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    Coming Full Circle—Chapter 7

    Bette’s Townhouse—New York

    Bette couldn’t sleep.  She tossed and turned for what seemed like hours before she sat up in the bed and threw the covers off of her pajama clad body.  She swung her legs over the side and on to the floor sliding her feet into her waiting slippers. She yawned as she shuffled her tired body out of her bedroom crossing the hall into her office before plopping herself down in the chair in front of her computer.   She pressed the power button on the back of the monitor waiting for it to power up.

    After Emma called her and dropped the bombshell that Ms Kennard was her biological mother, Bette had trouble getting her mind off the fact that the woman her daughter admired more than anyone else in the art world was the woman that gave birth to her.  It wasn’t that she was intimidated by that fact because she knew no matter what happened that her place in Emma’s life was firmly cemented and nothing or no one could change that.  However, that didn’t mean there couldn’t be room in Emma’s life for her biological parents. And she was never opposed to the idea of Emma wanting to get to know them.

    Bette moved the mouse placing the cursor in the search field. She quickly typed and pressed enter..A few clicks later she landed on the bio of Tina Kennard.

    “Wow..How did I not see the resemblance when I met her last summer?” She mumbled after staring at Tina’s picture above her bio. “I guess I had no reason to notice that but I can’t deny she is beautiful just like my Emma”

    She finally pulls her eyes away from Tina’s picture to read her bio which she found herself doing out loud

    “Tina Kennard  Head of California University’s Art Department graduated with a BA degree in Visual Arts and an MA in Art History from Columbia University in 2008. She started painting at age 7 and by age 19 her abstract paintings were hanging in some of the top art galleries and museums around the world.  She is widely recognized for having received  the prestigious Sierra Montage Art Foundation Award for Excellence in 2014 in recognizing curatorial excellence, and to facilitate exhibitions that explore overlooked or underrepresented areas of art history which included a $1,000,000 grant to our own Art Department for operations, projects and research into new and alternative forms of  contemporary visual arts and culture.”

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    1. Very nice…. so Taylor and Emma are going to start dating and be a couple. That is really sweet. Bette is on her way to LA tomorrow. So now the dance will begin…. will Bette and Kit put their past behind them? Will Bette find something in Tina that she is missing in her life. And how will Taylor and Emma negotiate college as a couple and knowing that Tina is Emma’s mom. This could be super good or a mass of tangled egos and stepped on toes.

      Good story… keep it going…

      • Thanks for the comment Martha

        No tangled egos or stepped on toes with Emma and Taylor. If that’s what you mean.

        Bette and Tina will be meeting soon. Even though the reveal was quick their relationship won’t be.

        And Bette and Kit will have to speak sooner or later. Stay tuned


    2. The playful banter is superb!! This tale has been like a light, fresh mimosa!! Agree with others, that Alice has been a hoot! And now her DNA is being mixed with Bette’s . . . . So to speak. Ha!!!!

    3. I really like this story. Can’t wait for Bette to officially meet Tina. She already thinks she is beautiful from her bio. I wonder what Tina will think when she lays eyes on Bette? Love is in the air. Can Tina remain Emma’s teacher? Just curious.,

    4. Amazing story!

      There is so much going on for Emma, moved across the country, meeting her Aunt Kit, meeting and now in a relationship with Taylor and most important, her meeting with her biological mother, one Tina Kennard.

      Bette, i love her in this story, she very much love her daughter and supports her in everything, she doesn’t feel treated by Tina, is secure of her role as mother for Emma. She is wonderful! Look forward when she and Tina meet!

      Thanks for the update!

      • Thanks for your comment Bibi28

        Yes Emma has had a lot going on.
        . But things will start to settling in a routine for her

        I’m so glad you like this Bette. I wanted to portray her as a loving supportive mother which she nails. But on the other hand she is very hesitant in the romance department after losing her longtime partner so it will be slow burn with Tina. Hope you enjoy how they evolve

        Bette and Tina as I have said in other comments will meet very soon!

        Thanks again!

    5. I am LOVING this story. I’m looking forward to how Bette and Tina’s relationship develops. Bette already thinks Tina is beautiful and is impressed with her. Can’t wait till she gets to LA. Bette is such a good mom. And Emma and Taylor are irresistible. Glad to see them taking it slow because Emma obviously has to deal with the life-changing news about Tina. Can’t wait for the next chapter!

    6. Loving this story, love the variation of it!
      Lots to happen, kit and Bette coming face to face, Bette and Tina meeting and their relationship, Emma and Tina moving forward and Taylor and Emma, definitely the making of an amazing ride…. Don’t keep us waiting to long please xx

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