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    Chapter 76 – How Close Do You Keep Your Sexual Partners?

    Alphaville Records

    Tina walked into the deserted office building with a smile on her face. Unforgettable images of the night before and that morning’s activities with her perfect girlfriend lingered in her mind’s eye.

    She had been insatiable, wanting, no, needing, to taste Bette over and over again. She never even let Bette pick up the phone to dial room service; that’s how badly she needed to be close to her.

    It was Kit’s phone call that finally got them motivated enough to go back to Bette’s hotel so she could check out and then meet the band and James for lunch at the beach before they caravanned back to L.A.

    Tina didn’t want to part with her lover, but she had to get to the office to tie up a few loose ends for the coming week before flying out to Austin early the next morning. Bette volunteered to drive her to the airport so they decided that the best thing to do would be to spend the night together at Tina’s.

    The record executive couldn’t remember the last time she was as giddy as Bette Porter made her feel. It was simply amazing the way being around Bette and even just thinking about Bette created such a face-splitting smile for Tina.

    Her new flip flops happily slapped the bottom of her feet with each step she took down the hallway towards her office. She tossed her purse on the couch and sat in front of her computer to pull up her itinerary.

    “Hey, Tina.”

    The deep voice startled Tina out of her Bette-induced waking coma, and she grabbed at her chest with a gasp at the sound.

    Aaron laughed at his employee’s tense demeanor.

    “Fuck, you scared me.” Tina said, a little breathless. The jumpiness immediately mutated into irritation.

    “Sorry. I should have knocked first. I’ve been trying to call you since we got cut off this morning, did you get my messages?”

    It took everything in her power not to roll her eyes at him. “My phone died in the middle of our conversation and I forgot my charger. Sorry.” She answered quickly, waiting for her computer to boot up.

    “Oh, well, I wanted to let you know that I took the liberty of changing your flight.”

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    1. As for the list of artists… those names work very well for your story and for Tina’s to make a point. :-)

      Aaron is such an idiot. How can Tina stand working for him?
      Looking forward to the band’s meeting with Joyce.

    2. Ha, you just made me laugh at Tina’s “Bette-induced waking coma”, quite delightful ! ;-)

      Now I fully agree with kiwipit’s comment : how can she endure this guy without feeling on the verge of murder !
      This depictable dwarf truly drives me up the wall and I cannot wait to see him grind out like a cigarette !!

      In contrast, what a delight to read Kit and her Stouts’ interactions, I love them all and you depict Bette and the gang as such an endearing family…
      … quickly, my next fix ; your last posted chapter ! ;-)

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