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    When You Least Expect It – Chapter 16

    Bette timidly made her way to the bedroom, stopping in the doorway as she spotted her girlfriend facing away from her.

    “Hey baby” She offered cautiously, taking note of Tina’s tense frame. Having somewhat of an idea as to why the blonde was so upset, Bette wanted to do anything but make matters worse. “You okay?”

    Tina whipped around to face Bette, conflicting emotions swirling in her hazel eyes. She took a deep frustrated breath to which Bette found herself bracing for what was to come. The moment the blonde’s lips parted to speak, she held up a hand instead.

    “Actually .. let’s talk in the living room. I don’t want to wake Angie”

    Without another word, she walked out and made a beeline for the living room. Bette turned in time to see her retreating back as it turned the corner before letting out a deep sigh, following her girlfriend with haste.

    She doesn’t want to wake Angie. This is going to be worse than I thought.

    Bette knew that she hadn’t been entirely welcoming to Kevin but in her eyes, she had good reason. She loved Angelica more than life itself and Bette wouldn’t apologize for wanting to protect the baby girl .. no matter how intimidating Tina’s stare currently was.

    Bette swallowed hard as she entered the living room and came face to face her upset girlfriend. Tina’s hands were pressed together, creating a steeple over her mouth. It was clear she was trying to control her emotions so Bette remained silent and let her do just that. Their earlier reconciliation was motivation enough, Bette didn’t want to fight.

    “Okay” Tina at last blew out a deep breath as she pointed her hands at Bette, her palms still pressed together. “Before I say anything, I just want to tell you that I love you”

    Oookayyy .. Bette clearly didn’t see that one coming. Maybe some shouting, or comments thrown at her over her behavior but definitely not an “I love you”. It was a good start. She blinked away the surprise that surely shone in her eyes and focused on the blonde in front of her.

    “I love your drive. I love your passion. I love your unbelievably frustrating stubbornness and your unyielding inability to bend to anything you don’t agree with”

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    1. I catch up! So thanks you again – i understand it’s not easy to return to old story!

      I’m not sure what the deal with Kevin – i guess we soon find out.

      Waiting for the next than.

    2. YES ! YES! YES!!!!!
      thank you so much for continuing this story it’s one of my favorites
      I think it’s nice of Bette to put aside her one anger towards Kevin for Angie’s sake

    3. Awesome that you will finish this story first.

      I have to read the former chapters before i will read this one.

      But it will be problately the next weekend before i have time.

      Good to see it back, thank you Liah!!!

    4. Thanks Liah for continuing with this story.
      I’ve re-read the previous Chapters before this new one and enjoyed the story all over again:-)
      So, as we Readers are never satisfied, can I ask for regular posts please to bring the story to its conclusion:-)

    5. I love this story and I’m very happy to see you are decide to continue with!!! Thank You! Right now I’m enjoin rereading all the previous chapters!!!I am also impatient for any other new and long stories by you!

    6. Thank you for the story. Wondering about custody arrangements Tina had with Kevin and if he was paying child support. Maybe you could shine a light on that. I absolutely LOVE your writing and PLEASE don’t stop. I appreciate great fiction😍

    7. I was able to reread the previous chapters and this one, wow had forgotten how much i love this story!

      I don’t trust Kevin, he is trying to get Tina back through Angie, but he will fail in that purpose, Tina is so much in love with Bette and thinking about their future.

      Loved the idea for a set up for Kevin, so that the gang can watch him in secret.

      I am so happy that you will end this story and i am looking forward to many more chapters!

    8. New to your stories love the way you write Bette and Tina!

      Giving Kevin a chance to get to know his daughter is the right thing to do. I hope really tries for Angie’s sake. But I have a feeling his INSECURITIES and JEALOUSY of Tina’s relationship with Bette will big problem for him!

      Can’t wait to see where this is headed, Tina and Bette are in love and Tina’s already thinking LONG term! :)

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