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    “Couple’s” Therapy

    “He can meet me another time,” Tina shrugged.

    “I love you, Tina Kennard.”

    “I love you too, Bette Porter.”

    Tina blinked because she didn’t know how to wink. Bette giggled.


    Bette was still massaging Tina’s breast and Tina was barely holding it together. Tina licked her lips and her eyes rolled into the back of her head. This had happened countless times in the past. Bette would pull her close in the night and her hands would roam. Tina would pull Bette closer and her hands would roam too. Usually ending with someone sliding her fingers through the other’s folds and into their pussy. And they would fuck in their sleep until one of them woke up and took control of the situation.

    It was always nice waking up to Bette inside of her or on top of her or with her head between her legs. Tina loved waking up to Bette making love to her. Nice was the wrong word. Magical. It was magical waking up to Bette’s tongue inside of her or sucking on her clit.

    “Don’t go. Please,” Bette mumbled some more.

    Tina realized Bette was having a bad dream about the night Tina left her on her knees and ran away to Vancouver. 

    Tears began streaming down Tina’s cheeks. Before she knew it, Bette kissed the exposed skin between her tank top and joggers. 

    “I’m sorry. I love you, Tee. Only you.” 

    Bette’s voice was muffled but Tina heard every word and her heart broke into a gazillion pieces. She looked down and watched Bette’s face change with every emotion. Bette’s dreams were tormenting her. Tina hated that she was the cause of the torment. 

    Tina couldn’t take it anymore. It was too much. Tina gently put her hand on top of the hand Bette had under her shirt. Bette squeezed again. Tina almost moaned. Tina carefully guided Bette’s hand off of her breast and down her side. Tina instantly missed the contact.

    Bette slid her arm around Tina’s back and hugged her. Tina’s tank top raised up, exposing more skin. Bette nuzzled into Tina’s belly. It was firm and soft all at the same time. Bette smiled. Tina felt Bette take a deep breath and her insides did a backflip. 


    1. I was just finished writing my comment and boom, before i could save it it disappeared.

      I’ll not begin again but i can say it was an really interesting chapter and what the most emotional part was when Bette said “i lost a baby too and then I lost you”. My heart broke in a million pieces.

      It will take time but I’m confident that with Julia’s guidances they will rebuild their relationship and it will be an even better relationship.

      Thank you so much for this incredible story!!!

      • I’m so sorry you lost your comment. Thank you for sending another one. Yes, the “i lost a baby too and I lost you” part was brutal. Yes, Tina had a miscarriage but Bette lost too. How painful.

        Julia is a rockstar in my book.

    2. TB4EE,
      Looooove how U’ve filled in some of the thoughts & actions of what happened after Tina’s miscarriage. Those two had probably read darn near every book on babies & motherhood and were fully engaged in the expected life change (remem the “intervention by their friends? HeHeHe).

      But I dont think they ever thought that the pregnancy might not go to term. They just didn’t know how to communicate about it.

      I adore Julia.

      Had to chuckle how she just about had to stop druel from appearing when she saw Bette. That shytt was funny. She has a hint Y Tina was wanting to “charge” whenever in Bette’s orbit.

      She’s a gr8 therapist and skillfully asked pointed questions having T & B face each other and say what they had/do feel. Bette opened up more than I thought she would. They didn’t attack one another but had to finally say some gut-wrenching truths.

      Julia’s guidance is critical in this masterpiece. Looking 4ward to the revelations and then moments when Tina will have the bulk of being vulnerable to Bette, since she is the one who must figure out how to reach Bettes’ soul again.

      • Thank you so much!!! Yes, I thought it was important to highlight how they both failed in communicating how they felt after the miscarriage. It was difficult for both of them. My heart breaks for them.

        Julia is amazing. Hopefully, she keeps them on track. And I thought it was important to get Julia’s reaction to seeing Bette for the first time. Bette is gorgeous and she doesn’t know what she does to other people. Julia got a first hand experience of that.

        Julia has some interesting tactics up her sleeve. Hopefully, they work.

        I think Bette really wants Tina back so she opened up to see if she can find the path back to her. It’s going to get a little trickier as they continue to navigate the hurt and the pain and the loss and the lack of trust.

        • I’m really intrigued at what Tibette will discover about their own personalities. What are their “love languages”???

          I think (for them) being able to speak “soul to soul” is a foundational component for re-establishing trust. We’ll see . . .

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