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    Come Over

    “Oh God, Bette” Tina moaned as she felt the warmth of Bette’s walls around her fingers, pulling them out just enough before slamming them back inside the brunette. Bette’s moan encouraged her to repeat the action over and over.

    “That’s it baby” Bette moaned as she moved with Tina’s hand, matching her thrusts. Her body had been on edge the entire time, her orgasm not far off. She was almost embarrassed at the fact, would have been if Tina’s fingers didn’t feel so damn good.

    “Come for me, sexy” Tina moaned as she looked up to the brunette so lost to pleasure, looking down between their bodies just as Bette’s skilled fingers entered her without warning. “Shit!”

    “Come with me” Bette moaned as she thrust her fingers inside the blonde fast and hard, eager to bring Tina over the edge with her. She was so close already, she wasn’t sure if she could wait.

    They moved together, their harsh breaths filling the room and mixing with the wet sounds of their lovemaking.

    Bette was the first to reach her orgasm, swiping her thumb rapidly over Tina’s swollen clit and was rewarded with the blonde’s own orgasm.

    They continued to move, thrusting and rubbing until they finally, blessedly collapsed atop the mattress.

    Bette rolled off Tina, not wanting to squash the blonde under the weight of her tired body. They laid there together, breathing heavily as they stared at the ceiling.

    It was Tina who finally broke the silence between them, expelling out one last breath. “That was ..”

    Bette smirked, “It was”

    “I promise I’ll go down on you next time. I would now but I’m .. shit I’m exhausted”

    “Next time?” Bette quirked an eyebrow, amusement laced her voice. “That’s a little presumptuous”

    That earned her a slap across the chest and she laughed out loud as a response.

    “No seriously” Bette spoke after she calmed, “I was afraid I would scare you back to men or something”

    Are you kidding?” Now Tina was the one to laugh, “If anything, you made me more interested in women”

    “Women huh?” Bette smirked as she turned on her side to peer at the blonde laying beside her. She rested her head in an upraised palm, “As in more than one?”

    Tina playfully thought for a moment before shaking her head and turning to match the brunette’s pose, “Nah. Just one woman. A very sexy woman I’ll have you know”

    Oh really?” Bette raised her eyebrows in intrigue, “Tell me more”

    Tina laughed as she lifted her free hand to play with Bette’s silky hair, “Well she’s modest for one”

    “I like her already”

    “Good sense of humor” Tina chuckled, “Confident .. smart .. sexy”

    “Mmm you said sexy twice”

    Unbelievably good in bed”

    Bette smirked and pulled the blonde close, “Now that I can agree with”

    She combed the hair at the side of Tina’s head and looked deep into her eyes in that same way as before. Tina felt her heart skip a beat. “So no regrets then?”

    Tina could easily see the unease in Bette’s eyes, the emotion threatening to overpower the positive. She knew they had a ways to go before Bette felt comfortable enough to believe that Tina wasn’t going anywhere. Not that she had any problem with that. She was planning on being around for a long time.

    The blonde’s hand slipped around to the back of Bette’s neck as she shook her head and pulled the brunette in for a kiss, “Not one”


      • I’m re-familiarizing myself with the site which includes my old, unfinished stories. “When You Least Expect It” was definitely a favorite of mine. I promise to come back to it in the near future :) our girls deserve a happy ending after all!

    1. Well, well, well, after two years When you Least Expect it along comes a missing great writer with a tempting short story.
      Music may be my Saviour but I’m happy with this tempting morsel before more posts of the same standard as your past posts!
      Welcome back looking forward to more and I shall embark on a re-read in anticipation so please don’t make us wait too long :-)

    2. Nice story…So Hot and intense…love it..
      And seeing most comments above me talking about your unfinished story “When you least expect it”..i think i’m going to start reading it now..hope by the time i reach the end you have continued it.. :-)
      Tks for sharing

    3. Love me a Bette and Tina story, this one was incredibly HOT!
      I like to think of their first time together went something like that. Even with them being introduce to us on the LWord as the stable couple in a committed relationship Bette and Tina SEXY times were so passionate and hot after ALL of the years that they had been together…so the BEGINNING had to be smoking hot!!!!!

      I’m gonna go check out some of your other stories! Welcome back and THANKS!

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