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    Chapter 8 – Packing for New York

    Ten Years After – Volume 2 – The Move

    Chapter 8 – Packing for New York

    It was almost 10 o’clock before Bette and Tina stirred. They were holding each other and their legs were tangled in the same manner in which they fell asleep.

    Tina: Sweetie, are you awake? We need to get up. Oh god, we have overslept.  Honey it’s ten o’clock. Come on sweetie… wake up.

    Bette:  Okay. Okay.  I’m awake but I don’t want to be.

    Bette released Tina and rolled over on her back.  Tina got up and ran to the bathroom to pee. Bette dozed off while she was gone.

    Tina:  Bette, come on sweetie. Time to get up.  Come take a shower with me.  I need my hair washed. Please?

    Bette:  I’m coming…you said the magic word.  Besides, I love having a shower with you.

    They got in the shower and Bette gave Tina her good morning kiss and began to hold her and dance under the shower head. Just a close slow dance to the fall the water in the shower.

    Tina: Sweetie, we need to get downstairs to our children before they come searching for us.

    Bette:  They can hear the shower. They know we are up.

    Tina:  They can only hear the shower if they are in a bathroom. The walls do not allow much sound to travel.

    Bette:  Good thing…you were loud last night.

    Tina:  Me? You were not what I would consider quiet and demure.  You were rather expressive of your pleasure as well.

    Bette grinned:  I couldn’t help myself. You made me just lose control and it was SOOO good. You and your magic!

    Tina:  I learned from the master of magical fingers and tongue.  Now kiss me and let’s get cleaned up.

    Bette:  Meany!

    Tina:  Sorry Babe… but we have things to do and Angie and I have a plane to catch.

    Bette:  Don’t remind me.  I’m missing you already.

    Tina:  None of that… would you wash my hair please or would you like me to wash yours first?

    Bette:  Turn around. I’ll do yours first.

    They continued their shower and morning routine.  They dressed in casual clothes and talked about changing the sheets on the bed.  Bette brought out two plastic zip lock bags. She had labeled one Bette and the other Tina. She took her pillow case off her pillow and folded it to fit in the bag and gave it to Tina.  Tina grinned from ear to ear. She then removed Tina’s pillow case and put it in the bag labeled Tina and put it in her drawer on her night stand. She and Tina proceeded to change the sheets and remake the bed.

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    1. Deanna,

      Thank you for reading and commenting. We have many more chapters of Volume 2 to go. I will be posting at least 2 chapters per week and some chapters are quite long. My goal was to present Bette and Tina and what life would be like in my view if there had been no Gen Q…. This is the summer the family moves to the Los Angeles area… They are in the process of changing professions, changing homes, getting Angie ready for Yale and getting a school for Daniel. The next chapters are where some of their real work begins. Tina and Angie go to New York to get Angie’s wardrobe ready and Bette keeps Daniel and works with him to get him ready for his new school year. This is the first time Bette and Tina have been apart all summer… hope you enjoy this next few chapters.

      Thank you for reading and commenting…

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