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    Chapter 9 – Areas of their life

    ”Thank you, Margot. Bette and her entire team really did a great job and tried very hard. Her loss was something unexpected for all of us, but she’s moving on and is doing great now”

    They talked about work for about 40 minutes. They discussed the possibility of cooperation, conditions, period of work, expectations of the Studio, and much more. It was a very fruitful meeting. They exchanged contacts with each other and their assistants, and agreed to meet again in 3 weeks in Toronto. Already in a more formal and working environment.

    ”Tina, you are a very interesting conversationalist. I’m glad we found each other. I think we’ll do a great job together»

    ”It’s mutual! Thank you for this meeting with me and for agreeing to work with our Studio. It’s an honor for us.”

    ”Well, I’m glad to hear that, but this Collaboration is more likely to be an honor for me. You are known in the world of TV production as an absolute professional and many would like to work with you in the same team for at least some time”
    Tina was always confused by such complimentary words and felt uncomfortable

    ”Thank you”
    the blonde replied shortly

    ”And you are a very attractive woman. It may distract me from my work, but we’ll manage, I think”
    Margaret seemed to be waiting for some specific response from Tina or her reaction, and stared at her with a slight smile

    Tina tried to pull herself together and answered calmly

    ”Thanks, Margot, but I prefer to talk and think about work rather than attractiveness. I expect the same from my colleagues. If you will allow”

    ”Of course, see you later, Tina”

    After this phrase, the women said goodbye and Tina was left alone at the table again. Margaret’s last words strained her. She didn’t like such open flirting from colleagues. Perhaps there was nothing in Margot’s words, but her tone of voice and look … Tina was able to distinguish between harmless flirting and compliments.
    At this point in her life, Tina found it even more unpleasant because her mind had been focused on Bette for the past six weeks. And this flirtation from Margot was something of an invasion of Tina’s personal space, which now had no place for anyone but her ex-wife. She felt it keenly.


    1. Bette is a very tactile and sensual individual so it makes perfect sense to me that she would be more comfortable holding Tina, touching Tina and dancing with her. Until: ‘I’ll explode with you too.’ My favorite line. Bette did process Tina’s words. Yes there is a lot to discuss and sort out but that has to be put on pause for a bit because Angie needs to be front and center right now. She is their child and looking out for her welfare is as it must be. Both parents need to create a united front in dealing with their underage daughter and her drinking. Also, Angie has been incredibly rude. Her attitude may be more than just alcohol induced. Is she taking drugs? Is this more than teenage rebellion? They need to get to the bottom of Angie’s hostility. Bette and Tina do make a good team. Kind of a good cop bad cap team in a way. I suspect Angie will have a doozy of a hangover in the morning and an even worse attitude. I am glad that Tina is spending the night. In the guest room. Keep communicating ladies and – Tina – Margot needs to go. No no no messy distractions. And Bette – no more Lisa’ s. You have a chance to get your life back – a very good chance – both of you do. I liked that Bette stopped ranting about her work and asked Tina about her day. This is progress. Despite the Angie drama there were some very sweet and tender and hopeful moments. Good story. Good chapter.

      • Thanks, Billy. Yeah, I think that parents should be a close-knit team and help their daughter overcome a difficult life stage. It’s good to have Tina around now. If Bette had been alone, it would have been much harder for her to deal with Angie.

    2. I found Bette’s response of just wanting to be in Tina’s presence and have the intimate dance with her absolutely fascinating. Bette has always been a tactile and physical person. After all it was Bette who began the relationship with a kiss when she returned Tina’s earring. Not with words but with a simple kiss which said “I’m attracted to you, but I simply do not have the words to say what I feel at the moment.” So to begin a reconciliation process with physical contact of a dance and simply holding Tina close is so very much like Bette and her mode of communication. And from their evening, this was a time in which both could and did experience a connection without sex which I believe is a good starting place for a potential reconciliation. I do believe that Bette will put words to her response to the letter at some point, but for now this was as powerful a communication to Tina as she would expect.

      There is a big time problem with Angie and both of them see it. I was surprised that Bette allowed Angie to get by with her response early in the morning when she asked her if she needed a ride to school. And now that Bette and Tina are sharing information on Angie’s mutual rudeness and now her intoxication, they stand a much better chance of getting to the source of the problem and taking corrective actions. It would actually be beneficial to Bette and Tina and their corrective action and paths if Angie is sick tomorrow morning. Sickness is not much fun. And sometimes being miserable will be a more more powerful lesson than having only a slight discomfort for overindulging. Most people try not to repeat things which make them miserable.

      This was a very interesting chapter…. lovely evening with Bette and Tina. Just hope Bette and Tina can get Angie back on a path of rational behavior and not what she is doing…

      Thank you for this…. love to see more.

      • Taking care of Angie and trying to understand her problems can bring Tina and Bette even closer together. Or this focus primarily on the daughter, on the contrary, can prevent the restoration of their personal relationships. In any case, Angie needs her moms right now, even if she doesn’t realize it. Thank you for your comment, Martha, I love your thoughts.

    3. Hey Ada,

      Very interesting chapter. Lots to digest.

      I agree with Billy & Martha on their comments.

      Agree that Tibette needs to have a serious talk with Angie & keep a much better track of her on a daily basis before her behaviors become major problems.

      Good start on them back on track themselves.

      Keep it going!!!


      • Welcome you here, Collins. Yes, sometimes teenagers need a little more attention than even the best parents give them. And teenagers do not always let them get close to them and allow them to give them this attention. Thanks for your feedback on this chapter! Looking forward to continuing your story too!

    4. Ada
      I loved this chapter. Loved Bette’s vulnerability in seeking proximity to Tina without being yet ready to talk. Haven’t we been in a situation where we aren’t ready to verbalize how we feel but know things are better when someone we love is near. As long as the letter is discussed at some point, please Bette and Tina talk about the letter and the events leading up to it. Bette is so good at shelving her emotions so I hope she can unpack how she is feeling and Tina can better explain her decision making. Great start to my weekend, Ada. Thanks

      • I really like understanding the character of Bette that was shown to us in the original TLW. When you feel so much and strongly that you can’t put it into words. I think that’s such a beautiful and kind thing about Bette’s character. Sensuality and emotionality is always difficult, but it can bring a huge amount of love to life. Thank you and have a nice weekend!

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