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    Walk On By—Chapter 3

    Bette’s POV

    I just put Angie down to sleep. She wore herself out today at the zoo but it was so good to see her eyes light up at all the animals and her excitement when she got to pet the monkey the zoo worker brought out to entertain the crowd. As much as I enjoyed having Jodi there with us I couldn’t help but wish Tina could’ve been there instead.

    I walk into the bedroom to see Jodi already in bed sitting up reading Jenny’s book. I roll my eyes at her as I climb into bed and sit up next to her. She turns and smiles setting the book down on her lap

    “I can’t believe you brought that fucking book here much less are reading it.  I should have burned it when I got the chance”  I sign to her and she smiles

    “I love trash novels” she jokes and I shake my head

    “Well it’s filled with more filth than one person can digest” I sign and slide down further in the bed resting my head on the pillow and stare at the ceiling

    “What’s wrong?” She asks me and I turn over so she can see my lips.

    “How come you have never told me anything about your life here in L.A.  I have told you everything about my life here. Well everything about my life in general”

    “Is that what’s bothering you?” She says almost nonchalantly and rolls her eyes like it should be the last thing that is bothering me.

    “Jodi we have been together for 7 months. All this time I talked about my life in L.A you never once brought it up. I’m not mad it’s just I figured we were at a place in our relationship where we would talk about ourselves. I mean at least I did with you”

    “It’s not a big deal Bette.  I guess I felt it wasn’t important to bring up” she says scooting down in the bed and turning to face me. Our faces a few inches apart “What do you want to know? Ask me”

    “How long did you live here?” I ask and technically hating to be having to ask questions to find out about her.

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    1. That was a boat load of a conversation! So many major decisions. Bette is going to move to LA and Tina is not going to marry Henry. And the beginnings of talking of what happened when and apologizing for her part in the break up by Tina. It looks like some major changes are ahead for Bette and Tina. At least if they are both living in LA, and sharing parental responsibilities for Angie, maybe they can be good friends and maybe more in the future.

      As to Jodi? She cannot be serious about Bette if she has not shared her history and her core values. It now appears that she came to LA with an agenda and not necessarily just to keep Bette company. It is for certain that Bette does not know Jodi as she thought she did. Now the question is, when Bette moves to LA, will Jodi suddenly decide she needs to move to LA as well. The thing that bothers me is that Jodi seemed so possessive of Bette at her welcome home party. Now it seems like that was all for show.

      I just do not know how I would react if I had a lover who said “I don’t believe in monogamy. …No we never discussed it because no one has shown up that I might be interested in yet.” That to me is a hurdle that would be a show stopper. I do not think that I could trust them to be monogamous after that even if they swore they were going to be. Once you say “I don’t believe in monogamy…” Well, that is a statement of a core value which is not likely to change no matter who you are in a relationship with.

      Good story… cannot wait for more….

      • Glad Tina stepped up and revealed what she has learned about herself AND apologized to Bette for being dishonest and hypocritical. I noticed that Bette pretty much let Tina express herself and didn’t try to over-rule Tina’s feelings and heartfelt words by saying something like “no, it wasn’t your fault, blah, blah, blah”. Tina needed to admit her selfishness & vindictiveness and “ask Bette for forgiveness”.

        Bette has forgiven her, but I think will later discover that there are still scar tissue that have enslaved her soul. Tina’s rejection had to have hit a mighty blow to the solar plexus. (If you’ve ever been elbowed there, the pain will make you crumble into a heap on the ground).

        Totally agree that serious dialog with Jodi is a must. It wouldn’t bother Jodi a bit to hook up with her Ex or whoever she comes across that peaks her interest and not blink an eye about saying anything to Bette. She would only confess, if Bette found out.

        Glad that Tina has peaked Bette’s interest with the “I’m not marrying Henry” statement.

    2. Great post with such an enormous amount of content. Love the way you move the story on alternating between Bette and Tina’s thoughts.

      So looking forward to more with Tina not marrying Henry and Bette moving to LA so please Walk on By as soon as possible.

      Thank you for posting stay safe and well

    3. I like this story as well and I agree with the other comments. I especially like Tina talking to Bette and owning her past behavior. Loving each other was never their problem. Post more.

    4. Great chapter and i agree with the other comments above!!!

      Great that Tina apoligized for her behavior and own it. Communication was the major fault between them and Tina’s apologize to Bette is a first step in building a friendship for now.

      Bye bye Jodi, she should have told Bette from the beginning she isn’t interested in a monogamous relationship, that she never told Bette anything at all about herself, only told facts when asked by Bette, what is there more that she didn’t tell Bette? I feel for Bette, thinking you knew someone only to find out you didn’t at all. I want her happy too, and that happiness is with Tina and their little girl Angie!
      The first step has been taken and Tina isn’t going to marry Henry, the road to friendship and eventual reconcillation has been paved!

      Thank you for this story!

      • Depends on how you look at it. I see it as cheating as Bette and Tina weren’t fully broken up. Bette had stripped Tina of her life partner privileges but they were technically still together and should have had a final break up scene after she got back from the retreat. She slept with Henry in their own house mind you. She wasn’t even moved out. Bette only kicked her out of the bedroom. So I guess it’s all in how you want to interpret it. I see it as cheating . Others would maybe see it your way too


        • Well, than Bette cheated on her too – second time – not only with carpenter, but with Nadya too. Because as you say they not fully broke up.
          And were Tina slept with Henry absolutely doesn’t metter – because she was free woman who can do what she want. As Bette in her few month when she continue to slept with Candace (and maybe in her house too) after Tina left her. By the way – she trully left??? – because from your point of view they don’t have finale broke up scene too. Or Bette continue cheating on her?

          Formally Tina cheated on Bette in s3 – but not with Henry, but with cyber guy – Daddyof2.

          • Like I said..All in how you want to see it. We can agree to disagree on that for sure. I respect your opinion. There really was no closure per say with Bette and Tina in season 3 anyway. But it is in implied that they broke up in Season 2 as Tina moved out of the home. It is implied that Tina moved out towards the end of Season 3 after she got with Henry. You never see it on screen. Of course their relationship ended..Anyway I’m writing this from my perspective and it does not follow any canon specifically which is obvious as in the series Henry never asked Tina to marry him and Bette never left to take the job at The Whitney

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