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    Coming Full Circle—Chapter 6

    Emma waited for one of the three shell shocked women to speak and landed her gaze on Tina who was looking back at her as if she was seeing her for the very first time. Tears were glistening in her eyes and Emma’s tension suddenly lifted from seeing the emotion spilling from the woman who she just learned was her biological mother.

    Without breaking her gaze on Emma, Tina placed one hand on Mallory and the other one on Kit “Mallory?..Kit?…I think maybe I need to talk to Emma alone.  If that’s ok with you Emma?”

    Emma nods without saying anything

    “Ok.  We can go out and sit at the bar while you two talk” Kit offered and looked at Mallory who nodded

    “Emma?…Would you be comfortable talking here or somewhere else?” Tina asked raking her fingers through her hair. She wanted  to leave this strictly Emma’s decision and wanted her to be as comfortable as she could possibly feel right now

    Emma raked her fingers through her hair.  A habit she had of doing when she felt anxious and this definitely made her feel extremely anxious

    “Uh..I guess maybe I would like to go back to campus” She says nervously as she didn’t want to keep her Aunt Kit’s office occupied when she probably would need it and she wasn’t sure how long this talk would be

    “Would you like to go sit and talk in the art gallery?” Tina asked knowing the art gallery had a comfortable seating area and it was more neutral and less intimidating than asking her to talk in her office

    “Ok..I guess I can get my rideshare to take me back now and I can meet you there”

    Tina nods “Ok.  But I would be more than happy to have you ride with me if you’d like” she says quickly raking her fingers through her hair

    Emma also rakes her fingers through her hair thinking.  She was more than certain the ride with Tina would be highly awkward at this point but she did appreciate her offering.  She sighed as she brought her hand away from her hair bringing it back to her side.

    “Thanks but I will just meet you there.  I will wait at the security station on the side” she pauses and looks at Kit “Aunt Kit I came by earlier when you were talking outside on your phone and overheard your talk with her” she glanced at Mallory then back at Kit “I guess I should have called first” she chuckled nervously much to the three women’s amusement

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    1. Stargaze,
      U’re the best! Love this chapter.. Like how Em & Tina have the same hazel eyes and rake their hand through the hair like little clones.

      Will see how well Bette & Tina get along as working partners. Let alone if there’s an attraction. WhooHoo let the games begin!!!

    2. Well, i don’t think things could have gone any better than this…. Emma called her mom and told her about Tina . I’m not sure Bette has connected or knows that she will be working with Tina during the installation of the new software or not. This is going to be a little awkward, but it may workout that Bette meets someone she wants to get to know better as well.

      Emma and Tina have a chance to have a genuine relationship at least as friends. I have a feeling that Tina is going to be very influential in Emma future career. But Bette will always be her Mom… just hope Bette and Kit can put the past into the past and renew their relationship. Emma is an adult now. Kit made a very bad mistake in judgement, but it did pull Bette back into Emma’s life and made her the mother Emma needed.

      Hopefully things can resolve and maybe perhaps Emma and Taylor can resolve their issues and get together as well. But if that doesn’t happen, Emma will find someone – its a big world with lots of candidates….

      Thanks for this chapter…..write and publish soon.

    3. Great chapter!

      The talk between Emma and Tina went really wel, i am sure they will form some bond, they already connect with each other. Happy that Emma called her mom and told her about Tina. Bette seems to be a very loving and supportive mother and you can tell Emma loves her dearly.

      Bette and Tina will meet soon and i am wondering how that will go now Tina is in the picture as Emma’s birth mother, will Bette be insecure that Emma will replace her as her mother? I don’t think that will even come up in Emma’s mind but i can understand Bette will feel insecure especially as she will notice the bond Emma and Tina already have.

      Love this story!

    4. I’m glad that Emma called her mom right away. This can’t be easy for Bette. She is Emma’s mother even though she did not give birth to her. And Bette did an amazing job with Emma and raised a lovely young lady. And now, the very reason the very woman who brought Emma to this school is her biological mother. Bette is being incredibly supportive of Emma but it must be a hard thing to process. The only possible solution in dealing with the clear connection between Emma and Tina is to find that you have one with Tina as well. That’s but one more way to come full circle. Nice story.

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