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    Chapter 90- Hiiiiii-Yaaaaaaah! Part 2

    Spaceland Green Room 

    The atmosphere in the green room was electric with excited chatter among the Stouts when Bette, Tina, Dana, James, and Tori walked in.

    “Little P!” the band cheered and greeted their manager as she and Tina sauntered in, swinging their held hands animatedly. Bette stopped midstride and twirled Tina in her arms before placing a sweet kiss on her lips to the whistles and “awws” coming from their small audience.

    Angus was the first to approach the brunette with his hand in the air for a friendly high-five. Bette gave him what he wanted as he spoke. “Dude, you were on fire tonight, Little P! FI-YAH!”

    “Thanks, Angus.” Bette blushed. Tina thought it was the cutest thing ever.

    “No really, Bette, you were fucking amazing out there!” Carmen said, giving her a big hug. “You seriously need to play with us more often. We could write some big hits with your help.”

    “Alright, alright, everyone, thank you. I’m already blushing, what more do you want?”

    “I can think of a few things.” Tina remarked with a knowing smile.

    “I’m actually surprised you two are still here, let alone clothed. I figured Tina would’ve dragged you out of here to jump your bones after that little performance.” Alice teased.

    “She told me no.” Tina quipped.

    A chorus of “Ooh’s” filled the green room as Bette’s blush turned an even deeper shade of crimson.

    “Sometimes you gotta leave ‘em wanting more, right Little P?” Shane smirked.

    “Can we please talk about something else?” Bette pleaded with her friends, and playfully glared at Tina. She turned to James who was also grinning and slightly blushing. “Sorry I didn’t have time to give you the heads up that your favorite ex-boss was here.”

    “Don’t worry about it. I expected her to be here, and hope that I handled it well out there.” He replied.

    “You were nothing short of a consummate professional.” Tina assured him. “I, on the other hand, was unequivocal about my irritation with her.” She looked up at Bette with a hint of guilt. “I’m sorry, baby.”

    “It’s fine,” Bette smiled. “She had it coming.” The two lovebirds began to lean into one another again until Kit finally spoke up.

    “Alright you two, how about a little constructive criticism for the rest of us over here?” She teased.

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    1. Hi MeLL,

      I am happy that you had a great Easter!

      For me this chapter was just the lenght i needed to be able to read it before going to work again. And it started my day with a laugh ???? Good punch from Alice, Jodi got what she deserved.

      Sad to see the end is near, but i am already looking forward to your new stories.

      I wish you a great week!

    2. Happy Easter MeLL,

      Good job the scant 4 pages were so good or I might not have forgiven you:-)

      Sorry to be getting to the end of this great story where you have given our girls such lovely characters – love ’em!

      Looking forward to your next post and future stories.

      Thanks for sharing your talent

    3. LOL! Here we go again. Go Alice! Take that, Jodie! Wonderful, MeLL. Short, funny, nice banter with the Band and Bette.
      Best line goes to Tina again: “She told me no.” I laughed out loud :-) With your story you’ve made me love Tina’s character even more than before.

      Thank you for posting even though you’ve obviously been very busy. I’m looking forward to the last chapter as well as I dread it. Oh, I’ll save some of that for the final goodbye next week ;-)

      Enjoy your week, stay safe,

      • In Bette’s defense, she didn’t technically tell Tina no, but she didn’t exactly run out the door with Tina in tow either. And happy belated birthday! So sorry I missed it. Hope it was a good birthweekend! ????????

    4. I know the feeling of bringing work home. I’ve done it today and I’m utterly exhausted. Yet, I’m here… reading your amazing stories. My work can wait ten more minutes! Another great chapter. As for Bette telling Tina no… oh, I wouldn’t be able to take that answer haha. :) can’t wait to read more.

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