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    Chapter 73 – We Have Yet to Get Messy

    Tina’s Suite

    No sooner had Tina opened the door to her suite that she yanked Bette inside and slammed her roughly against the back of it.

    “Oof!” Bette exclaimed as the back of her head hit the hard wood. “Damn, woman, you trying to kill me or what?”

    Tina only responded by lunging for Bette’s lips with her own. Her hands had minds of their own as they searched over Bette’s body with urgency, desperate to leave no part untouched.

    Their tongues wrestled as Tina lifted her leg, resting her right knee on the door beside Bette’s hip, straddling her thigh. She rubbed herself forcefully against her girlfriend’s leg, feeling her sodden crotch soak through the fabric of her skirt.

    As she continued to grind up and on Bette, her tongue teased and tousled with the brunette’s causing moans from both women.

    Bette’s own hands found Tina’s legs, stroking up and underneath the skirt that was already riding up with each movement of the blonde’s hips.

    “I want you so bad.” Bette managed to whisper with ragged breath.

    The erotic-laden confession was enough to still Tina’s actions and take a step back. Lust-filled eyes stared back at one another. Breathing hard, the two women spoke to one another with nothing but an intense gaze.

    Tina was the first to break it, looking back behind her at the large dining room table with a glass top and three dining chairs on either side. For the first time, Bette took a moment to glance around her new environment, taking in the entryway of the suite.

    Just beyond Tina was the dining area where the table set in front of a large window with white plantation shutters complimented by a silk blue curtain and a low wooden sill. To the right of the table was a small royal blue accent wall that gave way to the little kitchenette area. To the left of the table was a white L-shaped couch that faced another blue wall with a mounted flatscreen on it next to a couple rows of white shelves that contained little beachy knickknacks characteristic of the coastal city they were in. Another window in the sitting area with white shutters had a large blue cushion seat behind part of the couch.

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    1. Ok, now I’m feeling bad : just when I posted a pretty threatening comment on your former chapter… here appears the next ! Call it a wave of magic wand – sorry, MeLL !! ;-)

      Hmm… I think it’s wise to drink some ice tea before to read this inevitably hotter-than-quicklime chapter… Coming back soon ! ;-)

    2. What a balm for my soul (or heart-balm?)! Well, more like intellectual comfort food for me after a pritty shitty day at work. And after enduring a really bad theatre play. I’m on my second glas of red wine already to forget about the day (Californian Merlot btw… the holidays in CA eliminated my prejudice against US wine). But only reading your postings made me forget about all that :-)

      Sizzling hot, my dear! I’m not known to have heart conditions but I might start having them after reading this. I raise my glas (literally) to your writing skills. What can I say…I need a cold shower. Or I simply go to bed feeling….well…… ;-p

      Thanks so much for updating, MeLL. Much appreciated!
      cheers and good night, I take my drunken self to bed now….

    3. You know, what amazed me, beyond the so obvious burning passion (…I pretty think all our pc’s screens are melting right now !), is that you never stop to brilliantly keep at boiling point just through a deep and really meaningful exchange of looks and smiles… This so eloquent silent dialogue will always be, for me, the most powerfully erotic part of our beloved two’s passionate love.
      It reminds me the most beautiful look of pure and deep love I ever saw : on Bette’s face, during the famous elevator scene (S5 ep.9), when she looks upwards Tina,

      What a delightful chapter to read few hours before the second part of my dental surgery (ouch !!) : it warms my so sensitive heart :-)

      I wish you a great enjoyable week, MeLL, and all my thanks for your wonderful story !!

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