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    Fire and Ice—Chapter One

    April 2016 Malibu CA

    The sun begins to set on the horizon and brilliantly cascades over the ocean giving off a purple hue. It’s quiet except for the waves crashing on to the shore below where a man and woman are standing on a balcony above.

    “Are you going to be ok?” The man asks staring hesitantly at the woman as her gaze stayed fixed out on the horizon. Her hands resting on the railing

    After what seemed like an eternity waiting for her answer she finally speaks

    “I just had to do the hardest thing I have ever had to do in my life.  What do you think?” The woman replies stoically as if the life hand been completely drained from her

    The man sighs and taps his finger against his lips in thought for a moment

    “You knew the risks. You knew something like this could happen”

    The woman slams her hands down on the railing

    “Yes! And I was selfish and because of me this happened!….I deserve to suffer…I am responsible and I can never forgive myself for that” the woman begins to cry as the man places a comforting hand on her shoulder. Knowing it would be pointless to argue with her for her blaming herself he gently pulled her towards him

    “Come…Let’s go inside….We need to figure out what we are going to do next”

    August 2021  Downtown Los Angeles

    “I don’t know Iris…I really don’t feel like going out tonight it’s late anyway..Plus I have so much work to do here and I don’t want to get behind”

    “Tina it’s time..  You were the one who wanted this and we have this opportunity…I’m trying to put in the effort but you aren’t. After this  I want things to go back like they were. Don’t you?”

    Tina sighs as she turns from away from her computer screen and glances out the window that overlooks the Los Angeles skyline

    “Iris babe….You know I do.  I’m just hesitant about this whole thing…We will go out tonight ok.  But right now I really need to get back to these reports”

    There is a long sigh on the other end

    “Fine..I will see you when you get home”

    And before Tina can anything the line goes dead

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    1. Thank you for the chapter!

      I remember first time i’s didn’t finish, right? Well? i hope you’ll write a next parts not only for this, but also for you another history – PR if i remember correctly.

    2. I LOVE this story! So glad to see it’s back. Looking forward to reading more, and seeing how it all unfolds.

      The scene when Bette says goodbye to Tina in the hospital, just leaves me in tears.

    3. Perhaps, I do not remember correctly… but you have already change the trajectory of this story. In this story, Tina is a part of the Rocco group out to get Bette, where in the previous one, she was simply a pawn being moved around to trap Bette. She is now under the impression that Bette tried to kill her, where before, she simply deserted her in her hour of need.

      This is an interesting beginning…. can’t wait to see where this goes… Thanks for the re-write… looking forward to the continuation of this story…..

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