.” Bette puffs her cheeks out and takes a deep breath. “What should I say, ‘Oh, excuse me Tina; you were out of your mind to divorce me. Now come to your senses and we can get back together’?

      That is what i want Bette to do, walk up to Tina and say excactly that sentence, but if it is the smartest move?, They already are making steps to communicate open and honesty with each other.

      But the question remains, Why not chose for a seperation but go straight for a divorce so that Tina can find herself back again. She admits that Bette was so loving and showed it in many different ways.

      I am so looking forward to what Tina’s reasons where to walk away and asked for a divorce, not getting space from Bette seems a weak reason, there has to be more. Bette gave her everything what she wanted, needed and saw her as her equal, and only wanted her to be happy. Again why walk away and go straight for a divorce?!

      Bette has been giving hope by Tina, that she also want more than friendship. And Bette is the one who promised Tina that she would show to her that she has changed, a good promise, but Tina is the one that needs to prove she has changed for the better too, she is the one that choose to walk away when things are not going how she wants it, choosing the easy way out and she did it more than once.

      It is really great to see that they co-parent Angie so well. Bette shouldn’t be worried that Angie doesn’t want to live with her. Tina is right, children talk about different subjects with their parents that doesn’t mean she choose Tina over Bette.

      It is nice that there are not always heavy conversations. It was nice to read why Tina Bette sent plants and flowers every week. Bette certainly has no green thumb. It is also good to read that they also bring back fond memories. That is important that there were good and fun moments and not just drama.

      At the end of the chapter where Angie and Bette got in bed with Tina like they used to do when Angie was young and scared by the thunder and lightning. Very sweet!

      Thank you for the update!

      • Hey Bibi,

        Well I’m glad I could satisfy your Tibette needs for today!

        Shane & Bette do have a great friendship & they have provided each other with honesty & soul searching over the years.

        Yes, we all want to know why Tina went for a divorce instead of a separation. She & Bette will have that conversation soon.

        Yes, Tina needs to show her commitment to remain in LA & work on her making amends for her leaving. She’s making progress with Angie & spending time with her. Next she needs to continue to talk with Bette about their issues & show her she can handle the pressure & responsibility of a relationship again with her.

        Thanks for your comments & liking the direction of the story.

        Yes, the question is – what does Tina find in her bed t next morning????

        Stay tuned!!!

    2. Yeah, i agree it’s a great chapter, thank you!

      Angie and Jordi have worse timing) But at least Tina seems decided that she wanted another chance with Bette – it’s good,
      And of course Angie and Bette in bed with Tina – also sweet. Waiting for their morning after that.

      • Hi Zhenya,

        Thanks for reading .

        I’m sure Angie interrupted a lot of their attempts at private moments over the years. Sometimes the anticipation all makes it sweeter in the end!!

        Will post again soon.

        Thanks so much.

    3. Love this chapter Collins… so much there. I am with BiBi, Tina has some questions to answer about why she pushed for a divorce. Hope they get some time to talk and soon. Thanks

      • Hey BK,

        Thanks for your praise.

        Like you, I try to put as much as I can into the chapter.

        The answers we are all seeking are coming the next few chapters. It;s not just one thin so there’s lots to talk about.

        Thanks for your support.

    4. Thanks for the chapter…. I’m not sure I’m getting to know Tina very well at all. In the last chapter she is requesting that they both be honest with each other but it takes until the next evening for her to tell Bette that she too wants more than just friendship? Okay…

      Tina is not exactly a what you see (and hear) is what you get. Her practical jokes seem to have a dark side. Who would send plants and flowers to someone on a weekly basis when they know that they would only end up killing them with their lack of knowledge and skill to care for them only to be replace with new ones to arrive every week? Maybe send them on special occasion as in it’s the thought that counts but weekly and to your ex-wife whom you have shown virtually no interest? What in reality is Tina saying with these flowers?

      Tina seems to me to be not very transparent at all. To me she is like trying to fill up a glass with water from a drippy faucet rather than open the valves and let the water run free. You will fill the glass eventually, but it is going to take a while.

      I find the story very interesting. Bette seems like the Bette that I am familiar with in the early seasons of TWL. Tina is not so recognizable for me in personality. She is most like Bette in the early seasons of TWL as well, but with a darker sense of humor. She pokes and prods much like Alice did with a little more smoothness. She is maintaining her sense of command and control which she exhibited in her work but to what ends?

      Thank you for the chapter….hope to see more in the future.

      • Hi Martha,

        Thanks so much for your comments & insight.

        Yes a little dark humor on Tina’s part with the flowers sent monthly – just a tease but she’ll rescue them for Bette now that she’s coming back to LA.

        Her sense of command is a part of how she’s changed & and she’s not hiding or running away as she had done in the past.

        You will definitely see more in the future.

        Thanks again.

        • Agree with Martha. The plant thing just isn’t funny. I don’t understand the point. Actually there is a lot about this Tina I don’t understand. She is clearly Angie’s primary parent and sort of lets it be known. Makes somewhat cutting remarks about Bette as a parent then pulls back and tells Bette she is a good mom. I know others love that this Tina is being portrayed as strong and confident but I detect an undercurrent of arrogance that I am not sure about. She knows exactly how Bette feels about her and yet has her hanging. I understand you want to fix what GQ did to Tina and have this version more commanding and much more of a presence. I get that. But now Bette seems totally subservient. Why is Bette portrayed this way? Still cannot understand Tina divorcing Bette. Taking Angie with her and splitting up the family is not ok. Yes it means Tina did not abandon Angie but she did abandon Bette and she did take her daughter away from her. Seems like there was not much of a battle about that. Also seems that fixing the GQ Tina means demeaning Bette. Hopefully I am wrong. I have to believe that Tina is in love with Bette but a lot to unpack about her behavior.

          • Hi Billy,

            Thanks for reading & your comments.

            Sorry you didn’t find the plant scene amusing. It was a throwback to their past & a connection point to use for them some sweet memories as the both wanted to please the other – Tina with her horticulture skills & Bette by supporting her, doing some of the grunt work with getting supplies, clean up, organization & presents for her girlfriend to shop that she did appreciate all that Tina did.

            Yes, this Tina is a stronger character that has been portrayed in OG & Gen Q. That was my intention. In my world, she’s Bette’s equal.

            I disagree that Bette is subservient to Tina. She’s still calling the shots with the campaign, she’s allowing Tina assist – Tina’s not forcing her to do that. From my perceptive, Bette knows Tina’s professional skill set & is appreciative that she wants to help Bette.

            Divorce is a devastating situation to be a part of on either side. Angie lived with Tina for most of the time since the divorce & then moved to LA to live with Bette when this high school year started. She had many visits to Bette during that time. Tina didn’t keep Angie from Bette. Couples split up when they divorce, so this shouldn’t be a surprise.

            There is still a lot to uncover about Tina’s problems & why she left. Much more to tell & explore. Yes, Tina is still in love with Bette.

            Thanks again & will post next chapter soon.

    5. Hi Collins – I really enjoyed this. The storm was very vivid and Tina being able to just snooze sweetly right through it might be the most perfect metaphor ever, lol

      Lovely tender moment in the garden.

      I am mystified why Tina went for divorce so look forward to hearing about that. X

      • Hey Largo,

        I am so glad you are enjoying this story. I took a lot of time after the Gen Q story unfolded for me to map out this story line. You know what it takes!!!

        Yes, Tina is starting to feel secure & ‘at home’ at the Porter residence. Bette has always been her safe harbor.

        Thanks for your comments & encouragement!!!!!

    6. Collins

      Great chapter. Tina being honest. I am eager to see why the divorce. Bette’s heart is out there. Loved the way Shane described Bette when Tina is around.

      Looking forward to the next chapter.


      • Hey SuperK,

        Tina needs to finally be honest with Bette about reasons & explanations. Definitely think that has been lacking in her life with Bette. If she wants it to work for good this time, no more hiding.

        Thanks for writing in your thoughts.

        Truly appreciate your time.

        See ya next chapter.

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