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    Coming Full Circle—Chapter 3

    California University

    After finishing her lecture, Tina returned to her office to a stack of purchase requests waiting for her authorization and to begin planning the organizational committee meeting for the annual California University Arts and Exhibition that is held every spring break in March.

    “Paula” Tina spoke after pressing a button on her desk phone

    “Yes Ms. Kennard” a woman’s voice sounded through her phone speaker

    “Can you get Perry Drake on the line for me”

    “Sure thing” Paula responded

    After pressing the button to turn off the paging system, Tina turned to her cellphone that was currently ringing and saw Mallory was calling her. She quickly put in her earbud

    “Hey Mal” she answered

    “How’s the first day going”

    Tina groaned “The usual you know.  I sign my life away the first couple of weeks then the dust settles. And of course I have to start planning the annual arts and exhibition for the spring.  I wish I could delegate this to someone in the department but I’m stuck with it because  Dean Shows won’t put it in my budget to hire someone to plan these events and art shows the campus relies on for donations.  Plus I find out this morning the university just signed this massive network contract with Stratton Technologies for this new network system and all the Department heads are suppose to meet with the representative sometime next month.  So you know it’s just a day in the life of a department head” she rambled on

    “I’m not the least bit jealous” Mallory replied chuckling

    “Of course you aren’t. But I’d rather be sitting behind this desk then behind some bushes or in the woods catching some spouse or significant other in the act”  she stated looking through the purchases orders in front of her

    “Hey now.  I have you know that I conduct surveillance right from the comfort of my own vehicle and I have a super high powered lens that can see the pores of any type of skin up close and personal” Mallory retorted which resulted in an unseen eye roll from Tina

    “Well good for you Magnum PI” Tina replied sarcastically “So what pulled you away from your life of stalking to call me?”

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    1. I was almost ready to head to bed when i saw this post!

      Wonderful chapter!

      So the room mates have crushes on each other but decided both to reign that in and concentrate on being friends. Wonder how long they can hold of.

      I had to laugh a little with Tina’s and Mallory’s talk, although about a serious subject they bantered about how to call the search of Tina’s daughter.

      And i simply love the bond between Bette and Emma, you can clearly see and hear they love each other and have a incredible bond as mother and daughter, Emma is concerned for her mother and is excited that Bette will move to LA. Wonder how the meeting between Emma and Kit will be going, 6 years is a long time they didn’t see each other. And how will Bette react?

      Gradually we are getting closer to a meeting between Bette and Tina, I am really looking forward to that and how will it go when Tina finds out that Emma is her daughter and Bette the adoptive mother.

      I truly enjoy this story!

      Stay save and healthy!

    2. Thanks for the post which has delayed my going to bed!

      Getting invested in these characters and looking forward to Bette and Tina meeting. Will be interested also when Tina and Emma meet.

      Please post again soon and meantime stay safe and well.

    3. This is going to be interesting…. Suppose this is the night that Tina chooses to go have a couple of drinks at Kit’s restaurant. After all Tina still needs to tell Kit her story. And Emma’s already attended Tina’s first class. This could be a awkward meeting between Tina and Emma. The thing is that Emma has some of the physical characteristics of Tina… and someone like Kit is going to notice that.

      Anyway… this is getting to be a most enticing story. I wonder what is going to happen between Emma and Taylor. Emma’s life is going to get really complicated quickly. Emma told Bette that she was going to look Kit up, and Bette basically said for her to do what she feels right doing. She knows that she is an adult or almost an adult and Bette knows that she can’t stand in her way.

      So Bette coming to California is probably going to force a confrontation with her sister. Emma is going to be the peacemaker between the two…..Its time to some peaceful co-exitance for Emma’s sake. They do not have to be close siblings or even friends. Bette does not have to forgive Kit. But she does need to be civil toward her for Emma’s sake. And they may even have to be at the same social situations at the same time. Emma wants Kit in her life and she should have that opportunity particularly now that she is an adult.

      Lots of challenges ahead…. great story.

    4. SGaze,
      Gosh this is a fun story to read because it has several “dangling participles” which means there are a lot of sweet outcomes to be had. Love the banter between Mallory & Tina, and it’s gonna be something when Mal figures out who adopted Emma.

      I wondering if Bette might accidentally cross paths with Tina at Kit’s place. And be slayed into star-struck goofyness by the Blond. We’ll see. Seems like Bette’s job at CU will inevitably bring her across Tina’s path. Ooooh you’re gonna have fun writing that chapter!

      Also, I actually like that Emma and Taylor have endeavored to enjoy the thrills of being college roommates but think either one will be thrown into a tale spin of not quickly removing their gaze if they happen to see one another partially clothed or in a shower setting. Taylor is the one that will have the most angst since she already has a girlfriend.

      Lovin’ this story already for sure!!

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