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    Chapter 80 – Did You Just Out Your Girlfriend At Work?

    Alphaville Records

    Tina finally looked up, realizing that both Aaron and Dana were staring at her. Holy fuck. Breathe, Tina, just breathe. She hadn’t quite processed Aaron’s question since she was still processing Bette’s spontaneous, yet nonchalant affirmation. No fanfare; no grand declaration. Just a natural expression from her new girlfriend, as if she had said it to her a thousand times.

    In response to the silence filling the room, Aaron looked at Dana, taking in the shocked look on her face.

    “Fairbanks!” He said loud enough to startle Dana so that she whipped her head around to face him. His stern tone caused a bit of confusion for the PR rep. Tina studied Aaron, trying to gauge his thought-process. “You seeing this broad, or what?”

    Oh shit! Tina thought. She sucked in a breath and held it as Dana began stuttering.

    “Uhhh…wha…uuummm…wha-what?” In her moments of hesitation, Dana finally realized that he thought Bette’s pronouncement was meant for her. “Oh, um. W-Well, you-you-you see, I, uh…I’m…I’ve…I’ve met her, yeah. Um. Hot. Way, way hot.”

    Tina cringed and dropped her brow into the palm of her left hand. Dana was flailing, but her efforts were certainly appreciated.

    “I thought you and Peterson were travelin’ the spasm chasm together?” Aaron asked. The tasteless question made Tina immediately pop back up in perfect posture while Dana’s mind grappled with the connotation of the inquiry.

    “Aaron, do you mind excusing us for a moment, I’d like to speak with Dana privately.”

    “Yeah, yeah, Kennard, hold on, I’m trying to get some answers here.” He dismissed his employee with a slight wave of his hand as he concentrated on Dana’s deer-in-the-headlights look.

    “Aaron!” Tina practically screamed, earning her the attention of both people sitting on the other side of her desk. “Please! I’ll be in your office in five minutes.”

    With a clenched jaw, Aaron stood to make his way out of the blonde’s office.



    Law Offices of Joyce Wischnia

    Bette looked around the table in a clockwise fashion starting at her left. Alice was stunned with a half-opened mouth and glazed eyes; Shane had the trademark McCutcheon smirk with her eyes still shielded by her trademark shades; Angus had a surprised “oooh” face complimented by his raised eyebrows; Kit’s cheesy smile stretched her face in an alarming display of excited approval; Joyce with the gentlest of understanding smiles and a twinkle in her eye; Tayo with a blank, although interested gaze at the band manager; Carmen with a smile that grew with every inhale.

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    1. Very clever idea to start their own label. The Porter sisters really learned from their father’s past. With that move Bette even managed to surprise her beloved label whore Tina, huh? :-)

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