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    Chapter 75 – What Are the Terms of the Deal?

    Tina’s Suite

    The rising steam carried, filling the room with a moist haze that caused the mirrors and all glass surfaces in the bathroom to condensate. Bette stood in the threshold of the shower door, holding the handle, mesmerized by the sight in front of her.

    Tina had stepped into the hot water blasting from the showerhead. Her hands immediately went to her head as the clear liquid saturated her blonde mane. Bette licked her lips while she watched the streams and droplets of water flowing down Tina’s delicious curves in competition with one another.

    She barely felt the mist of the spraying showerhead attack the front of her own body before she was brought out of her appreciative survey of the music executive’s wet body.

    “Babe?” Tina said softly, a smile playing on the ends of her lips as she tossed a backwards glance to Bette over her shoulder. “You gonna join me?”

    The smile that Bette’s face displayed was one of lustful compliance. She stepped in, securing the glass door behind her. Tina turned to face her lover. It was now her turn to admire Bette’s lithe body as it was doused by the hot streams.

    Bette felt the power of her sexuality as Tina’s discriminating gaze washed over her at the same time the water did. She smiled with pride, knowing just how aroused Tina still was.

    The blonde inched forward, her hands exploring the soft, wet skin of Bette’s shoulders and chest. I can’t get enough of this woman, she thought to herself. Bette’s hands cupped Tina’s face and leaned in for a kiss that made Tina’s right leg bend back at the knee, reminiscent of a scene from an old romantic movie.

    Once the kiss came to its slow and sexy end, the two wet women opened their eyes and exchanged smiles.

    “I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, you’re a really good kisser, Tina.”

    Tina blushed at the compliment, breathing a little chuckle and shaking her head. “Thank you. I think you’re a pretty great kisser, yourself.”

    “You think?” Bette squinted in a teasing fashion. The drops of water bounced off her shoulders as she shrugged them. “I think I may need a little more practice.” And with that statement, the taller woman backed the shorter one up against the stone tile. Then she adjusted the showerhead so that the hot water was beating directly against Tina’s nipples. Once she was satisfied after a small gasp from Tina’s mouth, Bette covered it with her own.

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    1. Nice one, MeLL! I love how Bette handled the business part that was standing between her and Tina for some time now. With her “..this is stressing you out a little more than it should.” she showed that she finally understood Tina’s dilemma. Interesting negociating technics! lol

      Obviously their time apart – however short it was in the end – did a lot to clear the air. Well, that and a lot of make up sex ;-p

    2. “Bette took a moment to raise her eyes to meet the blonde’s once again” : is it only me and my self-confessed enduring love for this exact look of Bette to Tina in S5 ep.9, as I already wrote to you, or did you also thought about this scene, here ? After all, this famous Liquid Heat episode had such an appropriate title for your two liquid-love chapters ! ;-)

      “This time, the two women saw something more reflected back in the irises of the other” : as I already told you, I especially enjoy the way you always depict this kind of silent but so powerful dialogue… Brick after brick, chapter after chapter, we’re sharing our dearest two’s journey through the growning depth of feelings. I can see the L word coming soon… at last in their hearts and minds, if not expressed aloud yet !

      OK, so definitly Aaron rhymes with moron !!! I cannot stand this bald sexist jackass, such a two-bit Weinstein – grrr…
      But I’m confident with your so lovable Little P, no doubt she will take the fucking dwarf down a peg or two !

      … and since I notice you’re generous enough to make us the gift of two other chapters (four, my, my !!), I will try to not read them right now, before to sleep ! Better to let something to savour later…

      • If I’m being honest, I think eye contact during sex is hot and makes it much more than a physical act. I don’t want to get too graphic, but I enjoyed making contact with my ex while I was…doing things to her. lol.

        I know what scene you’re referring to, but that certainly was not the impetus for this particular scene as much as it was just personal experience I guess.

        And you are right, Aaron sucks.

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