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    Chapters 3-4

    Chapter 3

    A week later, Bette is in the back of her limousine sorting through various folders with two aides sitting opposite her, and answers her cell.

    (Tina) Hey

    (Bette) Hey. Sorry it’s not the best time, but it’s great to hear from you.

    (Tina) Do you want to call me back?

    (Bette) I can talk for a moment.

    (Tina) I’m in DC this week, I assume you are too

    (Bette) I am but you would not believe how fucking busy I am

    (Tina smiles) I understand, I just thought I’d check in

    (Bette) I would love to see you, I would, but my aides have scheduled every moment I have here. They seem to have not even factored in a need for sleep. Can I see you once we’re home? Take you out for dinner this weekend?

    (Tina) Yeah actually, that sounds great

    (Bette smiles) Great. Look I better run but I’ll text you details

    (Tina) Ok. Good luck this week.

    New York, Saturday evening, Tina enters a restaurant and her eyes land on Bette sitting at a tucked away table. She settles in the seat opposite her and they both launch into a lively conversation about the events in the capital that week, and the political implications of the legislative successes and failings. They both are reminded of their spirited debates from years past, and how much they have both missed the other’s perspective. They finish their meals and settle into conversation over a bottle of wine.

    (Tina) So how are you finding being back in New York?

    (Bette nods and smiles) I love it.

    Bette’s face lights up as she talks and Tina smiles watching her.

    (Bette) I feel at home here, it’s my city I guess. LA just never really fit. (Pauses for a sip of her drink) Did you ever think of living anywhere else?

    (Tina) Well I did for a while. I did some correspondent work for a couple of years. A year in London and again in Berlin

    (Bette) I didn’t know that. It must have been amazing.

    (Tina smiles) It was. Sort of living another life for a while. But I was happy to return too. I think I’m at my happiest in New York.

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    1. Interesting dilemma. Would need to wise, experienced women of integrity to pull it off and have privacy free from the poparazzi meddling and haters.

      Relationship wise, our ladies would have to set UNcrossible boundaries when it comes to avoiding even the hint of impropriety. So far,they are talking about the likely landmines.

      Thing is tho, they are not gonna like hearing or seeing peeps hit on their soulmate while having to adhere to a”no strings attached” platonic ‘ship.

    2. There is an example of a US Senator married to a Pulitzer Prize winning columnist: Sherrod Brown of Ohio and Connie Shultz of Creators Syndicate. Married in 2004 and Brown won his senate seat in 2006. Shultz did resign the newspaper she wrote for during her husband’s Senate campaign. Shultz can be a columnist, just not represent that she is independent with respect to her reporting to her husband or any of his political endeavors. For she obviously is not. With respect to Bette and Tina? My recommendation for both is full disclosure to the public – if they are going to see each other, they see each other and make a simple announcement. “Because of our personal relationship, Senator Bette Porter and Columnist Tina Kinnard are no longer independent with respect to each other.” It is the secret connection which is unethical…. once made public, then the consumers of their work can make their own judgements with full knowledge of the situation. Tina would have to work out her own employment issues. If she is as good as she appears, well then some other news organization would scoop her up in a moment if the current one did not like the situation. And Bette is subject to the approval of her constituents but only every 6 years.

      Fantastic story by the way….. crisp, unique and very adult. Both are equally human….

      • I wondered if there might be an example! Thanks for the info and taking the time to comment :)

        I guess in terms of Bette and Tina’s situation here I imagined since Tina is so senior at the NYT that her impartiality being compromised as editor would call into question the paper generally, as she’s responsible for the editorial decisions. I imagine even if she left the paper (which she’d probably be reluctant to do so early in her reconnection with Bette) the same issue would arise elsewhere due to her seniority. But that’s very interesting to know how it has been handled in the real world!!

        Thanks so much for reading and for your nice comments!

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