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    Chapter 72 – Behave

    Bette’s Car

    Tina lay curled atop Bette in the driver seat. Bette stroked the damp blonde hair and watched the dashboard lights twinkle in the drops that still remained untouched in the golden locks. Tina lazily snuggled into her girlfriend’s neck, inhaling the familiar scent she had missed over the last couple of days.

    “You were amazing.”

    “You felt amazing.”

    “Sorry I got your interior all wet.”

    “Sorry I got you all wet, hehe.”

    “Mmm. Don’t ever apologize for that ever again.”

    Tina nuzzled further into Bette’s neck, kissing it slowly as her body still lay limp atop the brunette’s. A soft groan escaped Bette’s lips.

    “Baby, your hair’s wet too.”

    “I know. Where are my clothes at?” the tired blonde said, lifting her head to check the interior of the vehicle.

    “I hope you didn’t toss them out of my sunroof.” Bette said with a snicker.

    “Not funny.” Tina finally lifted her body off of Bette’s and moved back into her seat. She pulled her bra from between the passenger seat and the passenger side door and her top from the floor. Bette watched as her girlfriend redressed herself.

    “You are so fucking gorgeous you know that?” she asked, staring intensely at Tina. The blushing blonde pulled her wet hair from the neck of her blouse and tugged on the arms so that it fit below her shoulders again.

    She met Bette’s gaze and leaned in for another searing kiss that made her instantly wet again. Tina had to close her legs tightly to prevent soaking Bette’s passenger seat anymore than it already was. Breathlessly, she pulled back from Bette’s lips and licked her own.

    “Come on, let’s get out of here. I owe you an orgasm.” Tina winked.

    Bette wasted no time throwing the car into reverse, peeling out from their spot on the cliffs and zooming down the street they had come from.



    Downtown San Diego

    Bette was on the verge of hyperventilating from sexual frustration when they finally pulled in front of the W Hotel valet station. Tina had been teasing Bette by stroking her neck, hair, ears, and occasionally reaching to graze her denim covered crotch as they flew down the freeway.

    It was no surprise that Bette’s jaw was killing her from clenching it tightly the entire drive when she wasn’t telling Tina to behave herself in the front seat. Tina enjoyed engaging in vixen-like behavior and what it was doing to Bette.

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    1. “Tina enjoyed engaging in vixen-like behavior” … and she’s not the only one, hmm, MeLL ?? Don’t dare to let us in the hallway all this week !!
      Well, you just can’t be that mean : only two chapters, it’s teasing in the worst way !

      Anyway, I’m calling fire department for the next chapter : those two will just turn this hotel room into a Vesuvius replica ;-)

    2. Yes they are going to burn that hotel room down. Loved it when the valet asked about the new carr freshener. Tx for adding this new chapter so quickly. Am looking forward to more. Well done

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