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    Come Over

    Tina tiredly pushed her way inside her apartment, barely finding the strength to turn on the lights as exhaustion of her overly long day was finally catching up to her. She spotted the large clock hanging on the far wall and groaned at the late hour, just then realizing that she was only a couple hours shy of being up for 24 hours straight. She grumbled to herself about temperamental actors and their diva costars as she threw her belongings onto a nearby lounge chair. Initially she had been grateful for the distraction, anything to keep her mind off the brunette that came into her life so many weeks ago.

    They met at an art gallery while she had been in a relationship no less, the memory causing Tina’s lips to twitch in amusement. Poor Eric and his incessant need to flaunt anything he deemed “his”. He practically begged Tina to attend a showing with him, leading him of course to introduce her to very woman who would take her breath away. Bette Porter.

    Tina slowly stripped out of her clothes as she made her way to the bathroom, smiling to herself as she recalled meeting Bette for the first time and the first thought that came to mind at the sight of the gallery owner.

    She was unbelievably beautiful.

    In her line of work, Tina had seen more than her fair share of attractive people but Bette .. Bette was in another category entirely. Her body was flawless, her athletic build ensuring her power suit hugged her in all the right places. Her short hair framed her gorgeous face perfectly, giving off a sort of boyish charm that Tina found incredibly sexy.

    She was beyond confident and knew what she wanted, a fact that became evident the moment their hands shook in greeting. Bette’s eyes slowly ate up every bit of Tina’s body before locking gazes with the blonde, completely unfazed by the fact that she practically eye-fucked the woman before her.

    And when she smiled .. Tina knew she was in trouble.

    Tina bit her lip as her mind drifted to the day of their first kiss, her hands absent mindedly turning the knobs on the shower to set the perfect temperature before stepping inside the stall.

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      • I’m re-familiarizing myself with the site which includes my old, unfinished stories. “When You Least Expect It” was definitely a favorite of mine. I promise to come back to it in the near future :) our girls deserve a happy ending after all!

    1. Well, well, well, after two years When you Least Expect it along comes a missing great writer with a tempting short story.
      Music may be my Saviour but I’m happy with this tempting morsel before more posts of the same standard as your past posts!
      Welcome back looking forward to more and I shall embark on a re-read in anticipation so please don’t make us wait too long :-)

    2. Nice story…So Hot and intense…love it..
      And seeing most comments above me talking about your unfinished story “When you least expect it”..i think i’m going to start reading it now..hope by the time i reach the end you have continued it.. :-)
      Tks for sharing

    3. Love me a Bette and Tina story, this one was incredibly HOT!
      I like to think of their first time together went something like that. Even with them being introduce to us on the LWord as the stable couple in a committed relationship Bette and Tina SEXY times were so passionate and hot after ALL of the years that they had been together…so the BEGINNING had to be smoking hot!!!!!

      I’m gonna go check out some of your other stories! Welcome back and THANKS!

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