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    Coming Full Circle—Chapter 4

    Bernadette’s-West Hollywood

    As Emma was on her way to see her Aunt Kit, Tina had just sat down at the bar and nods at the bartender

    “The usual?”  The bartender asks throwing his rag over his shoulder

    “Yes Jake.  Thanks” Tina replies rapping her knuckles absentmindedly on the counter

    She watches as he mixes her cocktail and didn’t see Kit sit down next to her

    “Back so soon. Must have been a rough first day at school”

    Tina turns to the familiar voice and sees Kit. She smiles widely and reaches out pulling her into a quick hug

    “Nothing more than what the usual fall semester brings.  But you know I always come here to unwind”

    “And you do an old woman’s heart good seeing your beautiful face” Kit replied and Tina shook her head

    “Kit you don’t look a day over 30”

    Kit filled the restaurant with her laughter as she gained the attention of her patrons turning in their direction

    “Girl shut your mouth.  The drink is already free. No need to butter me up” she says chuckling as Jake slides Tina’s drink over to her

    Tina takes a sip and turns to Kit. “Well now.. If you won’t take my money how about I still owe you a story” she says pointedly

    Kit raises her eyebrow “Oh right…You were about to tell me when my fryer decided to conk out. I’m all ears”

    “Well you know I’m into women as evident of my last relationship”

    Kit nodded “Thank God you dumped that trash”

    Tina raised her glass “Amen to that”

    “You mean you haven’t dated anyone since?” Kit raised her eyebrow

    Tina shakes her head “No.  Sad to say.  But not even one date.  I just haven’t met anyone worth my time and after that psycho nut job I’m picky now.  Too picky I guess.  Three years and not one date. Probably a record”

    “Well I doubt that.  I’m sure my sister has not dated since…Well…I’m pretty sure anyway.  So go on with your story” Kit says trying to change the subject

    Tina sees the conflicted look on Kit’s face and reaches out placing a comforting hand on her shoulder

    “I’m sorry Kit” she says giving Kit’s arm a squeeze before releasing it

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    1. Wow, Kit connected the dots so fast and knew for sure that Emma is the daughter of Tina.

      I quote:

      “Kit did her best to push down her discovery to focus on Emma and would put a call into Mallory once Emma left. It was important that she let Mallory handle this and then bring it to Tina. The last thing she wanted to do was cause anymore problems where Bette would be involved”

      I am not so sure how Bette is going to react that it was Kit who made the discovery because of Kit’s stunt six years earlier.

      I think Emma would react cool when she is told Tina is her birth mother, Tina would be very happy she has found her daughter, again i am not sure how Bette is going to react, will she first see Tina as a competitioner for the love and attention of Emma? Emma and her do have a incredible bond and Bette can feel threatened by Tina. Or am i too negative and will they all click immediately and start a friendship what will develop in a relationship between Bette and Tina and Emma will be their daughter?

      I am very intrigued how this story will continue!

    2. Girl,girl,girl! All I know is I can’t wait until after the fireworks and the possible fallout. Then the sparks will fly and strike Bette and Tina who have both needed love; and then we will have our girls back together with a shared daughter after a few bumps in the road. Oh almost forgot to say how much I am loving this story! Please don’t keep me waiting too long.

    3. Wow…this is a really small world….Emma shows up just as Tina completes her story. And the similarities in Emma and Tina, I knew Kit would see them. And when Bette sees them together, she will see it too. I think that as close as Bette is to Emma, that no one will replace Bette as her mom. And once she finds out that Tina is her birth mom, then there will be an entirely different relationship which will be just beginning. It will take time for Tina and Emma to get to know each other as people. They have only had a couple of interactions which are student/teacher type interactions. Its not like they have this friendship in which they suddenly discover they are related. Enter Bette into the mix who will be working on a new computer system which will require another relationship for Tina. Bette and Tina are possibly going to be attracted to each other immediately, and may have some casual interaction due to Emma. Bette is going to see so much of her daughter in Tina that she cannot help but be attracted to her. Bette has the advantage in that she has been living with Emma for years and Tina will be new to the relationship. And the fact that Bette and Tina are ready for a relationship will tip the scales in their favor. As to Kit, sooner of later, Bette will forgive her sister. Emma is an adult and the threat of Kit trying to take away her child is over. Kit’s intentions were good, but her method was horrible. Wasn’t there not some other method Kit could use to bring Bette back into Emma’s life?

      If I were Kit, I would tell Emma the truth about why her mother cut off relations with Kit. Kit needs to show Emma that she is not some innocent victim in their dispute and that Bette’s response was a natural one in order to protect her child. I think that Emma would take the situation better if it came from Kit. At least she could say that Bette did not act out of vengeance but of defense of her child.

      This is a very good story. It may be going rapidly, but I have been involved in similar reunion stories which went just as rapidly. Sometime the stars just all line up in a row and the best results.

      Thanks for this chapter.

    4. StarGazzy!!
      Boy if nothin’ else, you have the perfect title for this little doozie! Gosh I’m lovin’ Kit. Please keep her in this saga. Chuckle that she just about fainted after having figured out that Emma is Tina’s biological daughter.

      And the fact that Emma is soooo drawn to Tina but can’t figure out why makes it even sweeter. Bette is gonna get her socks blown off with her second encounter with the hazel-eyed Art Proff.

      Not sure how you envision Bette meeting Tina, but please do not let her go jumping to conclusions and blaming Kit for orchestrating a meet between her long-time friend Tina and estranged Sis.

      So anyway . . . . Bette get your butt to LA!!!

    5. S

      loving this story. Such a twist. I love reading stories that are not all about Tina and Bette separating and getting back together. Their relationship is so ripe for different stories.

      Can’t believe Tina did not see the resemblance but I guess she wasn’t looking for it like Kit was at the time they were all together.

      Bette is gonna shit a brick, but she is I would assume smittened by Tina so we will see interesting sparks fly in all directions.

      Again, love this creative story.


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