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    Chapter 71 – Is the Emergency Brake On?

    Outside Belly Up Tavern

    Tina stood on the curb waiting for Bette to pull her car around since she needed a ride back to her hotel.

    As soon as she saw Bette pull up with her window down, Tina smiled excitedly.

    “Hey sexy, need a ride?” Bette asked with a wink.

    Tina responded by nearly running off the curb and jumping into the passenger side. She leaned over and kissed Bette, rubbing their noses together before pulling away.

    “Where are we going?” the blonde asked as Bette put the car into first gear and drove away from the venue.

    “I want to show you this spot I found while I was here.” Bette replied, driving them back towards the freeway.

    “Cool. Where are you guys staying?”

    “At the Bahia in Mission Beach. What about you?” Bette asked. She reached over and ran her hand through Tina’s hair.

    “Downtown at the W.”

    “Nice. How’s the room?”

    “Big and lonely.” Tina looked over at Bette with a pouty face and was rewarded with a sexy Porter chuckle.

    “Hmm, maybe you should call the concierge and see if they can fix that problem for you.” Bette teased. Tina swatted her arm playfully, and feigned a gasp. “Hey! I’m trying to drive here.” The brunette glanced at her passenger with a teasing smile.

    Tina bit her bottom lip as she stared at Bette. Again, she leaned over the center console, brought her right hand to Bette’s knee, and slowly caressed her way up. With her other hand, she drew back Bette’s hair away from her neck and ear. Her mouth was dangerously close to Bette’s ear so that Bette could feel the blonde’s warm breath against her skin. Tensing, Bette tightened her grip on the stick shift and felt the goosebumps appear.

    “Actually…I was hoping you could help me with that problem later.” Tina whispered in a sexy voice. She punctuated her desire with a slow lick of Bette’s earlobe then retreated back into her seat.

    Bette felt the tingles of excitement coursing through her body and exhaled heavily before turning to look at Tina. “Jesus.” She said under her breath earning a slight laugh from Tina. “You’re gonna make me wreck my car, you naughty girl.”

    “Sorry, I’ll stay on my side of the car until we arrive safely at our destination, okay?” Tina teased back.

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    1. What a smoking chapter👍🏻👍🏻Tx again for your story and not making us wait long. You are an excellent writer and I can’t wait for more. I hope Tina gets Aaron to change his mind.

    2. My, my, as we say in french, it really was “chaud bouillant” (hot and heavy) ! ;-)

      Talk about fireworks in crescendo : at first bathing in a delightfully romantic atmosphere – moonlight, ocean waves and loving kisses – for suddenly soaking in full molten lead ! I even wonder if the hotel room will be fireproof enough ! LOL

      My dear author, what a great way to soothe me after this painful dental surgery I had Friday – thank you so much for this always so delightful story :-)

    3. Nice one, MeLL! It’s good that they got to talk a bit before their sexual attraction got too strong. Interesting though that only Bette needs to clarify some points of Tina’s past relationships. Tina seems much more at ease with Bette’s past.
      As for the “get together” in the car: hot! I remember that car sex was so much easier in
      younger years ;-P
      Oh and they have such a wet theme going on! Rain! LOL :-D

      Favorite sentence: “Can you shut the sunroof?” – “Mmm-mm.” Tina shook her head a little.
      *That* was a great o! ;-)

      • Yes. Remember, Tina got all her answers on the first date. Even though I didn’t go over in detail, it was Bette’s obligatory repentance and Tina was the one asking all the questions that night.

        And yes, car sex at my age would result in a broken hip, I’m sure. lol

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