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    Chapter 81 – I’m Sleeping With the Stouts’ Manager

    Alphaville Records

    Tina steeled herself outside of Aaron’s closed office door and gave herself an inner pep talk. Okay, Kennard. You can do this. You look that hairless beast directly in the eye and you tell him that little stripper chick he’s chasing after has got nothing on your tall, dark, and sexy woman with her magical fingers and gifted tongue…Fuck! Now I’m turned on. Reel it back in, Tina, come on. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes to center herself.

    “Yeah, let’s do this.” She whispered to herself with fearless determination. Her soft rap on the door was met with muffled permission to enter from the other side.

    The blonde twisted the knob and pushed open the hinged barrier that separated her and her truth from her boss. As Tina stepped into the office, her eyes scanned the floor while her mind did a read through of the script she was about to recite for Aaron. It wasn’t until she was starting to close the door that she heard two hearty male laughs which made her finally look up.

    Staring into a pair of dark blue eyes who had turned to see her enter the office, Tina was caught off guard by who was sitting across from Aaron.

    “Oh, um, I’m sorry, Aaron. I didn’t realize you were in a meeting,” she said hurriedly as she turned to take her leave.

    “No, no, Tina, it’s okay. We were just going over some contractual amendments for Porter. Come on in, take a seat.” Said Aaron, eager to hear what she was able to get out of Dana.

    Aaron’s guest stood up and buttoned his dark gray suit jacket before he offered her an awkward smile. “Hey, Tina.” He said, his voice cracking just above a whisper.

    A tight, forced smile made its way across the blonde’s face with an accompanying nod. “Hello, Eric.” Her gaze quickly went to Aaron, who was, no doubt, enjoying the awkward exchange.

    “How’ve you been?” Eric asked in his usual overeager manner.

    “I’ve been great.” She answered honestly with a softened smile. “You?”

    “As well as can be expected, I guess.” Her ex responded listlessly. His hair was slicked back with a little too much hair gel as was typical of him.

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    1. Thank you for these chapters.. great job.. it brings back my memory of your story.. some are new lines and I like the changes… Tina is on fire right now…lol..looking forward to the next chapter..

    2. I am really enjoying this story and how things are meshing for Tina and Bette.. I also like the idea of Joyce to create a record company that does not yet exist. I have a hunch Tina will be a part of it. Who knows? I loved the last part where Tina becomes a fireball and goes nuclear on Aaron. Great writing and tx. Looking forward to more,

    3. What an spectacular exit (from stage) for Tina! Including a public declaration of love for her woman. Way to go, Tina! Oh and those classic final words to end act two. Standing ovations, please. And the Oscar for outstanding performance goes to Tina Kennard. Love it, MeLL.

      Aaron was really begging for this verbal thrashing. I haven’t decided if he is a chauvinistic pig or a dumbass with an inflated ego. Probably both and more.

      But let’s forget about him and have Tina rush to her girlfriend. Tina must be pumped with adrenalin and dopamine :-)

      Thank you for this brilliant chapter. Wonderfull treat this week.


    4. As Kiwipit so rightly wrote, Tina was just royal, here, and I take my hat off to her !
      Now with all this adrenaline and emotions accumulated on both sides, the next encounter of our beloved two will be nothing less but flamboyant !! Be careful, it could even melt your pc, dear MeLL ;-) (,,,well, and ours, too !! My, my, what a visual…. *Tibetter’s sighs*)

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