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    Never Say Never – Chapter 3

    “So what does she look like?” Carmen asked as both she and Tina waited for Nadia outside of the restroom

    After the conversation into Bette’s private life, the rest of the car ride had been relatively quiet. It wasn’t until they arrived at The Planet that Bette spoke and sent the girls on their way to enjoy the night while both she and Alice busied themselves with setting up for their upcoming performance. Nadia had practically insisted she stay behind to help but was denied in the end to which she pouted on the way to the restroom, so sure that she didn’t look as good as she had thought. If she had looked her best, Bette wouldn’t have denied her offer. She had been in the bathroom ever since, leaving Tina and Carmen to wait impatiently for her outside.

    “She’s gorgeous” Tina gushed as she pictured Brenda in her mind, her face lighting up with a smile. “She has these beautiful blue eyes and oh God, her hair is so much nicer than mine. She’s very sexy”

    “Okay” Carmen chuckled at the stargazed look in her best friend’s eyes, “So we’re looking for a gorgeous, blue eyed, blonde, sexy girl. Gotcha”

    “Well when you say it like that” Tina laughed and playfully slapped her friend on the arm just as Nadia graced them with her presence.

    “Finally” Carmen sighed in relief as she quickly grabbed her friend’s arm and led her towards the main room of the popular bar.

    The girls stood in the doorway as their eyes roamed over the entire room, slowly taking in every one of its patrons. There were women ordering drinks at the bar or sitting down at one of the many tables scattered about, some out on the floor dancing so provocatively that Tina felt her cheeks heat in a blush. Never had she seen so many women in one place before. It made her feel at ease, comfortable even.

    Her eyes quickly scanned the area as she searched for a specific shade of blonde hair. Her heart dropped when she had no luck.

    “You see her anywhere?” Carmen spoke a little louder than normal to be heard over the loud music, leaning closer to Tina for added effect.

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    1. Poor Bette! Falling so hard for Tina and not be able to hide it proper.

      I hope and pray that Brenda will not be Tina’s first experience in intimate way, but maybe she needs it before she admits to herself that Bette is her one and only true love.

      But that is my wish as a Tibette fan;-)

      Thank you again for returning with this story!

    2. Thanks for continuing with this story! Can’t wait to see what you have in mind for Tina and – hopefully for all of us TiBette fans – for Bette. I’m not so sure how I feel about Brenda getting too close to Tina though. But, hey, it’s your story! So lead the way… I hope to read more soon :)

    3. Dear author, as I already wrote to you yesterday, I truly love your stories. And discovering this one before I’ll savour your last posts of your magnificent When You Least Expect It, I cannot help but feeling awfully sad and frustrated since you obviously let it down 4 years ago,,, Could I dare to place my very best pout – if only I was Bette for one minute, it could help ! – to ask you to really, seriously think about writing more of it ? I simply love the way you placed our dearest two in this original story and, believe me, I’ll try to convince you again and again ! You have a great, great story here :-)

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