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    Chapters 1-2

    Chapter 1

    Tina walks down the hallway of an office building, sipping a takeaway coffee while looking at her cell and holding a file under her arm. She runs into a woman walking in the other direction, looking equally busy and weighed down by multi-tasking.

    (Amanda) Ms Kennard, it’s a pleasure having you back here.

    (Tina) Amanda, for the last time please call me Tina.

    (Amanda smiles) No problem Tina.

    Amanda changes direction and they walk together down the hallway.

    (Amanda) I can’t tell you how chuffed we are having you fill in like this

    (Tina) Honestly don’t mention it, it’s something I like to do if it works out. So anything I need to know about this morning’s show? Or is it all in here? (She taps the folder under her arm)

    (Amanda) It should be all there

    (Tina) Great, thanks Amanda

    Tina walks into an office and starts settling in at the desk, placing her belongings down and standing and arranging objects on the desk surface.

    Amanda pauses as she is exiting the office and turns back to her casually.

    (Amanda) Oh, actually, Senator Kielson’s office called 10 minutes ago and he’s out, but they’ve offered a pretty promising replacement. The new Senator for New York, Bette Porter.

    Tina stops still and stares at her. Amanda holds her stare for a moment before giving her a slightly confused look and continuing out the door.


    Bette is on her cell in the back of a limousine pulling up outside the radio station office building.

    (Bette) Well my morning meetings will all need to be shifted James. Yes, including Senator Hoffman. Well charm her I guess, and do whatever you need to to make time for her this afternoon.

    The car pulls up and Bette waves her thanks to the driver. She continues into the building and is met at the entrance by Amanda.

    (Amanda) Senator Porter, it’s an honour. My name is Amanda Tan, I’m Fran’s producer

    (Bette) Nice to meet you Amanda

    (Amanda) We appreciate you coming on last minute

    (Bette) It’s no problem

    They enter the elevator together and Amanda hits a button and they take the short trip in silence. They exit the elevator and Amanda gestures down the hallway and continues walking alongside the senator.

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    1. Great beginning!

      So Bette as a senator and Tina some journalist and were together for four years before they broke up?! And it seems Bette is the one who played the big role in that due to her not willing to compromise.

      Look forward to read more!

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