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    Walk On By—Chapter 5

    Bette’s POV

    As Jodi and I walk inside the Hammer she immediately turns to me and signs

    “I wasn’t expecting this many people here.  It seems that Scott has really made a name for himself”

    I nod and sign my reply “I’m really interested in seeing his work.  The way you described his sculptures seems like something we could bring to The Whitney”

    Jodi smiles at this.  It’s really great how we just amicably ended our relationship earlier but there is still a comfortable rapport between the two of us. I am grateful to still have her friendship.

    We weren’t even inside for a few minutes until I hear my name being called and look to see Kevin Hostler President of MOCA Board of Directors walking towards me.  I sign to Jodi

    “Kevin Hostler from MOCA is heading this way”

    She nods at me

    “I’m going to find Scott.  Come find me afterwards” she signs and I watch her disappear through the crowd.  I turn my attention to Kevin walking up to me with his hand out

    “Bette…It’s so good to see you” he says as I shake his hand

    “Hey Kevin..It’s been a long time”

    He nods “It sure has.  The CAC went under after you left.  I couldn’t help but feel satisfied Franklin got his comeuppance. He was an idiot to let you go”

    I chuckled giving a satisfied smile “Well I can’t complain.  I was rewarded with a great opportunity at The Whitney”

    “Speaking of that.  What are you doing in L.A.?” He asks with what seemed like great interest

    I couldn’t tell him I was here for Tina’s wedding when that clearly was not going to happen now much to my relief..But I told the best reason I could think of for my presence

    “I came to spend to time with Angelica.  I have missed her dearly” And it wasn’t a lie.

    “I know it has to be difficult being on the other side of the country”

    I nod in agreement “Very.  I feel like I’m missing so much of her life now that she is starting to develop her own little personality”

    He crosses his arms and place his left index finger over his lips in thought furrowing his brow as if he is figuring out how to proceed.

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    1. Delighted to see a post from you on this Story
      I really love this Bette and Tina and so look forward to joining them on their journey to forging a great friendship back to each other.
      So happy to see you creating a friendship between Bette and Helena also. I always liked Helena once she stopped being a bitch to Bette and I look forward to Poker playing Porter!
      So please post again really soon as I’m really looking forward to San Diego !
      Stay safe.

    2. Wow, so much going on…. Henry and Jodi are now out of the picture…. Helena is in trouble and Bette and Tina are going to the rescue. I wonder what in the world Bette has in mind. The story indicates that Bette very well may lose, but Bette seems okay with that….what could she possibly be up to?

      Looks like Bette and Tina are proceeding down good paths for themselves except possibly this mission for Helena. I hope this works out well for Bette and Tina and Angie. But normally people who are as deceptive as Catherine have Teflon coatings and usually bad stuff just slides off of them. This could be dangerous for Bette, Tina and Angie. Hope to find out in the next chapter…

      Thank you for this chapter…. write and let us see another episode as soon as you can..

    3. Great chapter!

      Henry and Jody are out of the picture, now first building a solid friendship between Bette and Tina and then moving on to rebuild their relationship.

      Bette Porter is going to challenge Catharina for a all or nothing poker game?! I would place my money on Bette!

      Thanks for the update!

    4. Loving this, can’t wait to see how Bette and Tina progress. Glad Henry and Jodi aren’t in the picture any more ! Can’t wait to hear how Bette gets on at poker, perhaps a Las Vegas croupier in a previous life ?? Can’t wait for next post, take care …

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