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    Chapter 89 – Your Sexy Stock Just Skyrocketed


    “Hey, where’d Leonard go?” Max asked as everyone was hanging out on the couches in the green room. Phyllis looked around the room before snorting and rolling her eyes.

    “That man has a bladder like an infant these days.” The older blonde woman dismissed her husband and shook her head. “I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s in the men’s room for most of the show.”

    Bette grimaced and took a sip of her beer. Tina, who was sitting on Bette’s lap quirked an eyebrow with a slight chuckle. “Lovely.” Bette muttered under her breath. “I thought you were going to leave Leonard at home, Phyllis?” She asked her boss, without revealing that his name wasn’t on the guest list.

    The older blonde woman rolled her eyes again. “He’s been insufferable since you’ve been on vacation, Bette.”

    “All the cool kids say ‘vacay’ now, Phyllis.” Alice said with a wink.

    Phyllis giggled softly before she continued. “And he’s just been so clingy and needy. Sometimes, I swear he’s the woman in our relationship.”

    Bette grinned when she noticed Shane and Alice exchange knowing looks with one another.

    “Well, maybe getting him out tonight will do him some good.” Shane raised her beer bottle towards Phyllis’s cocktail glass. “Hopefully the little lady will get good and liquored up this evening so you can take full advantage when you get home.” Shane’s suggestion earned a round of giggles and snickers from everyone and a roomful of “Cheers to that” echoed in the green room.

    “Hey, can we take a look at your setlist for the night?” Esai asked. “I mean, if you guys don’t mind?”

    All eyes landed on Bette whose non-chalant demeanor revealed an indifference to the request. “Everyone has a copy, right?” She asked the band, meeting the gaze of every pair of questioning eyes.

    “We do.”

    Angus fished out a folded piece of paper from his back pocket. He handed it to Esai who was instantly sandwiched by Oscar and Dana peering over his shoulder.

    Bette could feel the shift in Tina’s weight as she attempted to stand from her lap. The brunette quickly set her beer on the table and grabbed her girlfriend’s waist with both hands keeping her in place.

    “Where do you think you’re going?” She asked in a hushed and sexy voice.

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    1. Great chapter and great show for the band! Seems that James as their manager already earned his pay by promoting the show at the right places. Too bad that Jody also will make some money out of it. At least she now knows that she can stop bugging Bette for the job of the Stout’s manager.

      Phillys and Leonard? LOL Inviting Bette to dance reminded me somehow of the show and her behaviour at her pool party.

      Bette’s song was a nice surprise. Great lyrics! When she took the stage, I was sure it would be the song she played to Tina on their first night together. I have to repeat myself: they are so cute together. Tina sitting on Bette’s lap, Bette tightening her hold on Tina, lip-locked again and on top of that a song clearly written for Tina. I give them six months and they’ll talk about moving in together for the first time ;-)

      Another brilliant chapter, MeLL. I’ll have to read the story all over again once you’ve finished posting. :-)

      Have a great week

      • That pool party scene definitely inspired Phyllis letting her hair down in this chapter. LOL

        Remember, the night Tina heard her playing from the neighbors’ house, Bette had finished two new compositions. This was the second.

        Six months seems a bit long to wait for the U-Haul ????

    2. Hi MeLL:

      Excellent chapter as always, and the length pretty decent (ha-ha). Very nice that Leonard was left behind, that man is a pig, he is abusing of Bette’s talent.

      I like very much that Bette sang that wonderful song (is that yours MeLL?).

      I’m so happy that Jodie got what she deserved seeing James at Bette’s side and how Tina protects her girlfriend from that harpy of Jodie.

      Great chapter, waiting for the hot one next week.


      • Hi P!

        Yeah, Leonard needed a little shabby treatment so that he better appreciates his employee.

        Yes, those were original MeLL lyrics. It would be awesome if someone put them to music. I’m not musically talented whatsoever, and only play instruments in my dreams, so it’s unlikely these lyrics will ever be anything but fanfic.

    3. Great you brought all the sleaze bags out of the closet….lol. you can put them back on now..
      Loved Bette’s song.. as if everyone didnt know it was for Tina. Including Tina.. who seem to get very excited and a need to go home. (Wonder why).lol..
      Yeah phyllis asking for a dance reminded me of the bar scene when she told Bette you had feelings for her.. Bette’s face was priceless.. Jennifer Beal is a great actress her face was so funny..
      Well thank you and it was a bit longer.. lol.. look forward to next week.

      • That bar scene was pretty funny. It took a while before Bette realized that Phyllis was talking about her, and the moment of realization was hysterical.

        Time to take out the trash one sleazebag at a time!

    4. You are quite the storyteller, my friend. Just getting caught up. You’ve built great characters I love and love to hate. A sign of a great writer. I might make it down to SD for a Giants game and little golf in July. I’ll have to buy you a drink if I do. Love your writing, GF.

      • Well, look who’s slummin’ it over here! ????

        Thanks for taking the time to comment and sorry for the delayed response. The holiday weekend took its toll on me since I was traveling down the 99 and the I-5 from back home. A total of 8.5 hours of windshield time makes for a tired MeLL who could barely stay awake to finish the new Game of Thrones episode upon my return to America’s Hoppiest City.

        Please let me know of your plans once confirmed and we’ll try to make that drink happen. Maybe a pre-game drink at Social Tap would work out best since it’s right behind the stadium. Let me know!

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