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    The Suitcase

    Bette tossed and turned most of the night. She couldn’t sleep knowing Tina was in the bed down the hall…not wearing panties or a bra. It took everything she had in her not to go to the blonde and ravage her. Bette thought about the hug from the previous night. It was nice. It felt really good having Tina in her arms. Bette ran her hands through her hair and looked at the open door. She exhaled loudly and decided to go for a swim.

    She jumped out of bed, looked at the door again and grabbed her white swimsuit. She smiled. The house felt different. The energy was different. Better. It was Tina. She was home.

    Bette walked down the hall after she completed her morning rituals. She stopped right before the opened door of the guest room. She wanted to lay her eyes on Tina to make sure this was real but she wasn’t sure what she’d say if Tina was awake. It was a chance she was willing to take because she needed to see her. Tina was her air.

    Bette took another step and slowly peeked her head around the door. Tina was lying on her stomach. Topless. With her right leg slightly bent. Her head was turned away from the door and blonde hair was everywhere. Bette scanned the room. She saw her Yale sweatshirt at the end of the bed. Tina must’ve gotten hot during the night, Bette thought. Bette loved it when Tina used to get hot during the night and discarded her sweatshirt. It was always a pleasant surprise when Bette nuzzled in between Tina’s perfect breasts and Tina would pull her closer and during the night Bette would pop one of them into her mouth. It was one of Bette’s favorite things. She would suck and knead the other one until Tina rolled on top of her. Tina would moan and slide her hand into Bette’s pajama bottoms. Then Bette would moan. It was those moments Tina knew Bette needed a quick release. Tina would slide her middle finger up and down Bette’s slit. Bette was always already so wet. Bette would continue sucking Tina’s breasts, looking into her eyes; anticipating what Tina was about to do to her. Tina would smile and then plunge two fingers into Bette’s pussy. Bette would gently bite down on Tina’s breasts and close her eyes.

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    1. What a great chapter and I’m glad that the fact Jennifer was in Texas inspired you to update your story.

      Slow steps but I’m sure that Bette will find the trust that Tina is not going to leave her.

    2. Thanks for the update. I could feel the panic in Bette when she saw the suitcase. Very understandable. And it’s good that Tina realized that Bette needed the truth and some reassurance that the situation was nothing to be scared about. But triggers like this will happen from time to time…

      I really want Bette to begin to trust Tina again. But these things take time. So take the time Bette. Take the time to get to know Tina again. And I mean to really know her. And for god’s sake trust yourself. Trust what you see in Tina and her responses. No one cooks you a dinner when they are about to walk out the door.

      Looking forward to this journey. Thankyou.

    3. OMG! The tension is so powerful! I know it will take some time for Bette to trust Tina again but must it be be so painful? Please don’t charge Tina! It was so good to see the pictures of them together so I feel their inspiration in your story. Keep the flow coming. They will make it back and it’s going to be epic. Epic I tell you!

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