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    Chapter 9 Contractual Obligations

    Later that night, Bette and Tina returned from the gala entering their suite grateful the night went smoothly.

    “What a night huh?” Tina remarks with a hint of exhaustion ”My mouth hurts from smiling so much.  Being a model we aren’t used to smiling“ she adds as she takes off her earrings upon setting her purse down in the chair of the bedroom

    Bette chuckled “Well if I can add something to the list then my feet hurt.  These damn shoes I never got a chance to break in are killing my toes and heels” she says kicking them off off her feet “Ahhhhhhh…freedom” she says in relief heading to the drawer that is currently housing her nightwear

    “I usually say that when I take off my bra” Tina chuckles kicking her high heels off of her feet

    Bette continues rifling through the drawer pulling out her sports bra and panties “I can’t imagine you would ever feel restricted in that area”

    “Are you kidding?..Please..Trust me..They are banging on the cups demanding release as we speak” she says reaching behind her back and grabbing the zipper pulling it down

    Bette chuckled finally finding the bottoms she was looking for and closed the drawer “I will leave you to it then.  I’m going to the shower in the other bathroom”

    “You aren’t going to take your dress off first?” Tina asks as she begins to slip out of hers.  Bette turned her heard away to avoid looking

    “Tina I thought we weren’t going to do this in front of each other” she says fighting the urge to turn around

    Tina scoffs “Bette..this bra and panty set I’m wearing has more thread to it than one of my bikinis.  This isn’t the inappropriate attire I was referring to”

    Bette turns her head back and looks Tina over. Jesus help me she is so fucking gorgeous Bette thought to herself and shook her head to clear the sinful thoughts creeping inside before she spoke “Ok..But I’m not taking my dress off here. At least not in front of you”

    Tina rolls her eyes and places her hands on her hips “And why not?”

    Bette sighs “Because I have nothing underneath to cover the top half” she says rather shyly which kind of surprised herself

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    1. This little arrangement between them is getting more and more difficult to control for the two of them. Tina is now admitting to herself that Bette is an attractive likeable woman. Bette is beginning as well behaved as she can. Even being thoughtful by cooking breakfast for the two of them. The sexual tension between the two is still palatable.
      And Tina is pressing the limits.

      Now that birth Mama has gone back to America (I am assuming), maybe Bette and Tina can have a nice visit to Paris and enjoy the city of lights…

      Missed this story…. Thank you for the story… love to see more..

    2. I really really like this story. The cruise was so romantic. I love that Tina vocalized her feelings. Even if it was in French. Too bad Bette did not understand a word. But maybe after that kiss? One can hope. Bette cooking breakfast was a nice touch. Tina modeling lingerie for all the world and for Bette? Such torture. When these two finally do make love it is going to be so hot. Carol still lurks out there to cause mayhem. Let’s hope they are solid and admit they are in love well before the chaos begins. Really missed this story a lot.

    3. Yep hard to resist either of their lips.. It’s good that Tina got to know the real Bette underneath all the bull shit other wise they would never have worked.

      A lesson everyone should learn. To just be yourself so the true person you are meant to be with can see you.

      Thank you it was very loving, even if the neither knows the others true feeling yet but getting ever so hard to hide.

    4. I love this story. Love how it is evolving and they are trying so hard to stick to the “rules” while both are falling for the other. My favorite part was the boat ride and Bette watching Tina on the runway. So cool that she was so proud and wanted Tina to know how great she was at her job. Looking forward to the next chapter….

    5. I really enjoyed this story and hoped you’d keep posting! I love the humor and the spin you take with Bette (the down and almost out actress) and Tina (the supermodel)…how it starts with a business arrangement and then they start to fall for each other. But because it’s Bette and Tina, they resist and try to keep it business…ha! When Tina said the words…but in French…ahhh. Loved it…and yes, what if Bette actually knows French? I’m gonna go with that. Please keep posting!

      • Yes, isn’t this story unique and delicious?!! “Nothing but the best for you my pet” Tina quipped causing Bette to chuckle as she left out of the bedroom

        Tina KNOWS she is getting off winking at Bette, talking to her in French and what else is on her Lil temptress mind??? HeHeHe

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