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    Coming Full Circle—Chapter 5

    California University—Emma & Taylor’s Dorm Room

    Emma entered the room to an eager Taylor waiting.

    “Hey you.  How did it go?” Taylor asks enthusiastically as Emma plops down on her bed.

    Taylor sits up and crosses her legs Indian styled waiting for Emma to spill it

    Emma smiled “It went well Tay.  It was so good to see her again. We caught up a little bit and she gave me her number to call her.  She wants me to come stay with her when I can”

    Taylor nods “I’m glad it went well.  I was kind of getting worried.  It was getting late”

    Emma smiles and flattered Taylor was worried about her.  She never had that before other than from her Mom  “Oh yeah.  I’m sorry. We got stuck behind a wreck. We sat there for at least 30 minutes and the driver wanted to know my life story.  So I told him about me being adopted and living in New York my whole life and then coming here to school” Emma rambles and notices Taylor’s frown “….What’s wrong”

    “You never told me that” Taylor said slightly hurt

    “That I was adopted?” Emma asks seeing Taylor nod. She got up from her bed and walked over to Taylor’s and sat down next to her “I’m sorry..I guess me spilling my whole life story to a stranger when I haven’t even told my roommate is pretty insensitive”

    Taylor shook her head “No it’s not that…It’s just I guess I want to know about your life.  I mean I know we just met but it seems like I have known you forever. We just clicked and I want to know everything about you”

    Emma chuckled “Are you sure you want to know everything about me?”

    “Yes..Even the skeletons in your closet” Taylor chuckles

    Emma laughs “I can assure you there are no skeletons.  I’m 18..I haven’t had time to put any skeletons in the closet” Emma stated matter-of-factly

    Taylor laughs “I guess you have a point”

    “But hey..You haven’t told me much about yourself either” Emma stated watching Taylor nod

    “You’re right..So how about I start..It will be quick.  I’m from San Diego. I have an older brother Jared who lives in San Francisco and a younger sister Leigh still in high school.  My Mom Geri owns a pretty successful jewelry store and my Dad William is a Detective with the San Diego Police Department..That’s basically the highlights”

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    1. Oh boy…. this is not going well. Emma overhearing a phone conversation is not the best way to find out who her mother is. And Tina and Emma finding out in the same conversation is not exactly the sensitive way to find out either. This is a very emotional moment for all of them. Its should take a few moments or even days for everyone adjust to the news before they delve into the whys and the how comes. This is a major event in Tina and Emma’s life. It will be a major event for Bette as well. And for all of them there will remain a question of what next? What will their relationships be? Will Emma be angry? In a way yes – she was abandoned. In a way no – she was given to the most wonderful mother who loved and cared for her more than life itself. And there’s the rub….how can you be angry and grateful at the same time for the same set of circumstances?

      Good story… didn’t expect it to go quite this way…. but knew that they would find out sooner or later. Can’t wait to see the next chapter…. write soon as you can.

    2. My oh my! Not totally surprised that everything collided into one big “smack”. But we all know, LIFE does not proceed in a straight line up to the glorious heavens.

      Tina should be the first to speak since her wanting to find her daughter was really weighing on her. She should explain the whole story to Emma. And leave Em to decide what her emotions will be.

      Bette’s arrival in LA and having to face Kit once again to deal with their issues let alone finding out that Tina is the birth mother. I’m curious if she will end up meeting Tina b4 the big reveal. If so, what will be her reaction to meeting “the” Tina Kennard that Bette only knows to be Emma’s professor. A Prof that’s Emma adores.

      Gosh I’m loving the intrigue in this story! More pages Star!! We are a greedy bunch. HeHeHe!

    3. Oh geez this is all moving quick… Sounds to me that Bette is the one who will be hurt the most by this, especially by her sister being the one to get it moving in right direction with out heads up first. This could really blow up. It will feel like Kit gave her baby away even if it was to her birth mother. She her mom she raised her she will get defensive I fear.

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