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    Chapter 88 – Don’t Dream It’s Over

    A Los Angeles Radio Station

     “Awww yeah. Hey, hey, L.A.! You’re listening to WCKD 102.5 on your dial, The City of Angels’ only station for Wicked Good Tunes. Stretch Strongarm here with you for your Tuesday 5 o’clock road rage. What’s happenin?!?! It’s Taco Tuesday tonight at Fiesta Cantina, so if you’re hungry in the WeHo area and don’t wanna fight the traffic jam, stop by for a bite. Speaking of traffic, let’s send it over to Jack Hammer, the eye in the sky for our traffic update. Jacky Jack can ya hear me?!”

    “Loud and clear, Stretch.”

    “Give the good people some good news, my friend.”

    “Oh, not sure I’ve got good news for them, my good Stretch. It’s slow movin’ up and down Interstate 5 with an overturned big rig in the southbound lanes just north of Stadium Way, so you may want to re-route your way home. On the 405, there’s a multiple vehicle accident, northbound at Wilshire. CHP is on-scene with two lanes blocked off. So far no other accidents or injuries to report for your drive home. Otherwise, traffic is typical of Los Angeles, slow and steady. This is Jack Hammer with your Wicked traffic report on 102.5 FM. Back to you, Stretch.”

    “Thanks, Jack. For all you old school fans out there, I’ve just gotten word that tonight, yes, to-night, in Silverlake, classic Wicked artist Kit Porter is playing with her new band the Stouts, trying out some new material over at Spaceland, and I tell ya, if I wasn’t stuck in this studio for the rest of the night, I would definitely be checkin’ out that show. Oh, fo’ sho! I love me some Kit Porter, so let’s kick off the hour with some old school Kitty Cat up in ya ear! This is ‘Never Say Goodbye’ to sooth your road rage wrath only on Wicked 102.5!”



    Spaceland – 1 Hour Before Showtime

    The line to get inside the venue had extended to the building next door. Zack had been impressed that the Stouts had commanded such a great turn out before the doors had even opened. He made sure that his door man was armed with the list of VIP names Bette had written down earlier.

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    1. I don’t mind a short chapter now, it gave me the chance to read it before going to work.

      Poor Leonard, not on the VIP list, serves him right with how he treated Bette.

      Enjoy your weekend!

    2. Yeah, I’m exited for the show to start as well :-)
      At the same time I’m sad because the finale of the story is close. LOL for Leonard not being on the VIP list.
      Thanks for this chapter, MeLL. And special thanks for the impromtu warm-up with Crowded House. Great song! Really one of those where you only need to hear the first chords to recognize the song. But besides CH is one of my favourite bands :-)

      Thankfully I’m going to be super busy this week so the wait for your next chapter won’t feel too long ;-)
      Have a great week!

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