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    Chapter 74 – Did I Wake You?

    Tina’s Suite

    The low grumble in Tina’s stomach stirred her into consciousness. She opened one eye and a lazy smile graced her lips as she saw that she was face to face with a sleeping Bette who was out like a light with her mouth slightly hanging open. Their lower limbs were twisted together beneath the sheets and the blonde felt a stray hand still attached to one of her breasts ever-so-lightly.

    Tina’s own arm was draped across Bette’s waist and she allowed her hand to travel up the length of Bette’s back. The brunette squirmed just a bit, closed her mouth and snuggled the side of her face further into the pillow it was resting on.

    She is out, Tina thought, still smiling. You are so perfect, Bette Porter. Her fingers continued to wander along the smooth skin of the brunette’s side and shoulder.

    Tina lied there, admiring her sleeping girlfriend’s features before she was interrupted by another growl in her tummy. She remembered that she had only eaten a salad for dinner before heading to Belly Up, and she had certainly worked up an appetite after the round of marathon sex she and Bette had engaged in just a couple of hours before.

    Gently extracting herself so as not to wake Bette, Tina rolled over to her edge of the bed. Sitting up slowly, she gingerly rotated her legs off the bed and placed her feet flat on the floor. Tina rubbed the sleep out of her eyes. Once she was prepared, she stood and tiptoed her way to the bathroom.

    After tending to her business, she pulled one of the fluffy terry cloth robes from the back of the door and wrapped it around her naked form. She quietly made her way to the kitchenette to retrieve some leftovers from last night’s room service in the refrigerator.

    Satisfied that her midnight snack at nearly 2:30 in the morning was good enough to tie her over until breakfast, Tina fished a bottled water out of the mini bar and softly padded back to the room.

    She grabbed her purse that had been abandoned haphazardly on the desk in favor of Bette’s sudden need to take her the first time in the bedroom. Tina searched for her cell phone, knowing she had at least one message from Aaron.

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        • LOL…yeah, well, now that you mention it. Damn, you’re right. Never thought about it that way. Solo workout can only bring you so far. Sometimes a training buddy is needed. I’d probably be exhausted after a 100-metres sprint in bed :-D

    1. “Raindrops spattered against the window” and “droplets of sweat” composed such a loving and hot concerto, here… For sure, the glass window is the only cold part of this room, right now ! ;-)

      By the way, I always had a weakness for rain, it’s so poetic…

      Well, since I ended my week with a third and last dental surgery, I heave a huge sugh of relief and I truly hope everything will be alright for you too, with you own dental torture…
      Ah, wonderful stories like yours can be such a marvellous medication… Now, I will gladly exceed the stated dose and read your next chapter !

      Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us :-)
      I wish you all the best, dear author !

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