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    Chapter 70 – She’s Got a Thing for You

    Downtown San Diego

    Tina had butterflies. Sitting in the back of the Uber Black she had requested, she looked out the window at the gridlock of a Saturday evening in downtown San Diego.

    I hope she doesn’t freak out that I’m here, she thought to herself. The blonde was especially worried that Bette would think that she was playing games by not telling her that she was coming to the show. Pondering the reaction she received from Bette after she told her about her meeting with Joyce, Tina had begun to second guess her judgment again.

    She had spent the day walking along the harbor and checking out the little touristy shops in Seaport Village, people watching, and reflecting on what she was going to say to her girlfriend when they finally saw each other again.

    When she came across the Hornblower Cruise booth, she couldn’t help but remember the romantic dinner cruise she and Bette went on for their first non-date date. It had only been a week since that night, but it already felt like months for Tina. In the entire six months she dated Eric, Tina was in no way harboring the strong emotional attachment to him as she was with this woman. In fact, never in all of her years of dating men had she experienced such a tremendous feeling of want, desire, and warmth the way she felt when it came to Bette.

    She was truly falling in love with her. It was the only explanation for the multitude of emotions Tina was suffering from. But she knew it was something she had to keep a lid on for now. She didn’t want to scare Bette away with such intensity. Knowing that Bette was already on edge about being the first woman Tina’s ever been with only furthered the concern that the brunette might possibly want to pull away from Tina.

    Tina was all sighs in the backseat. A tinge of regret began to seep in from telling Bette that she thought she was falling for her. She didn’t even respond, the blonde thought. You’re such an idiot, Kennard! Tina continued to mentally chastise herself as the driver finally noticed her furrowed brow in the rearview mirror.

    “They’re predicting rain tonight.” The driver’s deep voice penetrated Tina’s thought process as she met his gaze through in the mirror.

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      • Oh Dumplin! You have no idea how grateful I am to see that you are reading. Thank you for letting me know you’re out there and ready for more!

        Still a couple of weeks from single chapter postings so if you start conditioning to read a chapter each day, that could minimize the impact of planned reduction. Just a thought!



    1. What, a chapter per week, who are you and what have you done to the nice Mell ?!?!
      What am I gonna do with only one chapter in a whole week 😱

      And BTW did you really had to stop before that mytic NC17 scene ? You’re such a cruel woman 😢

      • Again, I have to leave the audience wanting more; otherwise, what do they have to look forward to if they don’t come back? And if you read this back in the day, then you know that the next COUPLE of chapters will have a naughty rating. 😜

        Hopefully you will enjoy the next serving soon. Perhaps you should also read my next couple of postings a chapter per day so the sting of change isn’t as intense. 🤗

    2. “the kiss was shortlived so as to prevent starting a fire that couldn’t be contained” : well, as in this chapter’s end, for I’m feeling pretty frustrated right now – grrrr !!
      Seriously, my so incorrigible romantic heart is suffering because I’ll have to wait until Sunday night – so, Monday morning here, figure ! – to get my favorite girls’ reunion !

      ““Do you wanna get outta here?” She whispered, her sultry tone evident to the blonde.
      Tina just looked at her with a cocked eyebrow and nodded ever so slightly.”
      And worst of it, you let us with this reminding beginning of the hottest love scene in the serie ever – at least for me. Call it torture, my dear talented author… *sighs*

      Now about the future one-chapter pace of this delightful story, what can I say ? At first, I pout in my best Bette Porter’s way (well, not as sexily as her – too bad, it could work !), but at the end of it, I’ll forgive and will be magnanimous ;-)

      I wish you a much more pleasant week ! Read you soon – I’ll miss you a lot !

    3. We have our favourite couple back together again. Yeah! That soothes my worried mind. Seeing T + B seperate from each other so early in their relationship is hard to bear ;-) Love that both gave their heartfelt apology.

      With James’ recount about his previous job things come full circle for Bette regarding the Jody story or rather her character. If she was still hesitant whether to go with Jody as an agent or someone else, she probably ruled her out now.

      Your one chapter per week warning means that your wonderful story is slowly coming to an end.
      Well, I will savor every remaining chapter.

      Thanks for the multi-chapter posting, meLL. Enjoy your weekend.

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